How To Become a Work At Home Travel Agent

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If you like travelling, everything you do in your preparation before hitting the road will be as much fun as the actual trip! (Even more fun 🙂 )

Picking out the best destinations you visit and drop by, exotic restaurants where you enjoy fascinating cuisines you haven’t tried before, booking a relaxing cozy hotel where you snug as a bug in a rug for the nights of your trip, and wonderful places where you and your family, friends or your another half can share the beautifully memorable moment together!

Yeah planning out your itinerary would be another huge fun and joy, wouldn’t it?!

I, today, have brought an interesting topic, “How To Become a Work At Home Travel Agent” and I believe this will be interesting to you as well if you like travelling, but more specifically, planning vacation itineraries!


What’s Work At Home Travel Agent?

Journey of Being a Work At Home Travel Agent!

work at home travel agent, how to become a travel agent, travel agent training, travel agent from home, how to become an independent travel agent , what is travel agent


It’s kind of a job in which a travel planner advises on travel destinations and coordinates a travel itinerary for individual or group clients.

In the job, it usually attaches with flight booking, hotel reservation, tour activity bookings, reserving restaurants and performing special requests asked by customers as well.

Work At Home Travel agent job is something you will love and do great,

if you:

  • Love travelling.
  • Have a great knowledge in travel destinations worldwide.
  • Love to make money while travelling. (Fam Trips offered by travel suppliers) 
  • Are looking for an idea of work-at-home businesses & being your own boss of a home based business.

With the worldwide internet connection of nowadays, it makes it very possible to carry out travel agent job absolutely online-based and just from home and this is what we’re looking into about at the moment: “Work At Home Travel Agent Job Online

Work at home travel agent job is to be classified roughly into the 2 types as following:

1. Employed Home Based Travel Agent

Hired travel agents working remotely under a travel agency or corporation.  It usually gets paid in an hourly fixed rate ($10 to $12 on industry average), along with that, also fixed working hours probably. The general job scope of this is regarding assistance of customer booking process via the phone or chat, and the nature of the job is highly relating to customer care service.

2. Independent Contractor

Working on your own. It’s more like running your own online business and travel agency. You can work as a part time or full time as your preference. In other words, it can be flexible as well.

Your main revenue is coming from commissions you make by selling travels online or offline.

When it comes to being an independent contractor, the business income has no guarantee and it’s without fixed wage or income as all typical businesses go. Rather, it’s just like you earn as much as you sell. So the business revenue you would make is highly dependent on your own sales performance.

That being said, independent contractors are usually working with “Host Agencies” which support independent travel agents for business administration, marketing, networking with suppliers and the most of what needs comprehensively.


How To Become a Work At Home Travel Agent

Journey of Being a Work At Home Travel Agent!

work at home travel agent, how to become a travel agent, travel agent training, travel agent from home, how to become an independent travel agent

Like spoken a moment ago, it roughly has 2 different employment types. In a nutshell, working as an own travel agency owner (Independent Contractor) or as a hired remote working staff.

But taking account into the nature of the category this post is belonging to: “Live Money Online – Home Based Online Businesses”, we’re going to focus on the way of working as an Independent Contractor this time since it’s the nearest to being your own boss in a business.

As briefly mentioned about how to start it earlier, Host Agency is to play a very important role in helping you start off and run your own travel agency business in many aspects.

It’s especially needed working with a host agency, for those who don’t have prior experience in travel industry and don’t have an idea how to begin, operate, and crucially profit with it!

Actually launching your own travel business would be a matter of a few minutes with their guide, based in their established network and operational system. And promptly to be capable of starting selling travels to your own customers regionally or globally.

It’s actually 50% done for preparation of launching your business just by choosing a right host agency that will help you out to run through all the steps needed to start your own travel agency business step by step. So the real matter in starting it out would be who(what agency) to choose.


So what’s “Host Agency”? And what do they help you for running your travel business?

Journey of Being a Work At Home Travel Agent!

what is host agency, work at home travel agent, how to become a travel agent, travel agent training, travel agent from home, how to become an independent travel agent

As a Host Agency, it has a lot to perform for individual, independent travel agents in supporting for their start-up with low to none business capital and smooth business operation afterwards.

A Host Agency acting as an umbrella for individual travel agents, benefits you about:

1. Education and Training

This is something essential especially for beginners without prior experience and an idea how to get into the business.

Getting through their training courses that take place in online or offline accordingly, new comers to the industry can be helped to form a solid foundation of the entire travel business knowledge in their mind and an idea of how to operate an agency business.

Generally, courses are to include specific industry guideline such as “general business knowledge”, “the entire work procedure and how to carry it out”, “how to choose suppliers(suppliers who provide tour products for you to sell)” , “how to enhance marketing strategies” and some other things necessary for being an agent.

2. Enabling for Low Start-Up Costs and Saving Preparation Time

Actually this is a crucial part why most of travel agents (independent contractors) need backed by a host agency when starting their business.

