Review Scam or Legit? – Free Dogecoin Faucet review, earn free doge coin, best doge coin faucet

In this post, we’re breaking down and see if it’s blessing legit or bloody scam that you have to avoid, in this “ review – Scam or Legit”. So We’re going to take it away now!

What’s – Review is a sister site of which is a well known free bitcoin faucet. As you might guess by the name of the faucet, is a faucet that gives away free Dogecoin for people who visit and claim free Doge coin by solving captchas within the faucet.

It’s been around for 3+ years by far, and 2,300,000+ users have been registered to the date. So we all assume is the absolute best one or at least most known one to faucet users all around the internet.

The crypto coin, Dogecoin actually started as a joke coin in 2013. However it’s achieved kind of unexpected crazy popularity, having hit $1 billion total market cap in cryptocurrency trading in 2018. With that favorable flow to the currency Dogecoin, it gives positive effect to too that it’s a beloved faucet among all the crypto faucets.


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In total, I’ve got 6 times of payouts from without trouble or outstanding delays since late 2017 to the date so far. Till now, it’s been reliable to me and to other users; I would be able to recommend to use if you feel like collecting Doge coins for the current need or the future value.


What Does offers? – Review

This is kind of “mini version” of which is a family site to it, offering mainly 3 sections in their site.

Claim Free Doge coins review, earn free doge coin, best doge coin faucet

It’s their main feature they mainly offer for their users.

Every registered user can claim free Doge coin every one hour by solving a simple image captcha once or twice. One obviously good thing about I personally love and other might do too is that they don’t have any piece of ads showing up on process. So you wouldn’t be really confused or irritated with tons of ad show-ups that you have to face when using most of other faucets.

The amount of freely given away coins are always subject to the current Doge coin price; the current reward rate of writing this review is about 0.26 Doge per claim according to the doge price at the moment. Well, 0.26 coins per claim? Yeah that sounds as though it was a lot! However not really in fact, considering the current Doge coin price. But Some people just including me are kind of people that wish for future value increase like how Bitcoin did, so we are here dealing with altcoin with good potential for the future. (Although everyone knows that would be really hard to see that happens again like how Bitcoin went through to now 🙂 )

Multiply Doge review, earn free doge coin, best doge coin faucet

There also offers “Hi-Lo Multiply Coins” here in

The rule is quite simple; betting on a low or high with your wager (min 0.025 to max 59.79 per roll) and you would win or lose according to the Number result. The amount you will get with a win is simply twice to what you bet, or else it’s a lose of your wager when you lost.

As you all might assume, this is a gambling based game and all your fund is at risk. Officially I do not recommend anyone to get involved in this part.


Referral Program review, earn free doge coin, best doge coin faucet

As the most of faucets do, this has their referral program to more encourage new comers into has the most lucrative referral program among all other faucets that they offer 50% referral commission on referrals earnings for unlimited time period. (Commission cut from, not from your referrals.)

This might be a good option for some people who’s looking for a way to build up a passive income flow and this works when you have referrals under your line that they earn you their 50% earnings every time they claim on here.

But a thing to note: For down-to-earth earnings (at least to be practically helpful for your finance rather than pennies), it needs hundreds to thousands of referrals under you, or else that would be just like a penny earnings. It’s anyway passive and goes for life, it’s up to you whether or not serious at it. Take your thoughts on it!


Speedy Quick View – Review

  • Legitimacy: Legit
  • Operated Since: 2015
  • Pay Per Claim: Approx. 0.25 Doge
  • Timer: 1 Hour
  • Features: Claim Free Doge Coin, Multiply Coin(Hi-Lo), Referral Program(For Life)
  • Pay Out Via: Doge Chain (Official Doge Coin Wallet)


Final Words – Review is a legit doge coin faucet that has made sure paying their users reliably for the last 3 years.

There doesn’t seem no outstanding competitors out there that compete with this #1 faucet in Doge Coin Faucets in terms of reliability on paying out and sort of brand power which’s mostly been gained by its famous sister site “; if you’re looking for a faucet for free Doge coin, then this would be a nice option for you to consider in the first place.

So my final thought on it is “this is safe to use without being scammed as far as how it’s been to the date.” review, earn free doge coin, best doge coin faucet, sign up with

Thank you for taking your time on “FreeDoge.Co.In Review Scam or Legit“! If any feedback or questions please comment down below! 🙂 I love getting connected with you guys in any way! Great day over there!!

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    • Is it? I have no problem so far with in terms of the withdrawals that I have ever made by far.

      I guess it may be worth checking out if your Doge Chain wallet address is correct and one kind note for you is that FreeDoge.Co.In is to only pay out to wallets connected to DogeChain wallets:

      Hope this helps.

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