Paid To Click (PTC) – The Cruel Truth About PTC

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Many of you probably heard of “Paid To Click”, also known as “PTC” at least once.

It’s perceived as one of the well known way of earning money online and even at this moment, many internet surfers are putting the keyword “Paid To Click” or “PTC” on Google to search for info about it just with “their fantasy” like that would earn them a decent amount of part time income, or even full time income for some who are more enthusiastic with such Paid To Click schemes.

There’re still many people on the internet are longing for a good “Paid To Click” site, keeping their numerous effort in search of it. And that fact is to make me feel like digging into more about PTC today and share what I’ve known about it with you guys reading this right now.

Let’s begin from the scratch.


What’s Paid To Click (PTC)?

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Paid To Click is advertisement platform through which advertisers advertise their digital/physical products online to viewers the network has within the site.

Advertisers pay the network for the placement of their ads and this is the one of PTC’s main revenue sources.

PTC sites, in order to keep the network run, also compensate viewers for viewing ads by splitting some part of profit paid by advertisers.
“The ad viewing” is what viewers(earners) are supposed to perform in a PTC site to earn money from there.

So it’s mainly 3 parties in play to maintain the network to run: “Advertisers” , “Earners” and the “PTC site acting as a middle man”.

Here in this article, what we are going to focus on today is “the earner’s perspective” and be learning about how profitable it may be for conducting such “ad-viewing activities” as an earner at a Paid To Click Site.


How Does It Works?

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It’s way simple typically how earners earn money from Paid To Click Sites.

Register as an “earner” on a PTC site of what you like, then it promptly delivers ads to the earner to be seen.

The number of ads an earner can view a day is limited, generally around 10 to 30 a day. For an instance, if you complete to see the 30 pieces of daily ads, you’ll have to wait till the next day when all the ads are refreshed and return to being available to view again.

When an earner viewing an ad, it has to be staying on the ad displayed page for the certain required time (e.g. 10 sec to 60 sec) And upon the completion of each, the account is credited with a small amount of payment for the job.

The process is repeated over and over and that’s how to earn money from Paid To Click networks.


So How Much Can You Earn From a PTC Site?

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I’ve long been waiting to answer this question! And I’m getting ready to cruelly beat up ” the Fantasy” and “Myths” of what some people too positively think about Paid To Click schemes! Excited!

First off, we’d need to pay attention to the pay rates typical PTC sites offer.

As far as I’ve known and closely researched on that, most of PTCs pay $0.001 or slightly lower on its average rates for a 20 – 30 second ad view.

Considering that They offer 10 – 30 daily ads available, do a little math for what would be your daily earnings from it:

It’s like $0.01 – $0.03 as maximum, almost 5 mins – 15 mins taken for the daily ad viewing work.

So if we assume its hourly earnings, based on the rate,

then………… it’d be like $0.12 per hour! What a craze! (negatively!)

You just better go off for collecting empty bottles and cans! It’s a big waste of time staying on a PTC that kidnaps your precious time everyday.

I know some people, then, will be gonna oppose and say “Actually how to earn from a Paid To Click is about direct/rented referrals!

Yes I hear you, it’s so right of your opinion. But it’s getting a little more complicated to clarify and needs to break down some further on the below sections.


Anticipated Income With Direct Referrals

Well, it’s actually true that you can make money with your referrals on PTC sites.

They work for you, for their own earnings. Some part of their earnings every time they earn, will be credited to your account as the commission.
It’s actually a great idea that someone else just works for you even while you’re asleep, right?

BUT let’s get a little more realistic. Well,, what’s the commission rates of direct referral’s click then? How much would you earn from a click a referral of yours makes? How many referrals would you need for a decent degree of earnings on PTC?

As on the average commission rates per direct referral click, it pays $0.0005 to $0.001 in general. (Count how many ZERO figures between.)

That means, to earn $1 a day, it needs 1,000 – 2,000 referral clicks. For that much of clicks to earn a day, theoretically it needs at least 100 to 200 referrals under you. BUT considering the general fact on the low engagement of PTC referrals that only 10% – 20% referrals are active, (Even some PTC sites like Neobux has a limit on number of referral possession depending on the type of memberships) the actual number of referrals you need for reaching $1 a day, would be more than a thousand if the rate is applied.

That’s really a crazy number of referrals needed in order to only earn $1 a day. That truly doesn’t sound productive.

Of course, almost all Paid To Click sites offer premium membership service that helps accumulate referral click commission rates, it’s actually another bait for users to invest money and PTCs suck more money out of them.

All premium memberships Pay To Click networks offer are “paid”, ranging from $100 up to few thousands dollars for certain period of time (Mostly annual.)

Unfortunately, you couldn’t expect to meet the ROI (Return On Investment) for the most of cases unless you have at least thousands hardworking active referrals under you, it’d be just lucky to return on what you spent on it. But high chances are you would lose some money at last.


Rented Referrals

In short, this is a big bird poop scam.

Paid To Click sites, representatively Neobux, offer an unique model of referral type, called “Rented Referral”.

That simply means it’s referrals rented by a PTC site for its users to accumulate their earnings from more referrals. Of course, it needs to pay “rent” for borrowing a referral like how it goes in car rental.

Actually what they (PTC) claim on this, sounds so reasonable: They claim that they rent their members “rented referrals” who don’t have their referrers, just directly signed up on the site without being referred.