When you’re working as an agent in travel industry and cooperating with travel suppliers, airlines and tour operators, being an authorized travel seller is an highly imperative thing to make sure to enter into business relationships with them. Because it’s an assurance to prove to them your business is legitimate.

That’s a kind of barrier for new starters to settle in business and the industry if they’re not authorized sellers. And to be authorized, it must meet several industry standards like ARC, CLIA and IATA numbers that may take a long period of time and costs of thousands of dollars to obtain.

For this reason, working with a host agency is a wise choice for beginners because the host agency you would choose to partner with, will back you for all the parts and you will have access to their credentials. In a result, it saves you tons of money and time at last to open up your business.

3. Offering Higher Commission

A host agency as an organization has the bigger economy than an individual agent might do. The volume of what they sell for their travel suppliers is at corporation level that an individual seller cannot compete with.

That naturally leaves a great privilege to a host agency with buying power, leading it to lots of operational benefits. One of the biggest benefits offered to host agencies is, with no doubt, “higher commission rate”. And the high commissions are what you’re granted to earn as an individual travel agent working with a host agency.

Thus it’s higher chances to earn higher commission and better profit when you work with a good host agency.
(Of course the commission you earn will be split with the host agency for support fees. Usually 8:2 or 7:3. so 70 – 80% for the independent agent, 20%-30% for the host agency.)

4. Marketing Support

This can be one of nice advantages host agencies offer, especially for beginners in marketing. They often get lost where to begin and how to start, what to do for their marketing and promotion.

For those, a host agency can be a good supporter navigating the way of efficient marketing and enhancing their marketing skill by providing marketing lessons and tools and other resources. Some host agencies teach their agents really in details for how to act and handle well every particular sales/marketing situation. It can be practically helpful if you have nothing to know about how to make sales of travels.

5. Others

  • Agent Support Team: Phone/Email/Text-Chat support provided to counsel or troubleshoot issues their agents are facing.
    A few have 24/7 supporting.
  • Commission/ Sales performance records so an agent easily keep track of what’s their commission and how much they earn timely.
  • Networking opportunities to be connected with travel suppliers and operators.


Then Which Host Agency To Choose To Work With For Being A Successful Work At Home Travel Agent?

Journey of Being a Work At Home Travel Agent!

work at home travel agent, how to become a travel agent, travel agent training, travel agent from home, how to become an independent travel agent , partner with a host agency

There would be more than thousands of travel host agencies worldwide. It can be too a lot and kind of tough to pick out the best among the thousands.

It would leave you a load of questions and a feeling of being lost, especially if you’re a brand new beginner just being into the industry.

Like, “Which host agency pays good commission?” , “Who provides better education support?
Which one requires lessor costs for the start up?” , “What agency has the biggest network of travel suppliers and related organizations?
Which one should I choose to work with for a successful work at home travel agent?”

It’d be tons of questions left in the head. And quickly go overwhelmed.

So right here, I’ll briefly leave some big points of what you should necessarily consider to choose your host agency to cooperate with!

1. Business Launching Costs/Operation Expenses

It requires you to pay “fees” somehow for their support for your start-up and operation of your travel business. The usual form of their fees is generally “split of commission you earn by selling a travel” in some particular percentage like 7:3 or 8:2. (You earn 70% – 80% and the rest goes for the host.) And no sign-up or membership fees charged if it’s the case.

Or a little differently, some other ways of how agencies collect fees are “Monthly/Annual Membership fees” like $10 to $20 for a month or even “One-Time Membership Payment and Lasting For Life” fee type which is a rare case though.  In that case, you’d have high chances to get 100% of commission that you ever earn. Because you’re paying membership fees for them in other way already.

So there’re some multiple options of how to pay them fees and maintain your membership. It should be decided with your consideration to which type gives you higher benefit or profit according to your own conditions.

In short, it’s a choice of whether “paying monthly/annual fees and get 100% commissions or near to so“, OR “not paying anything upfront but just allowing a deduction from what you ever earn. (deducted from your commission amount, 20% – 30% or so)

But above all, what’s the ultimate thing to consider is anyhow finding a host agency that charges you the LEAST, earns you the HIGHEST. That’s the main point.

2. Educational/Operational Support

Host agencies are supposed to provide their independent travel agents with all-round education, such as how to open an agency business, how to market travels(tour products), how to choose a niche market, how to approach clients and how to run your business to be successful.

Many also provide marketing tools and related resources for better sales and 24/7 counseling support in place so their agents always feel free to reach them and being consulted for issues/advice.

It’s obvious that you have to consider how supportive one is for you when choosing a host agency. Some are good and vice versa.

3. Broad Industry Network

One more thing of the great that host agencies offer is to allow you to access their network, connected with travel suppliers and vendors.

Connected with them, it can be a great benefit for your business to boost sales and business revenue by cooperating with them.

Firm, strong foundation of business relationship and network is always the hot key of success for every type of business in the world, not only for travel agency businesses.

