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Captcha entry job - make money solving captcha - stay home mom jobs, student job
Get Paid Solving Captcha From Captcha Entry Sites

Let’s make money solving Captcha from the best 5 legit captcha entry sites that provide Captcha typing jobs for earners to make money online.

This time, while I was researching on Captcha entry sites to write this review, I felt it was quite tough to find real and genuine legitimate places in terms of Captcha Entry or Captcha Typing sites.

Having discovered that the majority that are called “Captcha Entry sites” are infamous and spoken badly by many users. It seems quite a big portion of them are sketchy and even scammy, not really certain about really paying their workers for what they’ve done.

Yet, I, who always try my best to only provide trustful sources of making money online, have successfully discovered just few of “Pearls” in the mud.

Yeah ONLY 4 out of a bunch. The 5 of true Captcha Entry sites for you to make money solving Captchas were really double checked and extra strictly picked out by its reputation, user reviews, payment proofs and legitimacy. You can give it more generous trust on them the top three than other junkie Captcha or data entries.

For the people who aren’t really familiar with the term, “Captcha Entry”, “Captcha Typing” or  “Captcha Work”, first of all, let’s start to learn what’s “Captcha Entry work” and how you can make money with it.

What is Captcha Entry Job?

Perhaps its term, “Captcha Entry” is already giving you a clue of what it’s about.

Yes, it’s quite a simple job; you’re just supposed to solve given Captchas by inputting the right letters, numbers or symbols from displayed images or text form into your answer form. And you get paid based on the rewarding rates that each particular captcha typing site offers, mostly from $0.50 to $1.50 per 1,000 simple captchas solved.

So that means if you are fast at typing, the higher earnings you can expect. Personally I’m the world fastest two-finger typer, I wasn’t having big trouble to get 15 captchas done per minute in my experiment.

Who are fit to this Captcha Entry jobs?

Ideal For:

  1. Stay-Home Moms
  2. Students/Teenagers
  3. Anybody Who Needs Pocket Money for beer

How Much Possibly Can You Earn?

It depends above all, on how fast of your typing. And additional attributions like site server speed/loading time/your internet connection etc.

But off of my personal experience, I usually worked in the rate of “$1 per 1,000 Captchas” and I was done with 15 entries per minute.

Do the math at this point, 1 minute with 15 entries * 60 minutes(1 hour) = 900 done per hour. And the reward for 900 is about $0.9 per single hour.

Then you can do your own math according to your personal rates with that application.

Reminder: Pay Per Captcha Rates vary depending on each site and the server time. (Night time as the server time usually has higher rate because of lessor Captcha solvers)

What Do You Prepare For Captcha Entry Job To Make Money?

Pretty not much as you might guess. It just needs your computer or mobile phone for some mobile compatible sites.

  1. Computer Or Tablet/Smart Phone with internet connection.
  2. Optional of using Captcha Entry Software or just your web browser without installing anything.
    (Usually some benefit using software which is downloadable from the site you are working in, like better cash rates or more offers given. But just your choice as your preference)
  3. An Account of E-Wallet such as Paypal or Payza etc to Receive Your Earnings. Some even send Checks though.
  4. Comfortable Chair for your back bone and posture if you’re working long hours.

Top 5 Best Captcha Entry Sites to Make Money Solving Captcha

Strictly eliminating scam/low cash rates/ bad reputed sites, here’s only the legit and nicely considered top Captcha Entry Sites which are only 4 left.


Captcha entry job - make money solving captcha - stay home mom jobs, student job - 2captcha best legit captcha entry site
                                                                                Undoubtedly No.1 Most Legit Captcha Entry Site.
  • Status: Legit & Paying (Most Recommendable)
  • Pay Per 1,000 Captcha: $0.50 to $1.50 depending on whether using entry software or web browse entry, and server time & each one’s entry score(User Reputation Score – Higher Score, Higher Cash Rates applied.).
  • Minimum Cash-Out: $0.5
  • Cash-Out Methods: Paypal, Payza, WebMoney, Perfect Money, AdvCash, Bitcoin
  • Remarks: Most reputed site among all Captcha Entry sites. User comments are also great in general. It has really easy interface and site navigation too in its decent site look and clear site structure.
    To make more money with 2 Captcha, you should consider building high score of your user reputation by solving many Captchas correctly.
    Most recommended for your Captcha Entry Job with the least stress about pay rates and captcha availability.
  • Visit The Site

