29 High Paying Affiliate Programs That Pay Shocking High Commissions

high paying affiliate programs, high ticket affiliate products earning high affiliate commission. Best affiliate programs with high commissions

Are you looking for high paying affiliate programs for your 6 figure income dream? Are you getting tired of earning pennies in your affiliate marketing with cheapy stuffs that you hardly achieve your dream goal in the affiliate marketing world?

Then I’d like to say you’ve come to the right place now. Because I’m today going to share with you guys 29 high paying affiliate programs that pay you truly shocking high amount of commission even for a single sale!

The focus I’m writing this article with is to list only high ticket affiliate programs that pay you at least $100 up to $5,000 per single sign-up lead or sale. The commissions are really super high that’s simply because what you’re promoting is such “high ticket” products or costly services.

Sale prices are high, and it naturally leaves you highly great lucrative commissions far more than anybody might just guess.

So are you super thrilled and excited? And jumping into thinking that you can achieve such an over night success with the super high paying affiliate programs? Then I guess it’s the time for us to see in the naked reality. Because I love riding you on a roller coaster and ups & downs.

Well??! Okay, that might be possible you can make money like 5 figures just right today. But in the view nearest to the objective possibility, that could be a possibility just slightly higher than you won a lottery and made billion of dollars just right now UNLESS you’re already ready with your FIRM marketing strategies, huge audience of yours on the niche and strong sales funnels that convert to actual sales productively.

So the bottom line with my 100% honest view and expectation about your possibility of succeeding a sale(s) on such high ticket products is truly tedious and long way to go through to build your strong base in affiliate marketing.

It really takes time to make even a single sale of high paying affiliate products because it’s really hard to convince people to buy a product with super high price. Because it’s basically not a matter of picking up a pack of jelly bean from the store nearby.

People only open their wallet for an expensive premium item when they feel it’s adding a true value into their lives and you would also consider their affordability for finding your right audience group whom you’d have to approach to promote.

By the way, if you’re a new comer in the affiliate world, then I highly recommend you to first read up the basic affiliate marketing guide before jumping too fast into the list of high paying affiliate programs here. Never be in a hurry. Because I know you couldn’t make your affiliate marketing success story without knowing things from the basic. I always want to cheer you up super high to the moon though!! 🙂

So alright! Let’s gonna be checking out the list right now: High Paying Affiliate Programs.

I categorized all high paying affiliate programs here in different niches as following:

  1. Gold IRA/Binary Option Market
  2. Debt Relief/Loan Service Industry
  3. Leisure/Travel Industry
  4. Web Hosting Services
  5. Physical Products
  6. Digital Marketing Tools and Services
  7. Others

As the typical nature of high ticket affiliate programs, the industries of which pay high commissions are mainly centered in Gold IRAS/Investment, Binary Option Market, Luxury Leisure and Fine Goods mostly, plus some other random companies selling high value products with expensive prices.

Then let’s begin into the list down below!

<Gold IRA / Investment>

High Paying Affiliate Programs

high paying affiliate programs, high ticket affiliate products earning high affiliate commission. Best affiliate programs with high commissions, Gold IRA, Binary Option, Investment Trading Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Commission: 3% per sale, 2% on 2nd tier and $30-$100 per verified sign-up lead.

It’s a Gold IRA in which people can invest in gold. They have 3% commission set in their affiliate program policy that you will be paid 3% of how much
your referred buyers invest from the site.

As you might know, there’re frequently high amount investments made in Precious Metal Industry and some chances are your commission even per single sale might be a lot of figures of $ once you succeed to refer a genuine and enthusiastic investor.

What’s really great about Regal Assets is that they also pay you 2% commissions when investments made from on your 2nd tier. So it offer multi structure affiliate revenue system. What’s more, they even pay you $30-$100 when you make a qualified lead.

This can be developed to be your firm passive income source when you have lots of referrals and sub referrals under your line.
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Either of 20% commission per sale or $200 CPA

I guess this has the highest commission rate for affiliates in the gold investment industry. They pay affiliates 20% for each purchase their referrals make. Plus, like Regal Assets above, GoldBroker also offers you CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) commission of $200 when you have a qualified lead to the site, aside from sales commissions.