Yeah that sounds apparently so right and logical. I also believed that at my very beginning with a PTC (Neobux). I invested $90 for Neobux golden membership and extra $100 until I reached 500 rented referrals of mine. ($20 for 100 rented ones)

It seemed going well for the very first 2 weeks. I earned about $1 net profit each day with only 100 -200 rented referrals. I thought I would earn even more when I get to 2,000 rented referrals. (2,000 is the maximum number of rented referrals for golden membership in Neobux) I decided to put more investment on rented referrals every each week to increase them. And I kept going on till 500 rented referrals under me.

Curious about the result?

7 months passed at the time of writing after my registration on Neobux, I would see the result as failure. So far, loss of about $175 off my total investment of $223. ($90 spent for membership, $133.891 for renting/renewing referrals. )

paid to click sites, PTC, scam legit, PTC is worth your time, can make money with paid to click, how much money can you make with ptc, neobux earnings proof
                                                                 click to zoom in.


It’s an annual membership that lasts 12 months, it’s 5 months remaining from now. But I don’t see I could earn as much as to meet the break even point. (I even hugely decreased the number of my rented referrals as soon as I realized having rented referrals even costs a lot more than I earn. )

At this point, I know some people would think like “Isn’t it because of your poor management on rented referrals for your failure?

Hmm.. I wish it was only for that reason. But what made me more doubt about all Paid To Click rented referral programs including Neobux’s, is: There is a high chance that they use BOT on what they claim as “Rented Referrals”.

It’s not even only from my own personal opinion, it’s a generally perceived thought and belief many folks believe in.

Our doubt is growing more at the number of clicks made. You would also see that if any of you experienced rented referrals on any PTC site.

The number of clicks made by “the rented referrals”, (as PTC sites claim it is) you would find it a little smelly and skeptical because it just gives it all the equally same, flat number of clicks everyday systematically. Like the flat rate of 4 clicks per each referral one day. 3 clicks another day.

It’s hardly to see natural random number of clicks. It all goes just as if something controls it systematically and artificially and “balance their profit by the manipulation of clicks actually made by bots.


What PTC Sites Are Famous Out There Online?

paid to click sites, PTC, scam legit, PTC is worth your time, can make money with paid to click, how much money can you make with ptc, famous paid to click sites

First off, I’d have to clarify the sad fact about the entire Paid To Click industry – At least 80% of all them are obvious scams and the rest 20% are bird poop scams or ponzi schemes that apparently look good and legit. (Of course there might be exception of few though.)

Aside from the 80% of obvious scams, just focusing on the other 20%, they aren’t completely free from being called “scam” too, due to all the reasons presented above. They’re just like pretending to be right and good ones with a smiley face in the front but deceive people to suck money in some more subtle and secret way behind. It’s often, the type of people with the fantasy of making “easy money with no effort” are targeted and tempted into the deception that scam artists create.

Below is the most well known ones in the industry.

  • Neobux 
  • Scarlet-Clicks
  • FamilyClix
  • BUXP
  • Ojooo
  • Inbox Dollars
  • A Few More..

Well, all of them are at least paying in terms of withdrawal requests users make. They are thought as legit in many review sites too.

If all your interest is about earning little pennies like $0.01 a day without purchasing a costly paid membership and rented referrals (investment), then I’d say you will get paid all you earn from there for the 99.9% chance without trouble. They’re legit for that point obviously.

But why they are called “Bird Poop Scams” is somewhere around their mistrustful membership structure and shady rented referral system.

That’s it. And I would want to advise “Avoid To Make An Investment On Any Paid To Click Schemes For Whatever They Promise To You. You Will Anyhow Lose Your Money In The End, Not Even To The Break-Even.”


Parting Words – The Cruel Truth About Paid To Click

I don’t fully deny that all I say here in this article might be a little one sided or off of my personal bias in Paid To Click industry.

If any genuine PTC sites exist, that work just transparently and honestly, I would sincerely apologize for putting them down!
(Any feedback or your opinions based on your personal experience left on the comment will be so much appreciated too!)

But as far as I and the folk have seen, the majority of Pay To Click sites are proven being scam and we see a lot more people who say they lost money than those who claim they earned out of their investment in PTC.

It means a lot. It’s with the majority just unhappy. Then it might be a notable signal that the overall experience you would ever get on PTC will be highly bad or regretful. So I am right here now to be kind of a prevention for you, make you double think before diving into a Pay To Click program too fast.

I just hope I would be some help for you and your journey of making money online will be more smooth and happier by reminding you of my personal bad experience that took place just earlier. 🙂 Well that’s all!

Take a note: The best scam prevention is “double think” and “not to go into in a rush out of your clueless excitement”! And more importantly, “take as many reviews made by real users as you can check before you go off!

Have a wonderful day!


Thank you so much for your time on Paid To Click-The Cruel Truth About PTC! I hope the article was informative and fun enough to you!

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  1. I agree about the vast majority being scammy. One exception is – they pay immediately direct to faucethub. At the moment it’s only 3 to 5 ads per day, but it’s faster than faucets and about the same payouts.

    • Hi again Andy!! 🙂 🙂 !!

      Yes you’re totally right! is a legit PPC that pays in Bitcoin! I once used it some of times earlier!

      That’s also true that using PTC based earning sites (Cryptocurrency payable sites) reaches faster to payout than captcha faucets. AdBTC is one of good example for Bitcoin paying PTC sites! (Actually there’s one more good PTC that pays in BTC but slipped off my mind for now hmm..:( I would write a review of it sooner or later by the way! )

      Really appreciate you not minding to share your thoughts with me!! Thank you Andy!!


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