Get Paid To Answer Questions – How To Make Money Being An Expert

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Howdy guys?! Happy online earners!! 🙂 It’s getting burning hot these days for some area, always take good care of your health! That’s the first and the last thing you guys have to make sure!!

So hi anyway! 🙂 I’ve come back today again! No break, just work hard for updating my readers with helpful make-money-online information timely!

Today’s topic I’m now happily writing about is also a peace of my hard work to share with you happy earners!

The topic we’re going to talk today is quite a little interesting and not so commonly talked anywhere on the internet, it’s an easy way to earn cash online on the side even though it’s not such a Big Buck Making method.

So what we’re jumping into now is… “Get Paid To Answer Questions – How To Make Money Being An Expert”!

First of all, I’d wanna clarify again that this is not a substitute to a day job or regular full time job of yours! Rather it’s a method of making money online just for small money on the side like a few tens or hundreds of dollars a month, maybe lessor or higher depending on each person!

So, are you ready? Let’s go dig up more!!


Get Paid To Answer Questions – How To Make Money Being An Expert

There’re big ones! Quora, Yahoo Answer,, I guess nobody doesn’t know it, right? It’s filled with every answer we need for daily troubles, issues on something we face, great advice and feedback by its volunteering contributors. We can barely live without such Q&A sites these days, our terrific troubleshooters!!

Then out talk today starts from the point! Like what if you can get paid to answer questions like how you do answer on Quora or Yahoo Answer?

Wouldn’t it be nicer satisfying the both: Happiness is helping others , Knowledge is payable!

Actually there’re many sites in need of experts on general or certain in-depth fields as I detected over the internet. They’re running kinda paid membership Q&A sites where users(questioners) pay to access their platform where experts in various fields work to solve given questions according to the given area and industry. And that’s the point why you can get paid to answer questions. The amount paid by their users is simply shared with experts who answer questions, for some certain percentage of commission.

So it also means the amount of how you will earn is uncertain, but it’s just variable for how long or how many questions we’ve worked to solve in different rates of various paid Q&A programs.


Best 7 Places to Get Paid To Answer Questions

get paid to answer questions, make money answering questions and advising people, paid Q & A places

These are going to be shown in the list below, shortlisted into only high rating legitimate paid Q&A websites where you can get paid to answer questions safely without being scammed or facing any unpleasant situations for your hard work.

So only the 7 reliable Get Paid To Answer Questions sites are discovered as:


1. Just Answer

Best Rates In The Whole Industry, Highest Trustworthiness – Get Paid To Answer Questions

JustAnswer is the outstanding leader of the paid Q&A industry. It’s the most famous and popular in the field, ranked on #7,100 in Alexa worldwide website ranking and accredited A+ by Better Business Bureau (BBB). Thus it’s certainly a legitimate and reliable online expert paid answering site which has the number of 150 employees in its head office, situated in San Francisco.

The range of question categories you can work on for getting paid is in vast diversity. Pretty much anything you can get paid to answer questions on:

  • Animal Behavior, Appraisals, Boats, Cars, Computer, Consumer Electronics, Engineering, Finance, Heavy Equipment, Home Improvement, Homework, Wellness,Medical, Law and other general fields.

How you get paid to answer questions from this site is that you will get shared for 20% up to 50% of rewards paid by customers. (Questioners)
Most of questions have set different prices, usually more than $20. And when your answer is accepted you will get paid, calculated on the percentage set for you. When you earn more than $20 in your account, payout request can be made to your Paypal account.

Indeed, this site has the highest trustworthiness and most lucrative rates for its experts, it’s quite an encouraging site to work with for earning a side income if you possess a degree or certificate or anything you can prove yourself that you’re an expert in a certain industry.


2. Directly

Share What You Know About Worldwide Brands and Companies – Get Paid To Answer Questions

Directly hires experts all the time who can answer questions related to well known brands and companies. It’s almost like working as a customer support rep corresponding inquiries and support requests of people for about certain companies you’re well aware of or an expert in.

The management offers 50/50 profit share for experts for any answer accepted and paid by a customer, but not much is known about average prices and rates answering on Directly.

Some people in forums claim that they earn $5 – $10 a day from Directly, but also not specified much about how many hours or answers they make per day, this seems not an alternative to a day job or a bigger income than any other full time jobs.

To start working as an expert in Directly, you have to go through the application process which is claimed to take approximately 1 -2 business days according to their notification even though it may take longer since some people indicate that the process is a little tedious they usually get behind of 500 people awaiting in queue.

Once you become an expert, you can start to get paid to answer questions for various customers and users who’re using the site. Payout request can be made after you reach at least $2 in your account balance, which is favorable for earners (Experts). It pays via Paypal or Amazon Gift Card so you’d need to set either of those accounts before claiming a payout.


3. Small Biz Advice

Help Small Business Owners & Get Paid For It – Get Paid To Answer Questions

If you have an experience or expertise on how to run a small business, this place may be for you.