With regards to the highest rate of commission GoldBroker offers, this can be highest possibility to make you wealthy with this affiliate program if your main market is the investment industry.
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240 Option is a Binary Option Trading platform. They pay up to $700 per trader you refer to the site.
If your niche or audience is optimized in Financial Market Sector, then it can be a considerable option for you.
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This is one of CFD trading platforms that boast their lucrative commission rate for their affiliates. The rates are $200 to $700 per referred trader.
The commission rates vary depending on the volume of your referrals you gain periodically and also upon your geo location. (where you’re from.)
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ETX Capital

Similar to Plus500, it also offers commissions up to $800 per successful sign-up of your referrals to the platform.
ETX Capital is more like a comprehensive investment platform that covers CFD, Binary Options and Forex as well.
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<Debt Relief Services>

High Paying Affiliate Programs

high paying affiliate programs, high ticket affiliate products earning high affiliate commission. Best affiliate programs with high commissions, Debt Relief/Loan Service/Debt Consolidation Affiliate Marketing

American Debt Enders

American Debt Enders is a debt settlement business based in the U.S. They have been paying out commissions with their affiliate program since 2006 of their foundation.

The affiliate commissions to you differ on which loans your referrals take out. But mostly about $125 per loan enrollment. And aside from loan commissions, you will also separately earn $10 commission from each contactable phone call leads you make.

You can sign up in both ways: through the Affiliate Network site “Shareasale” or directly on their home page.
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Credit Agenda

They offer several types of loan services that you can make money from in your affiliate marketing.
The commission rate is just flat $95 per each enrollment. They also offer $1.25 valid lead commissions each time your referral signs up through you.
You can sign up in both ways: through the Affiliate Network site “Shareasale” or directly on their home page.
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National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief has the highest paying affiliate program in the whole industry. And It seems the best option for you if you work in Debt Relief or Loan Service niche.

What they offer to pay is quite various depending on situations as following.

CPA Commission Types:

  • Earn $27.50 per qualified lead when your referred one makes a debt relief quote request.
    (You even get paid $27.50 when your referral asks for a quote before the enrollment)
  • Earn $41 from their Pay Per Call program per qualified free debt relief phone call your referral answers.

Pay Per Sale Program:

  • $300 per sale
  • 12% Second Tier Commission on all affiliates you refer

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High Paying Affiliate Programs

high paying affiliate programs, high ticket affiliate products earning high affiliate commission. Best affiliate programs with high commissions, Luxury Travel/Leisure/private plane/ yacht affiliate marketing



This is a big deal! And you must have a close look at this high paying affiliate program of what Villiers offers! Villiers is a private aircraft company that offers luxury jet tour programs for their luxury traveling customers.

The prices of their jets are really varied depending on which flight a customer books and where they fly to. But roughly the price range per ticket is like $500 to $100,000 or higher and they lucratively share 30% of their profit with their affiliates!

So imagine how much you could earn per even single sale if you succeed to sell a high ticket of their luxury private flight tour products.

Plus, referral status lasts for life, meaning once a referral, remaining a referral of yours forever. so you will make money on every repeat payment your referrals make.

This must be put in the first line of your affiliate promotion plan list if you have an audience on travel niche, especially on “luxury travel”.
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BoatBookings is a platform for booking yachts worldwide. They work as a broker arranging yacht charter to their end customers for a private use.

They have an affiliate program in which they offers their affiliates 20% of their revenue on first-time customers and 10% on repeat customers.

Note that 20% of commission doesn’t mean it’s from the booking price, it technically means 20% from Boatbookings.com’s profit.

To be more practical, you would get roughly about 5% of the booking prices in the end, which is, however, still lucrative revenue for you because
the minimum price range they offer for a charter is at least over $3,000 to $5,000 and to a lot higher on premium yachts.

Do a little math and calculate how much you would earn per booking!
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365 Luxury Car Hire

It’s a car rental service offering premium level car rental deals. They have quite nice affiliate program too especially for marketers/bloggers with
a travel related audience, offering $68 for a sign up lead, $136 for a car booking of your referral’s.

Try it out you can even earn $68 when you have someone sign up on their site before the actual booking taken in action.
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VIP Cars

VipCars is also a car rental business operating their services across the 20,000 locations over the globe.