With the ultimate fact, keep your eye closely to find a host that more actively provide networking opportunities to its independent agents.

 4. Whether Or Not Fam Trips Offered

It’s one of the lots of perks to becoming a travel agent.

So what does “Fam Trip” stand for?

It’s short for “Familiarization Trips” in its full word, which is offered at no cost or hugely discounted prices for travel agents so that they can experience travel destinations that they will sell to their clients.

So it’s kind of a chance for agents to go for free trips! (It’s precisely for business purposes though!! ) Check out if the host agency you’re going to work with, provides free trip opportunities!

5. Other Benefits

Still some several other things you’d need to look into more. Or even more than several to meet your personalized conditions.

For example, whether they offer incentive bonus added on top of your commission based on volume of your sales. Or the future possibility of commission increase negotiation. Or how genuinely supportive to you so you can trustfully rely on, or how professional their service is in order to raise your business to a higher level, and so on!

You would also have to do your own research to find a genuine and professional host agency that pratically help you grow your travel business and make a good profit.


How Much Does An Independent Work At Home Travel Agent Earn By The Way??

Journey of Being a Work At Home Travel Agent!

work at home travel agent, how to become a travel agent, travel agent training, travel agent from home, how to become an independent travel agent, how much does a travel agent earn

Actually there’s no much to say about this. Because it’s much like your own business and it all depends on your sales, marketing and administrative skills. It could be the same question as “How much would I earn if I set up an ice-cream store in town?“. Then you’d answer “Well… it all depends on you dude.

Actually the answer to this question is beyond my expectation. Even if I expect, there would be very high chances that my prediction for your business success is turned out wrong in the end.

Being that said, I can at least tell you based on what I HEARD. That might be inaccurate too.

However, the business revenue from being a work at home travel agent is highly varied, ranging from $8,000 to over $100,000 annually, just depending on how good they are in the business.

There’re some chances to get high profit too if you have a good foundation of your sales funnels, especially when you’re selling luxury travel products. For example, cruise lines or private jet lines etc which you could easily grab a few thousands of $$ commission per single sale.


Then What’s The Qualification Requirement To Be A Work At Home Travel Agent?

Journey of Being a Work At Home Travel Agent!

work at home travel agent, how to become a travel agent, travel agent training, travel agent from home, how to become an independent travel agent, qualification requirement to be a travel agent

It’s really not much required to be a work at home travel agent and to start your own online travel business at home just when it comes to being an independent contractor which isn’t an employee for a company.

It’s rather your own business, self employment. You’re your own work-at-home boss with this job without a matter of whether someone hires you or not.

Of course, having a degree in Tourism or Hospitality can be a plus for whatever it may be as a benefit, however the things more needed are practical skills and actual experience, genuine passion in travel industry and pure love in helping people plan out their travel itineraries!

Most of related education will be provided by a host agency you work with. And for the extra, you would be able to learn and gain while you’re running the business in the front line of travel agency business world.

What you actually need before starting are stuffs like computer with the internet, smartphone or landline, your own quiet home office, fax (internet fax can do also), printing machine and not much more.


All fine! But I Still Have No Specific Idea About How To Reach A Host Agency!

Journey of Being a Work At Home Travel Agent!

work at home travel agent, how to become a travel agent, travel agent training, travel agent from home, how to become an independent travel agent, host agency reviews

Repeatedly spoken, once you choose a right host agency, it means it’s already done for 50% for your preparation.

No exaggerating, but it would never be enough to emphasize the importance of picking out the best one for you and getting off a running start!

With that reason, it’s an essential thing that you do your own research as much as possible, and I’d like to give you a simple navigation down below, on how to raise the possibility to discover good host agencies! is a famous host agency rating site in which you can get an easy overview on user reviews/ratings and company descriptions with contact info of almost every established host agency in the travel industry.

In addition to what’s explained for you from this article, you will also get another great help from the site to get your eye more keen on picking up a good host partner for your travel business.


How To Apply To Be A Work At Home Travel Agent?

Journey of Being a Work At Home Travel Agent!

work at home travel agent, how to become a travel agent, travel agent training, travel agent from home, how to become an independent travel agent, host agency application

You will be able to easily check their contacts and links to each host agency website from the review site. Then move on to the host website you want and navigate to the application page probably somewhere on the page.

You will see the application form there, fill it up and follow the further instruction of the site. It wouldn’t take you too long anyhow to get through the process! 🙂

I wish you good luck and great partnership! Cheers!!!


Thank you for being here with me, reading up “How To Become A Work At Home Travel Agent”!!

As always, I hope my contents help you for what you pursue. And I’ll promise I will always work at my best rate for your satisfaction and your happy discovery on online jobs while you stay on my site!

By the way, if you’re still looking for something more, have a look at the menu at the front page of Live Money Online. There’re more of great jobs in each different job category, that you might feel fit to yourself! 

Cheers everyone! 

Your friend Hong (Geniusminds) 

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