Get Paid To Listen to Music: Top 3 Absolutely Legit Sites

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Some of you will be surprised when you know you can get paid to listen to music.

In our general sense, listening to music is something we normally do when we’re resting or relaxing ourselves or enjoying our hobby time.

But at least in this article, you may get rid of all your prior stereotype you believe in about what music is supposed for.

Because I’ll, today, be talking about how to get paid to listen to music in this post!

You guys ready?! Let’s shoot!

How To Get Paid To Listen To Music

General Understanding of how It Works of Get Paid To Listen Sites

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Before we go into the sites to get paid to listen to music, let’s get to know how the industry and whole system work in general.

It’s been actually quite longer than we guess, since such Pay-To-Listen-To-Music sites came out to the world over the internet.

To the very date, it seems there’re several companies remaining successful in the industry past last decade, having become a home to many artists(singers, composers), industry professionals and fans who love music.

They all are as in their each position, harmoniously collaborating together in such music communities – Singers that upload and send out their music creations to reach out to fans, fans that listen to the music and give reviews and feedback for the singers there.

Such places are especially good as a promotional method for singers to promote their new or existing songs and build an audience & fan group, in which singers(artists) are charged for their promotional activities made and it’s exactly what makes it possible for getting paid to listen to music as a “Listener” or “Reviewer”

As the general ways of earning cash from there,  you as a listener will get paid for reviewing a song or giving a feedback on it after listening to a song sent by the site.

The rates differ on what site you’re using, I will list the best legit sites down here for you to earn extra cash by listening to music enjoyably.

Oh, before starting the list, I just want you guys to note this: This is just for earning extra cash like $10 to $30 a month which cannot be a substitute for full time income or a get-rich scheme. Keep that in mind man! 🙂


Places To Get Paid To Listen To Music

Top 3 absolutely legit “Get Paid To Listen To Music” Sites


1. MusicXray

MusicXray pays you cash, $0.10 for just listening to the first 30 seconds of a song. How easy! No need even writing a review. Just listening can do all.

What you should prepare before getting paid from this site is:

  1. Sign up for free for “a Music Fan” account as a reviewer to songs, also an earner for cash at the same time.
  2. Set up your 10 favorite bands and profile so that MusicXray gets an idea what music preferably they should send out to you to review.
  3. You will get sent songs from the site, based on the clues you set up on your profile.
  4. Get paid cash into your account when you listen to received songs and you will be eligible to cash out via Paypal for more than $20 in balance.

MusicXray is surely the most reputed industry leader in music tech, that founded back in 2006 based in NYC.

Visit MusicXray: Click Here


2. Slice The Pie

Earn cash from Slice The Pie for writing a brief review on a song you listen on the site.

Payment ranges from “$0.01 Basic  + Bonus” to “$0.05 Basic + Bonus” paid for reviewers which are called “Scout” in the site language.

The basic payments are depending on which level you’re at, ranging from “Bronze” to “Diamonds” which are 5 classes in its level structure.

Also, the amount of bonus payment is determined for how lengthy or quality your review is written, usually in $0.1 – $0.2.

As on average earnings of the folk, it’s said 2 hours generally spent per a dollar to earn. So it sure is like pocket money.

Slice The Pie is an UK company located in Reading (England), having been operating for about 12 years so far.

Visit Slice The Pie: Click Here


3. HitPredictor

Big shame. It doesn’t offer cash rewards. Instead, just gifts or gift cards (ITunes Gift Card) for rating songs, answering polls.

All the tasks offered in HitPredictor are pretty easy though, just like simple song ratings and simple & short feedback on a song you listened to.

But above all those, if it pays you something you don’t fancy, then what’s the use of it? I’m sorry about that!

To get deeper about what they reward you, a reviewer, it’s like old school music CDs or DVDs which you will be unlikely to love! They also offer raffles for ITunes Gift Card, but it’s on your luck with no guarantee since it’s literally raffles.

This company, called “HitPredictor” located in San Antonio, USA, has the oldest history among the other two above, however seems it’s the least loved because of the crappy part of its payout option. (Cash not allowed to compensate)

Visit HitPredictor: Click Here


Parting Words

Top 3 absolutely legit “Get Paid To Listen To Music” Sites

I couldn’t discover so many that offer this kind of amazingly fun jobs. “Get Paid To Listen To Music“.  But just several sites detected in my radar, that work in similar offers.

With a little bit of my sharp eyed selection, there were only that 3 left listed right here, which I can 100% confidently tell are “legit”.

I’d like to say that you don’t have to worry too much about using the listed 3 sites for getting paid for listening to music, they all are safe and legitimate sites that make sure to pay for what you’ve done although there might be pros and cons for each you may find.

Earning cash while you’re sitting back, listening to music would be a fun experience as well as worthwhile although it’s like just pocket money.

So try it when you’re bored or nothing you can find, better than that to earn just little extra money! I’d anyway always hope you have fun with anything! And your time to be worthwhile!


Thank you for taking your time on “Get Paid To Listen to Music: Top 3 Absolutely Legit Sites”! 

Your comment and share will be so much appreciated! 

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