FreeBitcoin Referral Marketing – Make Extra $50 A Week With Just Few Referrals

FreeBitco.In Referral Program passive income referral marketing. earn free bitcoin BTC passively without doing anything with referring people , highest paying free bitcoin faucet

Referral program is a very common idea in the online space nowadays.

The idea of referral marketing isn’t only great for service providers, merchandisers or site owners, but also nice way for its users of the sites to make money by referring their friends, colleagues or even unknown millions of people in the cyber space, “online”.

Today, what I’m going to share with you is just a little tip of how to make extra tens of dollars a week just passively, engaging in a referral program, which is relatively easier way to get referrals than other referral programs and earn that money($50) passively just with as few as 30 to 50 referrals under you.

What referral program we’re going to use to make $50 weekly passive income is a free Bitcoin faucet,
called ““. referral program passive income referral marketing. earn free bitcoin BTC passively without doing anything with referring people

Basically, FreeBitco.In is a free Bitcoin faucet standing for offering small amount of Free Bitcoin for its users solving a captcha and the number of its registered users worldwide is already above 10 millions people according to FreeBitco.In. (Free Membership).

Their main revenue source is by users playing Hi-Lo game within the site, which is kind of gambling. (I have a natural aversion to gambles though)
That’s the major reason why FreeBitco.In offers free Bitcoin to people: To encourage more people to get in their Hi-Lo game and spend more money(BTC) on it thus they( keep up their business and generate business revenue.

If you want to get clearer vision of what’s Bitcoin Faucet and the free Bitcoin faucet “FreeBitco.In“, please refer to these articles to learn more:
What is Bitcoin faucet? , What is FreeBitCo.In?


Then how do we make passive income, using the FreeBitco.In referral program And Just With “Few Referrals” of Yours?

FreeBitCo.In has the most lucrative referral program among all other Bitcoin faucets over the internet.

That means you could also earn free Bitcoin from your referrals as well as earning it yourself.

The more referrals you have, the higher referral income; Yeah that’s the most general theory everyone probably knows well of.

However, why I’m today so much focusing on the particular referral program of FreeBitCo.In is that it’s the highest possibility to earn relatively nicer referral income than almost all other Bitcoin faucets’ referral programs.

So let’s see more about what’s my point.


What FreeBitco.In Referral Program Offers For Referrers.

It’s mainly 3 ways in earning referral commissions from FreeBitco.In that’s supposed to turn to being your passive extra income.

highest commission bitcoin faucet, referral program passive income referral marketing. earn free bitcoin BTC passively without doing anything with referring people, referral commission rates

  1. Free BTC : Commission for 50% of what all your referrals earn off their free Bitcoin claims.
    e.g. one of your referral earns 0.00000020BTC , you earn 0.00000010 BTC as a commission.
  2. Multiply BTC : 0.25% of every wager your referral put on the Hi-Lo Game, paid to you as commissions
  3. Earn BTC : 20% of daily interest all your referrals earn from their BTC deposit , sent to you as commissions.

Well, I know the #1 and #3 can be your great referral commission sources.

BUT it’s only WHEN? – “When you have a lot of referrals in your downline, at least thousands of them.

It really needs a great amount of referrals under you to practically earn more than pennies. It’s because commissions out of the #1 “Free BTC” or #3 ” Earn BTC” are usually extremely a small amount paid as your commissions like 0.00000010 or 0.00000100 per referral a day.

It’s truly a long way to go to have built a large referral downline, in order to earn worthwhile income, and we’re here today to look into a way of making greater income with just “FEW” referrals. Thus we will just jump over and ignore those 2 options from now on.

By the way, then, what’s left? – The #2 “Multiply BTC” referral program passive income referral marketing. earn free bitcoin BTC passively without doing anything with referring people, bitcoin hi lo game multiply bitcoin, highest referral commission bitcoin faucet

Yes, that’s it!

