Get Paid to Write Reviews or Short Comments – Top 7 Best Online Writing Sites

get paid to write a review or short comment. make money writing.

Get Paid to Write Reviews & Short Comments
on Forums or Blogs!

Did you know you can be paid for just leaving a comment? Did you know you can make a living just by writing articles(blogs) or reviews for a brand and product?

Today, I brought 7 of the best sites for “Get Paid to Write Reviews & Comments” where you can make some beer money from as an online part time job, or even more serious money possibly as a professional writing job, being an brand ambassador and freelancing writer!

Do I maybe sound burdening to you because you’re not very confident in writing? If so, I don’t think you have to be worried. For a few of sites in this list, they don’t require you with awfully fancy writing skills or long length painful and tedious article to make, but just like a comment or short post with few words like you do all the time on internet or social media. Yeah that’s all!!


Why They Pay You for just Posting:

  • It’s just because lots of forums and blogs need their sites to look busy and active so that they can attract more subscribers.
  • They need some online traffic(visitors) to monetize their websites with advertisement network platforms, such as “Google Adsense” and they pay you out of their earnings from ads seen to people like you.
  • Some people need your articles and contents to sell in market places

Like so, there’re some reasons why they need you to write for them and they pay you in exchange of your works for that in different rates according to the nature of a site and business model.


Do they really pay you for an article or just even a short comment with only few words?

So I say “Yes”. All the sites below have been shortlisted strictly to pick out the best of the best to show you people. I really carefully took in consideration its legitimacy, reputation, paying status and additionally its easy level of difficulty so that everyone without fancy writing skill can do start it out right away!


get paid to write reviews, articles, short comments. make money online writing.


Get Paid to Write Reviews & Comments –
Top 7 Online Writing Sites


get paid to write reviews, articles, short comments. make money online writing.

This is the most well-known Online Writing Site that many know about if they have some interest in online writing jobs.

What you do here to earn money is just simple, commenting on third party’s blogs or forums cooperated with Postloop and it pays you points that you can redeem to cash.

Based off my personal experience, this site is a pretty nice beer money source that you would be able to earn around $5 – $6 just easily with roughly 1 to 2 hours spent.

It’s recommendable for anybody who doesn’t want it too serious and just wants some easy/simple and casual writings.

  • Legitimacy Status: Super Legit
  • Foundation Year: 2010
  • Payment Method: Paypal
  • Minimum Cash-Out: $5
  • Site Currency: 100 Points to $5 (USD)
  • Difficulty: EASY(to Earn Money)
    Top earners make thousands of dollars from this site monthly. For me as a light user, it wasn’t too tough to make around $5 to $6 with few hours of playing with some words there.
    Visit Postloop


Forum Coins
get paid to write reviews, articles, short comments. make money online writing.

ForumCoin is a forum where members share ideas and discuss on a few of different subjects, such as on “Make Money Online” , “Webmastering” , “Graphic Design” , “Computer&Gaming” and any “General Topics”

It pays you in different rates according to which types & topics you write on, generally ranging from $0.01 to $0.015 per post done. (reply to a thread also earns you cash.)
You can also post an article on a section, called “Articles & Tutorials” for better rewards as high as $1.5 per 300-word article.

This site is popular as being easy to earn some cash quite fast and that makes people like stay home moms or students love this site.

  • Legitimacy Status: Super Legit
  • Foundation Year: 2013
  • Payment Methods: Paypal, Amazon Giftcard
  • Minimum Cash-Out: $5
  • Site Currency: 100 Forumcoins equals $1 (USD)
  • Difficulty: EASY
    1 to 1.5 cent paid every single time you make a short length post. This is truly easy to make some money if you type fast. There’s a higher rate too when you make an article or tutorial post. ($1.5 per article)
    Visit ForumCoin


Beer Money Forum
get paid to write reviews, articles, short comments. make money online writing.

Kind of Make-Money-Online forum that pays its members writing a post on the site.
It pays roughly around $0.025 for making a new thread and $0.15 for replying to an existing thread,  which is no limit for numbers of posts you can make each day.

Lots of users newly sign up on the site, implying that this site is gaining tons of popularity recently, maybe because of its easy level of entry for anyone and also easy ways of earning money from the site while they’re just enjoying discussions with people there.

I, personally, am an active user of the site. The admin and staffs there, are really nice and honest so actively trying to make the community grow healthy and helpful to users around the world.

This site is really easy to earn some cash just by writing a short post or comment just for anybody.
But kindly note that Copy&Paste contents is strictly prohibited that may result in permanent ban.

  • Legitimacy Status: Legit
  • Foundation Year: 2016
  • Payment Method: Paypal
  • Minimum Cash-Out: $1.34
  • Site Currency: 1,000 BMF equals $1 (USD)
  • Difficulty: EASY
    Easiest to earn money from this site, just making a post made of literally few words only.  It’s without limit of how many posts you can make a day to make some nice beer money.
    Visit BeerMoneyForum


Hub Pages
get paid to write reviews, articles, short comments. make money online writing.

You can write articles to make money from this site. But the way how you earn from here is a little different than other writing sites. This is kind of revenue share writing site you would earn money out of ads and affiliate links automatically placed on posts you’ve written. And that makes it possible for you to earn money by its ads exposed to viewers.

How much you can earn from the site is simply determined by the number of views on your posts. The more people read your articles, the higher earnings you can make. So theoretically you can tell it’s an unlimited earning potential as how good your articles perform and exposed to many people.

