How To Monetize a Blog For Passive Income!

how to monetize a blog make money blogging,

“6 figure income blogger!”

“Wow that guy making a living with a blog!” 

Aren’t they the words you’ve heard at least once since the start of the internet?

Yeah people probably know well of it or at least an idea vaguely about the possibility of making lucrative income with a blog, attached with “traffic”.

Because we’ve seen so many online entrepreneurs and successful bloggers and online marketers prove their way to make it.

Well, I don’t mean to exaggeratedly give you a false hope that you can make it like so-called 6 figure income or such a get-rich-quick.

It’s possible though, it isn’t an easy way to go. It’s a really long way to go through. Your patience and consistence coupled with “clever working strategies” in a long term view are essential to build such a successful blog and a huge audience empire.

So again, it’s not an easy thing that everyone can do unless they have time to invest in, and loyal passion to dedicate yourself with it.

With that said, if your satisfaction is just about making some side income like a couple hundred dollars a month, I think it doesn’t sound so impossible even for newbie bloggers with relatively low traffic. Because anyone can make a handful of side income by monetizing their blog in some smart way.

So today, I’m going to talk about how to monetize a blog into real cold cash on the side, which could also possibly become a substitute to a day job depending on the volume of traffic one gets! So stay tuned and scroll down to start! 🙂


8 Ultimate Ways to Monetize a Blog


1. Affiliate Marketing

How To Monetize a Blog – Make Money Blogging!

how to monetize a blog make money blogging, monetize a blog with affiliate marketing for passive income

Affiliate marketing is surely the best friend for blog owners to make money with their blog.

It’s a really excellent way especially for low-traffic websites or blogs to possibly make a handsome amount of income by promoting affiliate products or services relevant to your site niche.

No doubt, how it works is really easy and simple: All you do is finding affiliate products fit for your site niche and putting the links on good spots on your contents or empty spaces in the header/footer/sidebar area.

It keeps you earning commissions just passively. It’s every time your readers and visitors click though your affiliate links to purchase things or create an account or submit their information according to the types of affiliate programs with different conditional factors to reward.

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2. CPA Network

How To Monetize a Blog – Make Money Blogging!

how to monetize a blog make money blogging, make money with your blog with CPA affiliate marketing programs

CPA is short for “Cost Per Action(Acquisition)”, also considered as a type of affiliate marketing.

Differently in CPA campaigns, Publishers are paid for a specific action made as a result of their marketing, such as email address or mobile number submissions, or sign-up leads made by readers. So it’s mainly based on “lead generation marketing” which doesn’t require you to make sales.

For the above reasons, it’s considered an easy-deal for publishers to acquire, compensations for leads are also good, generally ranging from $0.5 – $2. It can make really lucrative and constant income for you if you get a good amount of traffic on your site.

e.g., getting 10 submissions daily, it earns you around $10 – $20. $300 – $600 a month. Great as a passive income source from your blog.


3. Ad Networks

How To Monetize a Blog – Make Money Blogging!

how to monetize a blog make money blogging, blog monetizing with Ad network - google adsense, propeller ads, infolinks, media net

It’s the most common way to monetize a blog with an ad platform.

Guess why this monetization method is so loved by bloggers? It’s probably because it’s just easy to set up and manage, no much hassle to start it out.

You’re probably familiar with Google Adsense, Infolinks or etc, they’re great examples about what Ad Networks are like.

But just for beginners who don’t have any idea at all, Ad Networks are third-party advertisement platforms that connect the both advertisers and publishers (bloggers) so ads from advertisers can run though places that publishers allow on. Then compensation is paid for publishers when the ads are clicked on or viewed by publishers’ audiences.

Then at this point, importantly we should get it clear about what I just mentioned above “paid when ads are clicked on or viewed”.

What I meant about “clicked or viewed” is that there’re mainly 2 different types of Ad Networks that pay a publisher in different reward eligibility.

  • Pay Per Click: Publishers get paid when ads are clicked. Google Adsense is the most famous PPC based ad platform.
  • Pay Per 1,000 Impression: Also known as “PPM”. This refers to the rate that advertisers has to pay per 1,000 ad impression. So publishers don’t need to earn clicks, but just get paid for their audience viewing ads displayed on publishers’ websites.
    FYI, Propeller Ads has the highest PPM rates , ranging from $2 – $7 per 1,000 ad unit impressions (not page views) according to niches.

PPC (Pay Per Click) and PPM (Pay Per 1,000 Impression), each has pros and cons.

If you have high CTR (Click Through Rate) plus good volume of traffic at least more than 1,000 daily visitors, PPC can be worth considering.
(Although depending on some multiple conditional factors, 1,000 unique daily traffic to your blog makes you approximately $300 a month with 2% average CTR  from Google Adsense.)

On the other hand, if your website (blog) just gets low traffic and barely makes any clicks, then no doubt, PPM will sure do a greater job for you because you don’t need to be stressed with the number of clicks, you will simply generate income whenever your pages are “viewed” by visitors.

Top 10 Popular Ad Networks 


4. Ad Marketplaces (Direct Advertisement)

How To Monetize a Blog – Make Money Blogging!

how to monetize a blog make money blogging, make money renting ad space with direct advertising marketplaces

You can also start earning ad revenue by finding advertisers through ad marketplaces, such as or etc.

Some may be wondering what’s the difference of using these Ad Marketplaces than other ad networks like Google Adsense?

In short, Ad Marketplaces are, like it may sound like, marketplaces where publishers sell ad spaces to advertisers directly. For example, as a middle man that connects publishers and advertisers to be able for their direct advertisement deals.

As a publisher, you can freely set up your own prices for renting your space for ads, according to the site stats (Monthly views and unique visitors etc) and you get paid a fixed rate as negotiated when an advertiser decides to purchase your space.