That’s the actual key to earning like $50 a week just passively without lots of referrals!

Like mentioned briefly earlier, FreeBitco.In offers Hi-Lo Multiply BTC game for their users. Its nature is definitely like gambling and users play to double their Bitcoin by betting on the right number in the number game. ( Either High or Low)

And significantly that’s the point you should pay attention to.

According to the referral commission table of FreeBitco.In, referrers earn 0.25% of each wager their referral make. It’s 0.25% for you to get paid every single time & round your referrals play in the game.

0.25% apparently seems just little, but the reminder is that it’s for “each single wager” and most of people who play in Hi-Lo game play at least 20 – 30 rounds on average. No many promptly get out after a single game. Thus it can be a huge amount of your commission earnings after all, putting all that wagers made together.

So it can be a lucrative option for your commission stream. You will earn free Bitcoin consistently once you get referrals. (It basically lasts for life, technically for as long as until FreeBitco.In terminates their service.)


Then you know how many referrals you’d need for earning $50 a week?

Based off of my personal experience, it needs 10 -20 referrals to meet one of enthusiastic Hi-Lo game warriors.

As to how my situation goes, only one single referral of mine is actually to constitute the 99% of my referral income in FreeBitco.In. The single one is  really important asset to accumulate the level of my referral commission.

To get more personal, I’ve got only 34 referrals in my line. I earned as much as 0.00556 BTC (worth as about $50 in USD) during the last week without doing anything, like the true meaning of passive income. referral program passive income referral marketing. earn free bitcoin BTC passively without doing anything with referring people, highest paying free bitcoin referral commission

Surprisingly, the 99% of my referral income last week came out of the Multiply BTC referral commission (Hi-Lo Game) and out of only one aggressive referrer, who’s into Hi-Lo game, making lots of wagers.

The single referral made literally the 99% of the commissions I earned, this is what’s the core point of mine that you could earn nice amount of free Bitcoin when you’ve got just few Hi-Lo game fanatics under your referral line. It’s for every wager they make, whether they win or lose, the 0.25% of all bets they make will be credited to your account. referral program passive income referral marketing. earn free bitcoin BTC passively without doing anything with referring people, highest paying free bitcoin referral commission

So the ultimate bottom line is about how to get referrals who are more actively into and enjoying Hi-Lo Game.

I’d have to admit that achieving Hi-Lo game engageable referrals might be on luck and the situation would be all differentiated to each.

Some might have only 1% of all their referrals with Hi-Lo game engagement, other some might have 5%, and the other few do even more than 10% of their referrals engagement on Multiply BTC game. (As to my case, I have 2 referrals out of 34, who are regularly playing Hi-Lo. And they generate the most of my whole referral income.)

Then we would come up with this question: “then how do we increase the rate of our referral Hi-Lo engagement?“, Right?

I believe in this: the source of referral traffic plays the most significant role to affect the rate, leading to higher or lower engagement rates.

Most of ones would probably get their referrals through Social Media including Facebook, Twitter, or their blog/website, social book marking sites, paid advertising networks or forums etc. It’s a lot of ways to getting referrals online.

But as our focus on getting referrals with more active Hi-Lo engagement rates, one thing we shouldn’t overlook is the quality of traffic and referrals, how often they participate in the game, how more zealous they are at the Hi-Lo.

So Where would be the places closest to the ideal to get quality referrals?

where do you get referrals for, referral marketing, referral building, good places to get traffic

I guess we’d first have to think up and approach the way: Where to find gambling friendly people.

Because they’re more enthusiastic, eager, or more familiar with the atmosphere of risky games; that each of the characteristics might be able to lead them to higher engagement in Hi-Lo, thus more free Bitcoin passive income to you as a result.

Where would be that kinda places then? Where should we go to to earn good referrals?

The first place that came to my mind is:

  • Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency related forums 

I’m pretty sure that you can promote your referral link at almost every Bitcoin and Crypto forums. We know the most don’t allow putting referral links on their posts. But you know what? They do allow putting a signature down on your profile that CAN even include a referral link.