It might be a decent money earning source for you even though it’s not very easy to work on this site before you come to know how it exactly works on here. It needs some experiences and strategies to make glamorous money from this site.

  • Legitimacy Status: Super Legit
  • Foundation Year: 2006
  • Payment Method: Paypal
  • Site Currency: USD
  • Minimum Cash-Out: $50
  • Difficulty: Moderate
    Not easy as piece  of cake for beginners. It needs you to know how to attract viewers with your articles. And every article should contain of at least 700 words in it. But if you know a little about how to rank your post, it can make nice amount of money.
    Visit Hub Pages


Bit Landers
get paid to write reviews, articles, short comments. make money online writing.

Earn Bitcoin as well as cash by writing a blog, uploading a video, commenting on a post and making a micro blog(short length).  $1 is given away as sign-up bonus when you register for the first time.

This site is particularly unique because it is really to look like a social media community like Facebook or so, but precisely online writers’ social media at a closer view.

You will post your things just like how you post on Facebook or other social media sites and furthermore when you get friends and subscribers from the platform(Bitlanders) your enarnings will start to accumulate. This seems a truly interesting site and alongside how interesting it looks, the site is fairly popular among users, especially it’s ranked on 15,887th in Alexa Worldwide Ranking.

  • Legitimacy Status: Legit
  • Foundation Year: 2013
  • Payment Methods: Paypal, Payza (Paid in Bitcoin is also possible via Payza)
  • Site Currency: Bitmile
  • Minimum Cash-Out: $10
  • Difficulty: Moderate
    A little complicated in the entire system of how it works and how to make money from the site to new comers. Reading up “the welcome guideline would be needed to fully comprehend and get an idea how to start.
    Visit BitLanders


get paid to write reviews, articles, short comments. make money online writing.

It’s a way of making money if you’re a blogger with your own blog or website. So this place is available for blog owners only and there’re chances for them to make money by writing reviews on products or brands. The site, PayperPost will pay you in different rates according to number of letters in your made post.

Anyone can start right away as a freelancing writer and brand ambassador, just using your own blog for extra income online. But if it has one downside, the minimum threshold is relatively little higher than other online writing sites.

  • Legitimacy Status: Super Legit
  • Foundation Year: 2004
  • Payment Method: Paypal
  • Minimum Cash-Out: $25/$50/$100 based on membership status
  • Difficulty: Moderate
    Above all, it needs you to own your website or blog where you can write articles.
    With that up front requirement, this  could sound a little burdening to you to start out if you’re new to that without prior experience. Using free blogging sites like Weebly may be a beginner friendly way of starting out your own blog.
    Visit PayperPost


The Forum Wheel
get paid to write reviews, articles, short comments. make money online writing.

This is quite similar to Postloop. The way how you earn from here is the same as it: writing a post  on third party forums or blogs. As a reward, you will get paid $0.5 per post, which is paid in the form of forum currency.

What’s the one thing I like about this site is that it has no minimum threshold to cash out so no ones need to go through tedious process of reaching a cash-out point.

  • Legitimacy Status: Legit (Fairly low ratings and some user complaints though!)
  • Foundation Year: 2014
  • Payment Method: Paypal
  • Minimum Cash-Out: No Minimum Threshold
  • Difficulty: Hard (to earn money)
    Pretty strict about English grammar and quality of text structure. To get started with this site, you’ll have to pass a writing test by submitting 10 sample articles and to get approved by the admin there. The process seems a little tedious you would need some patience to wait during the time.
    The availability of places where you can write on to earn money seems a little narrow and that might make it pretty tough to get on roll on the site.
    Visit The ForumWheel


Parting Words

It was a greatly meaningful time reviewing Online Writing Sites.
While I was researching for this review, I could discover some true gems of great writing sites that pay people fairly and can be great extra income sources online or at least beer money making.

Get paid to write? Is it possible? or Is it something I can do? I don’t write well..

Some people might doubt themselves and end up giving up just easily. Because they think they are not enough to do such a thing, or writing is a job only for professional writers or more serious people with skills..

And I’d like to say “No, That’s not true.”. It’s truly for anybody who has a computer and some little time to spare, and who can just write their mind into the form of text to reach out to people out there. And That’s all!

This review was made especially for people who are NOT friendly or experienced with writing.

Most of the 7 sites in this list are easiest writing sites throughout internet. And you can find some are even paying you just to post a simple and short comment or reply to other people’s posts. This is really an easy online part time job. Students, stay home moms or anybody can do to make money online, far from serious professional writings.

Appreciate it for reading up Get Paid to Write Reviews & Short Comments – Top 7 Best Online Writing Sites Review, and have a wonderful day all of you!

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  1. Well-written post and very useful for beginners in writing. Good opportunities to earn some extra side income. I am familiar with most of these sites being a freelance content writer. I am sharing this to let others know about these useful sites. thanks.

    • Hi again Rema! 🙂

      Yes! These in the list are popular sites for people who like writing or socializing in communities. I specially see many of stay home moms enjoy in those sites and earn some little pocket money, and for at least a bit of helps for their household finance 🙂

      Speaking of “Online Writing Jobs”, I am planning to shoot another article regarding “Professional Writing Jobs Online” which would be a little more serious types of writing jobs supposed for freelance writers or people with higher interest or writing skill.

      Your comments and interest are always appreciated!! Thank you! 🙂 🙂

    • I truly appreciate your lovely words! Couldn’t be happier you enjoy my stuffs It’s a great fuel to motivate me!!

      P.S: I love your killer classic car site! It pleases my eyes even just seeing them!

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