This is put in the list because it offers great affiliate commissions: 50% – 70% of every rental price your referral pays to book.

The level of cars they rent is relatively in an affordable range compared to 365 Luxury Car Hire above in the list. But it can lead you to earning easier bookings due to the more public friendly price wise.
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This company serves in a little interesting business sector mixed with Travel and Medical industry. You might be able to guess
what they work for from their business name.

MediTravel is a medical tourism company offering both-in-one travel packages: Medical Treatment + Travel.

As an affiliate, you will get paid $100 of flat rate every time your referrals make a booking.
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<Web Hosting>

High Paying Affiliate Programs

high paying affiliate programs, high ticket affiliate products earning high affiliate commission. Best affiliate programs with high commissions, web hosting affiliate marketing


Web hosting industry has really excellent high paying affiliate programs over many named hosting companies.
WPengine is the one of them that pays out appealing commission ranges for its affiliate marketers.

Once you get a referral to sign up and purchase any one of their hosting service plans, you will get paid either of which is higher:
$200 or one month full fat 100% of the customer’s first month payment.

Very uniquely as the only one in the web hosting industry, it offers a great deal for its affiliates too: 2-tier multi level commission structure.
So you will also earn a commission of $50 when the referral on 2nd tier in your down line makes a purchase.

Working with WPengine is quite recommendable for people who want to build their passive income source.
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Liquid Web

The another of the two tops along with WPengine for the highest paying affiliate programs in the web hosting industry.
It pays their affiliates $150 to over $1,600 per dedicated server hosting sale, $200 per shared hosting.
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It has a flat rate for the commission rate for affiliates. InterServer is also known as one of the high paying affiliate programs that pays out $100 one-time payment per each new hosting sale.
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Same as other hosting services, paying $97 up to $250 per sale. But Dreamhost has the largest market share and influence over the web hosting market, among the other 3 in the list.
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<Physical Products>

High Paying Affiliate Programs

high paying affiliate programs, high ticket affiliate products earning high affiliate commission. Best affiliate programs with high commissions, physical products affiliate marketing


Like its name, it’s a business mainly selling massage chairs with several different types of similar product lines.

The commission range they offer is 5% to 7% which sounds just too little. But one thing you shouldn’t over look is about the sale price of each
chair item they sell on market. Massage chairs sold on their website ranges from $1,500 to $7,500.

So there’re some chances to leverage your commission when you succeed to sell a high ticket item.
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Essentia mattress

Essentia is a brand in latex foam industry, with 15 physical stores across the U.S and Canada.

Online market plays a great role for strengthening the base of their revenue channels and they appreciate their affiliates working for the mutual goal together.

As for the affiliate commission they offer is $175 up to $385 per sale. This is as one of high paying affiliate programs in market.
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<Digital Marketing Tools/Services>

High Paying Affiliate Programs

high paying affiliate programs, high ticket affiliate products earning high affiliate commission. Best affiliate programs with high commissions, SEO/digital online marketing analysis tools affiliate marketing


No one doesn’t know SEMrush in online marketing field. That’s even highly recognized as a necessary marketing tool with comprehensive
features, all in one single package: Keyword research, Backlink checker, Search engine result position analyzer etc which all are impossible to carry out online marketing and running a website without.

Since it’s a popular marketing tool, it can make your affiliate promotion easier to lead to sales and it’s especially highly demanded for online marketers, web masters, blog owners as their necessary tool.

What you also focus on in the SEMrush affiliate program is its high possibility of residual income generation. It’s one of high paying affiliate marketing programs but also a way for your stable income once you build up your referral line under you.

Upon a sale, they pay you 40% of sale price on the purchased plan as affiliate commission. And doing a little math, your commission would be
around $40 – $160 per sale. Not the end, even more! The commission you get on the first month is lasting with continuously recurring commission of the exactly same amount for as long as the referral keeps using it (also keep paying each month.)

In short, it can be a way of how to make your residual income stream if promoted efficienctly.
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Affilorama is a comprehensive affiliate marketing-specialized information portal site where you can be taught with affiliate marketing courses,
be informed with their tips and news from their blog, communicate with other affiliate marketers in their forum.

This site is quite famous in the affiliate marketing field and almost all affiliate marketers know about.