Small Biz Advice is a Q&A site, specifically standing for small to mid size business related people. Questions relating to business administration or administrative issues and pretty much of anything related to small business operation are given to experts so that they can be advised with quality guides and help from experienced experts with in-depth insight and expertise.

To work as an expert in Small Biz Advice, you should, first, apply for being an expert as instructed on the home page. You will get paid to answer questions in your desired rates by setting your own prices for answers.


4. PrestoExpert

Sell Your Skills and Knowledge – Get Paid To Answer Questions

As I personally see, this website “PrestoExpert” is almost like a freelance marketplace where individual experts work based in their particular skill and expertise of either Technology, Counselling, Tutoring, Health(Medical), Design, Business sectors.

Experts in PrestoExpert set their profile and own prices for tasks they do for their clients in specific area. Clients are expecting to get technical help/advice or their jobs done by them when they’re paying experts.

Their minimum payout limit is $50 so you have to earn at least greater than $50 to request for a cashout. It pays through Paypal, Payoneer or Bank Transfer as well.

Just before you dive into this program for getting paid answering as an expert, you’re encouraged to be noted that I’ve detected lots of customer complaints about this site, PrestoExpert. But the majority of their irritation about this site is on customer end that they get low quality jobs and tasks done by PrestoExpert experts and forced to be charged.

Although it apparently seems like it’s nothing to do with you as in expert perspective (as an earner), but many customer complaints means that can also affect your earning activity out there since bad reputation can make clients leave out which eventually harms your earning potential.



Physics, Horoscopes Readings Is Your Thing? Then It Works For You! – Get Paid To Answer Questions

If you’re looking for some different area to get paid answering other than the general subjects like tech or business or legal advising, this website might be for you by chance. They pay experts to answer questions related to Physics,  Horoscopes, Tarot Readings, Spiritual Readings, Love & Relationship, and other life questions which you can hardly find to answer on in other paid Q&A sites.

This company pays out for the accounts with more than $15 in balance via Direct Deposit or Check. Unfortunately Paypal or other online payment solutions not supported.


6. Weegy

Answer Questions & Get Paid In Fixed Rate Per Answer – Get Paid To Answer Questions

Weegy is quite interesting to use as an user as well as an expert (earner). Because Weegy is a AI based giant data base that keeps collecting data and knowledge learned from experts conversations with its human users over years.

Actually Weegy is the name of the virtual lady of the site (AI) who takes care of user questions by using its big data. It’s placed in the center on the homepage that’s the first view when landing on the site. (a cute freckled gal!! )

Personally I tried it to get answers from the bot girl, Weegy, she was capable to answer some general questions but for the most of in depth questions, she failed to perform reasonable answers. Instead, she encouraged me to ask “Experts” for the questions.

Yeah that’s the point where you get paid from for answering questions as an expert. Weegly claims that they pay $0.20 per answer when you’re selected for answering. Although the amount is not pretty substantial, the top earners earn $300 monthly from the site.

Weegly pays out through Paypal for payment requests more than $20 in its amount. Payment process usually takes few business days as far as discovered.

7. Others

Wanna Search More? Some Other Known Places To Get Paid To Answer Questions

There’re a plenty more websites that claim anyone with knowledge in certain field can get paid to answer questions.

Such As:

Apparently it seems even good for you to have got a wide choice to work with to get paid answering, but the truth is there’re lots of scam or lousy websites around paid Q&A communities.

Just at my best to give you guys safest direction to scam-free sites, I decided not to include them into the list here due to their high scam alert index, low credibility gained by crowd of actual users.

It’s up to your decision though, I wouldn’t recommend them to you badly, anyone reading this blog here. And also highly encourage you to do your own research too before deciding to jump into one!


My Thoughts on Get Paid To Answer Questions (Paid Q&A Sites)

By now towards the end of the article, I feel that I have to clarify again that such Q&A communities are not right places for you if you’re attempting to discover a way to replace your day job.

Most of them are to not pay you as significant amount as you can keep a living with, but more closely, it’s just like a way to earn your pocket money or peanut for some times.

But this is still for you if you’re the one who just love sharing your knowledge with people who love your answers, and the sense of helping others in need while you still get paid small for appreciating your effort.

It’s just up to you whether or not you like it, but my all time hope doesn’t change that you guys always have the best luck and happy earnings online!



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    • Hi there!

      Long story short, Yes it’s pretty possible to make money online like what I do, and tons of others do.

      Possibly you or anyone else could be stuck and overwhelmed just in the beginning when they have no certain idea of what to do, how to do.

      You should first find what you can do to give others value in any form of either your talent, service, skill, labor needed by other people who get you paid.

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      Since where we live now is in 21st century in the center of digital era which is far beyond old traditional days like 80s, 90s, making money online on worldwide web base is not a shocking news to hear.

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