Communicate with people, interact with them, discuss with them, and helping them when they need it, get along with that forum people that you’re dedicated in, but not to be too obvious promoting your link. (referral link) There’re pretty many good subtle ways how to get attention of people’s on to your link. Thank of it! 🙂

The second place that came up is:

  • Gambling Forums

It sure is a way of getting referrals possibly with higher engagement in the Hi-Lo game than any other types of communities.

Your strategies with this approach should be more in focus on emphasizing Hi-Lo game service that FreeBitco.In offers.

Think of what’re the parts of FreeBitco.In, appealing to gamblers. Develop your own creative strategies to work better in your referral marketing.

If I have to tell a tip on how to promote in forums, make sure putting referral links on your signature and create lots of attention-grabbing threads (posts) on related places of the forum. The more catchy, helpful or informative the content you create, the more eyes you would earn onto what you posted and ALSO onto your signature with your referral link included!

You will get a lot more attention and better result than just putting plain or pointless posts on forums. You would be able to get some decent amount of referrals with this way.

Visit FreeBitco.In: Click Here



take a note: hi-lo game - the risk of gambling

This is not a 100% guarantee that you can earn $50 every single week without fail with FreeBitco.In referral program.

It would depend on each person and subject to the situation you’re in. Especially the number of referrals you have would significantly affect the level of your commissions and referral income although this way I mentioned in this article is the best possible way to make money (free bitcoin) with just few referrals.

Plus this article is not an endorsement of gambling. It’s risky and likely to lose money. You’re not encouraged to fall for the highly risky games but this article is more like sharing a piece of information about referral marketing and how to create a passive extra income stream using referral program.


Thank you for taking your time Referral Marketing – Make Extra $50 Weekly Income With Few Referrals

I’d love you to share your thoughts and feedback on this article and we altogether make it a better content!  

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Your friend, Hong (Geniusminds) 


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  1. Heya! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any issues with hackers?
    My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing
    months of hard work due to no back up. Do you have any solutions to stop

    • Hey there! 🙂

      First, I’m really sorry to hear that!! Really horrible I just wanna beat up hard the crappy evil! Losing months of hard work and effort all of a sudden is never an easy deal to feel good enough! I’d just wanna get you to make sure regular backups without fail!!!

      I think my site’s been staying safe and not a serious issue made about that so far just fortunately. I always make sure weekly data/contents backups and my web hosting team also takes care of it with auto backup services. I additionally installed WP fire wall plug-ins and a couple of security protections too. In addition I keep changing the password on regular basis.
      Well it seems fine for the security of my site so far..

  2. Hi Hong,
    I’m back here after a long time. Very well-written content with clear details. Atually, I have been using for quite some time now but did not know so many details about it. I tried my hand at the hi-lo game too with a few scripts shared by a couple youtubers but to my dismay, lost all the free bitcoins I had earned over time. So, after that bad experience, I started focusing only on the hourly free coins though it is not possible to claim every hour.

    You have given a good explanation about their referral program too. I never tried this seriously but after reading this post, I am going to try. Thanks for this wonderful post as always and keep up the good work.

    • Hey Rema!!

      Been a while!! And I love you being back to right here!!

      Yeah working on referral program can be really worth your time and effort it’s passively earning you money no matter how small or big it may be, once you’ve got referrals under you! I love that point that it’s the true meaning of “passive income” like it earns you while you’re asleep 🙂 So try it out and see how good it is! I will help you for whatever I can do for you!!

      I really appreciate all the sweet words you spoke I’m truly thanking for that!

      Have a wonderful day my friend!!

      P.S The idea of playing with the Hi-Lo game is quite risky. Most likely you would end up with nothing left in the balance after all melted away.
      Good decision that you stay away from it after that “bad” experience (I’m so sorry about that too!!) 🙂

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