They also sell their marketing tools and related services. Especially what you’d have to look at first is the service they sell, called “Affilo Jetpack”.
The price Affilo Jetpack is just $3 short for $1,000 per package, and your commission to selling the package is just cutting down the half.
Thus $500 paid to you per sale.

So if you sell 10 packages per month, your monthly affiliate income out of the single service, “Affilo Jetpack” is $5,000.
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This is really a great marketing tool. As its main features, it’s kind of a software helping to reach out to and find social media/web influencers
for marketing purposes.

As a seller based in an online marketplace, it’s next to most essential to collaborate with other online marketers/promoters/influencers
in product promotion. Because the presence of online marketers in the online world and the power of their spreading words is amazingly terrific to skyrocket the online sales performance up to the moon!

With those crucial reasons, this product with high demand for online sellers and businesses can be sold good if your promotion done right. And you can make money with the high paying affiliate program NinjaOutreach has for their affiliates.

It pays 50% commission, split exactly in half. The commission amount you will recieve at last will depend on the sale price your referred buyer pays, ranging from $35 to $300 per sale in different pricing for each plan.

What’s even better is this also has 50% recurring commission continuously paid to affiliates for as long as the subscription lasts. Isn’t it awesome?
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High Paying Affiliate Programs

high paying affiliate programs, high ticket affiliate products earning high affiliate commission. Best affiliate programs with high commissions, best affiliate marketing

James Allen

This is an online store selling fine jewelries, engagement rings, wedding rings and diamonds.

As an affiliate, you will earn 5% commission on diamond and engagement ring sales which are generally sold at around $6,500 on the average prices.
5% of the total sale price is yours. Then do your math on it for how much you will earn per sale!
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It’s a premium domain name selling market. They also appreciate their affiliates helping their marketplace widespread over the internet places.

In return, they compensate for their hard working affiliate marketers, $175 per each domain sale. That’s a flat rate.
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Most likely this site would be known to almost everybody. Yes it’s a marketplace to sell online courses in variety of kinds.

However, no many might know this fact that they also have their high paying affiliate program actively run:

They pay 40% to 50% of the price of the course purchased in their affiliate program.
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Ending Words – High Paying Affiliate Programs

We just checked out all the high paying affiliate programs all over the internet. I bet they all are greatly more than the ordinary in commission wise and truly something that can leverage your affiliate income overwhelmingly.

Like some online marketing gurus always love to say:

Selling one single high ticket(costly) product is a lot easier than 100 mediocre products to sell. The actual profit that gets into my pocket in the end is anyway the same.”

Ya I hear you 🙂 But once again, just one word I always want to repeat to emphasize: Selling a high ticket product is not an event that comes every often time. As my point is you’d also need to look at the frequency of how often your promoted product succeeds to finally sell. Because it’s not the case of selling $2 socks or $1 jelly beans to greedy kids.

In my brutal honesty off of my actual experience in promoting high ticket affiliate products, chances are pretty high that it can take you up for a whole 1 month or a couple or even several more months without selling a single one. And the fact is that most of “beginner affiliate marketers” just give up in the half way after deadly longing for launching their first sale and ending up being burnt out physically, mentally and emotionally.

Of course, it’s true too! Some affiliate marketing ninjas and killers (experts) are making 6 figures of $ or many digits of 0 figures in their monthly income report, with high paying affiliate programs.

But the crucial difference between beginners and such experts is “the volume of traffic” (exposure on the selling products to an audience), “quality niche audience base” and “the sources of marketing/sales channels with high conversion”.

It’s like you cannot expect a reddish juicy apple without a FINE apple tree, right? 🙂


Thank ya every single of you guys reading up the article “High Paying Affiliate Programs”!! I always appreciate all you visiting my site and being with me for some minutes of your time! And I will double appreciate it for your comments and shares!

If any feedback or question, let me know guys!!

Thanks a lot!! 

Your Friend Hong. (Geniusminds)

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    It takes some time and effort to build your audience or enhance traffic sources (blog, website, youtube, social media etc) to promote your affiliate products efficiently.

    I guess it, however, sure returns to you what you deserve to achieve after your effort and time invested in. So that’s why we see many seasoned marketers are making substantial income from their work of affiliate marketing!

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