Captcha entry job - make money solving captcha - stay home mom jobs, student job - CaptchaTypers

  • Status: Legit & Paying
  • Pay Per 1,000 Captcha: $0.8 – $1.0
  • Minimum Cash-Out: $2
  • Cash-Out Options: Payza, PerfectMoney, Webmoney, NetTeller
  • Remarks: Admin panel is for free here. But as how the nature of this industry is, you should ask for your account registration by emailing the site admin privately to the email address indicated on the homepage(Center area at the front page)
    (Note: Do not pay any money for admin panel from other sites. It’s possibly scam.)
    But downside of here is that they don’t support Paypal for payouts.
  • Visit The Site


Captcha entry job - make money solving captcha - stay home mom jobs, student job - MegaTypers

  • Status: Legit & Paying
  • Pay Per 1,000 Captcha: $0.40 to $1.00
  • Minimum Cash-Out: $3
  • Cash-Out Options: Paypal only
  • Remarks: Just personally, I don’t recommend this if you want to take your time productively. On my test of this site, well.. Valid Captchas just rarely appeared to type and the most of times I had to be just sitting blankly and waiting and waiting for nothing.
  • Visit The Site


Captcha Entry Jobs/language translation job/online freelance job/make money online from home

  • Status: Legit & Paying
  • Pay Rates: Dependent on what type of tasks you’re performing
  • Minimum Cash-Out: None. But Your first payment will come at least after 2 months of your registration.
  • Cash-Out Options: Bank Check
  • Remarks: This is not only offering Captcha Entry jobs, rather it’s a comprehensively freelance site that provides jobs on Data Entry, Data Research, Translation etc. You will have to pass the initial exam provided by the site, to activate your account to be on the go.
    This is a large corporation that’s basically engaged in Marketing Field.
  • Visit The Site
 * Newly Updated 10 Apr 2018 *

Captcha Entry Jobs, Business Card Captcha Entry, make money typing

  • Status: Legit & Paying
  • Pay Per 1,000 Captcha: $0.50
  • Minimum Cash-Out: $0.50
  • Cash-Out Options: Paypal, WebMoney, Amazon Gift Card, Bitcoin Cash and More
  • Remarks: This is basically a GPT site(Get Paid To) that offers more earning opportunities than just on Captcha entry. With the focus on Captcha Entry Job here, this site lets users earn money doing Captcha Entry Jobs on Business Cards making and the greatest thing in it compared to all other captcha entry sites is Get-Paid has numerous entry jobs to do even without delay or waiting time in between, and the reward rate is almost flat ($0.50 per 1,000 pieces) without change according to time
  • Visit The Site
  • Read Review and See Payment Proofs

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Have a wonderful day, all of you!!

Your friend, Hong (Geniusminds), Author of “Captcha Entry Jobs – Top 5 Legit Captcha Work Sites”.

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    • Thank you for your input!

      Yet, I’m afraid, I actually didn’t want to put them in this list since I found them quite skeptical that produce many user complaints about being scam. I just wanted to make sure all them I list here are safe enough to use and being scam-free.

      But I truly appreciate your effort for the suggestion and hope you enjoyed while you were here!

    1.30$ – 1.87$ per 1000 captcha. different payment option starting from .5$ to 300$ depends on payment partner. paypal withdrawal is 300$. I used yandex money just for checking as I reached 0.5$. kolotibablo immediately sent the amount to yandex. But I did now knew that yandex was only for russian citizens so while I tried to transfer the money from yandex to bank it asked for my russian passport. so do not transfer money to yandex. kolotibablo is 100% genuine and no referral program is here. do your own regisrtation.

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    • Hi Krishna

      IF you want to try captcha jobs, the best recommended captcha work site is called “2Captcha” like mentioned in the article. While captcha work is quite like either loved or hated depending on people, if I had to suggest to one who’s really into cpatcha jobs, no doubt, it’s “2captcha”.

      You can search on the net to find how-to guides and walk-through instructions on 2captcha, there’re a ton of articles talking in the subject anywhere on google. That would help you get an idea how to start it out.

      Hope my answer would be helpful. Thank you!

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