It can be more marginal using Ad Marketplaces than Google Adsense because you can set your own prices with a tendency for higher revenue than Google Adsense, also it’s more stable way of earnings since it’s fixed rates.

However, those marketplaces usually require high traffic like at least 50k monthly views in order for them to approve a site. So preferably, high traffic websites tend to go for direct advertisement rather than Google Adsense since the earnings is more stable and substantial.


5. Selling Your Own Thing

How To Monetize a Blog – Make Money Blogging!how to monetize a blog make money blogging, sell your own digital products from your blog

How To Monetize a Blog For Passive Income! If you have your own products or services, this can be the most lucrative way to monetize your blog, compared to any other means of traffic monetization.

Especially it’s a great chance for low-traffic sites that can’t earn a handful of income out of ads, to earn a substantial income since selling things is usually to leave a whole lot higher profit than advertisements.

For that reason, many bloggers try to create their own products, especially “digital products” such as E-Books, video courses, software (digital tools or so), or their own services that provide certain value for people in need. And also, it’s easy to initiate selling your digital products by installing shopping cart, E-book store or digital download store WordPress plug-in if your blog is based on WP.

I bet this is the most profitable model to monetize a blog if the product or service you sell goes viral, becoming a substantial business that possibly generates a lot of income more than a 9-5 job does.

There’s a plenty of videos and lessons about creating own digital products on Youtube or Google. You will get helped a lot referring to those resources if more aggressively willing to scale up your blog business to higher level.


6. Paid Subscription & Premium Membership

How To Monetize a Blog – Make Money Blogging!

how to monetize a blog make money blogging, monetize a blog with premium membership and subscription

This is also a way of how to monetize a blog, using a “Premium Membership Strategy”.

Well, it’d first need some premium and unique contents in place to exclusively offer to your loyal readership.

I agree with the some that say selling membership isn’t so easy. It really needs exclusive and helpful contents as much as your readers go crazy about it and open their wallet for you!

Then, what to sell..? Well it’s a hard question. Because it can vary depending on what niche or brand or the interests of your readership.

But just to tell what type of materials are commonly used to monetize a blog, bloggers love to offer E-books, video courses, podcasts or premium contents to which only readers with premium membership can get access while the majority of regular contents are for free to read or view.

Think of it: what you can provide as special deals as your readers could be willing to pay for, just based on your blog niche and brand.


7. Selling Your Skill

How To Monetize a Blog – Make Money Blogging!

how to monetize a blog make money blogging, make money with your blog for freelancing services

If you’re a freelancer with some specific skills, your blog itself can be a great promotional method.

Writing, web design, SEO, programming, translating, insurance, legal service or any other professional services and so on, there’s a plenty of service types able to be covered and they can be well-promoted directly or indirectly through your blog.

Then what’s the great thing promoting your freelancing services through a blog?

Blogging is a highly efficient way of driving online traffic and many eyeballs to something you want to show them, share with them, promote to them.
Because blog sites are usually way more Google SEO friendly rather than other types of websites, they’re ranked on major search engines including Google a lot faster and longer through different keywords since blogs usually have more keyword-rich contents that search engines love to index on their lists.

So it’s hugely easier way to get clients for your freelancing services than promoting on social media or other marketplaces, plus higher conversion rates that a visitor finally turns to be your client, thanks to your quality contents and articles on your blog, which more pursuasively lead them to being convinced and assured before they decide to give you a job.


8. Paid Reviews

How To Monetize a Blog – Make Money Blogging!

how to monetize a blog make money blogging, paid review to make money with your blog, write a paid review


Companies know the importance of this marketing strategy: Spreading The Word.

It often comes with blogging that drives their brand or product awareness to the public, and it’s highly effective more than any other promotional methods because it’s discussed in-depth that arises more engagements of future customers.

If you have a high traffic blog, it’d be so often for you to be requested for a review post about a product, service or brand.

They, companies usually pay for this, a blogger. The more traffic a blogger generates on his/her blog, the higher compensation is paid by high chances, from tens to hundreds of dollars or even higher occasionally.

If the product you’re reviewing is something like a physical product, it’s a good chance to get a free giveaway item in order for you to write a more accurate review, plus, of course, getting paid $ at the same time.

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  1. Hi there,
    You have shared real piece of dedicated work here and as a new blogger i am grateful for all the information.
    I am trying to make some money from blogging as well, but the competition is on rise and it is tough. If i may ask you a relevant question, i would like to know more on affiliate marketing that you discussed. I want to integrate with affiliate marketing too but i have no insight on the matter that which program should i join as starter and why.
    Actually i have been doing some of my own research cause obviously i need to find a program for my blog as well, and i did come across some articles that suggest different types of programs mostly the ones that are providing multi niche products data and some theme and hosting programs.
    As a multi niche blogger i need a program that is too offering multi niche product data to promote. I also came across this local UK company that is offering all sort of tools that a newbie can use but i need suggestions on it or maybe recommendations related to matter if possible.
    Here is the link to their tools that they suggest can be used for wordpress monetizing can you help me out with it please? They seem to sell data of stores and offer 100% commission with free plugins which is kinda impressive.
    Any sort of guidance is awaited and appreciated.

    • Sorry I can’t give any help without knowing what niche you’re dealing with in your site and what types of contents they are, made by you. If you’re having a physical product review blog, then Amazon affiliate or ShareaSale physical product affiliate programs would be relevant to implement on your site. Or if your site is about SEO, then digital marketing tool or SEO related software/service affiliate programs would be considerable. If you write about personal coaches or professional guidance, integrating with digital course or online lesson affiliation would be wonderful.

      I need to know what your site is about, first of all..

      Thanks for your inquiry, I’d really like to be a piece of help for you!


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