Pay Per Download – Make Money Uploading Files Top 8 Review

pay per download, make money uploading files, ppd network

Make Money Uploading Your Files to Pay Per Download Sites (PPD)


Pay Per Download Programs for you to make money with your computer and just from home.

Have you ever thought that you can make money online just by uploading files that you own?
Do you usually love sharing with people movies, songs, E-books, software, utilities, documents or any types of value in the form of files?
Or you have tons of tons of files on your computer or any other storing devices that some other people might also want to own?

If you do of any one, then I would say “You’ve got to the right place now!”. Because I am today going to talk about “Pay Per Download” sites where you can monetize your files just by uploading & sharing with people on the internet!

Are you ready? So let’s break down what’s “Pay Per Download” and how you can make money with it just from home!


pay per download, make money uploading files, ppd network

<What is Pay Per Download Marketing?>

Pay Per Download

It’s simply a way of making money online by uploading and sharing your files such as videos, software, computer utilities, game mods, photos, documents, manuals, education materials, E-books, Artworks, Scripts and pretty much of anything else that has value or demands.
And ultimately, your revenue(earnings) is made when people download your contents you uploaded.

Pay Per Download sites also called “PPD Network” are generally considered a great way to make money online from home and to form a passive income stream that brings residual income consistently.
(In addition to earning on downloads of people, there’re a couple more ways to make passive income stream with Pay Per Download Sites, such as earning on your referrals’ earnings or commission from premium account sale for visitors)


<Top 8 Most Legit & Highest Paying PPD Site List>

Pay Per Download 

  1. RapidGator
  2. ShareCash
  3. UploadOcean
  4. UsersCloud
  5. Up-4ever
  6. File-Upload
  7. OpenLoad
  8. FilesGURU

For Further Detailed Site Review of Each One, Please Scroll Down To Find Them! 🙂  


<How does it work and make money?>

Pay Per Download 

As the previous explanation, the brief entire process is:

  1. Sign up with a Pay Per Download network (PPD site) or multiple of it.
  2. Choose your subscription as the best option for your circumstance and condition. Normally there’re several kinds of plans including FREE and PAID ones, and paid subscriptions usually have few more advanced features like larger file storage and higher upload/download speeds. But most likely, free plan would be just enough and satisfying users in general including myself.
  3.  Start uploading then after your sign up process. Prepare files or digital contents to upload that you want or feel it’ll be popular to people and downloaders. And then find your file download link on your profile page or dashboard, which is importantly used for downloaders to be redirected to the download server that hosts your files when they click on the link that you distribute/promote on the internet.
  4. Time to promote your link now. Probability of success in your marketing would be somewhere many people are most interested in what you offer. Find your best places that you can make most exposures and attract interest of people in your contents.
    The point is that best offers are always to be delivered to somewhere with highest demands and needs by audiences.
    Whether it becomes a bloody spam or meaningfully thankful content is always determined by “small slight details and little of your wisdom.
  5.  When someone finds your contents and gets interested, it’ll be probable for him to try to download it by clicking a link of your contents.
    As mentioned earlier, the link will redirect him/her to the hosting server where your files are stored. And upon the completion of download, it’s counted and a commission credited into your account conditionally based usually on the location of the downloader.
    Your download links are usually attached with third party advertiser’s ads or some surveys/quizzes that downloaders have to solve to proceed the download. (All contents you offer are just free of charge for your downloaders,)
    That’s the main methods of profit making of PPD networks out of ads or surveys coupled with your contents, that’s also where your commission comes from.



<How much can you earn uploading files?>

Pay Per Download 

It totally depends on how strategically well you do. Some people earn over thousands dollars a month just passively, and other some only earn few pennies.

It’s up to you and your ability. But what’s the ultimate truth is the income out of this Pay Per Download business(Marketing) will be growing while you’re learning and getting seasoned more and more in how to promote and what contents work the best to you.
Finding your best working methods is all the things from the first to the last that you have to figure out to make good money uploading files and from PPD networks.



<Are there more ways other than earning from downloads in Pay Per Download programs?>

Pay Per Download 

My simple answer is “Yes”
There’re mainly 3 ways that you can make money from Pay Per Download sites as a file uploader. Have a careful look down here.

  1. Earning from downloads made by people whom you promote your download link to.
  2. Commission for premium account purchased by people that have come through your affiliate link.
  3. Earning from your referrals that you refer to a site, using your referral link provided.
    For most of cases, it’s some fraction of percentage on their lifetime earnings given to you as referral commission.

This PPD marketing can turn to being your decent passive income source if done correctly.



<What contents would work great for your Pay Per Download promotion?>

Pay Per Download

  1. Free E-books. e.g) “Best Way to Lose Weight Naturally”, “How To Get Six Pack in A Short Time”
  2. Game Guide, Mods
  3. Software, Utilities (Something necessarily useful)
  4. Viral Videos
  5. Controversial Videos of Celebrities (You can find on Google and Youtube)
  6. Some other Black-Hat methods that I don’t wish to specify right here.
  7. And more according to your creative mind.



<Where do you promote your Pay Per Download links?>

Pay Per Download


  1. Social Media:

    Social Media could be a good way of promoting your PPD links on. (If using effectively)
    Above all, it’s also an easy-to-approach beginner friendly method. All you need is just an account of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google Plus or any types of your social media channels with your social influence. Being engaged in as many social media sites as you can would be also recommended to maximize your traffic sources.

    But specially, the two places are popping out into my mind as great places to carry out your PPD link promotion: Facebook & Pinterest.
    In Facebook, there’re hundreds of Facebook niche groups where you can reach out with your contents to thousands and thousands of eyeballs that might be your potential downloaders.  As Pinterest, using their group boards on your exact niche, it will easily get lots of exposures and your contents would go viral if it’s something popular and catchy.

  2. Youtube:

    There would be no many that disagree Youtube is the one of the best promotional methods. Youtube as outstandingly the top video search engine can possibly drive tons and millions of traffic and exposures to your potential downloaders if correctly done with Youtube SEO and ranked high.

    There’re several different ways of how to do Youtube promotion for your Pay Per Download links, such as filming yourself to make promotional demonstrations or presentation videos about the contents & files you upload, and most importantly putting your file download link on to the video description page that people would click on.As some other ways, you can also use a Youtube content creation tool to produce a video without a camera and showing your face, or some videos, movies, tv shows can also be utilized as your Per Per Download links promotion materials on Youtube.

  3. Own Website or Blog

    If you have a website or blog with high traffic, then it’s no doubt using your site is the super most effective and promising way to succeed in this Pay Per Download PPD marketing.  (e.g: Some of successful “Free Download Sites” partnered with PPD networks)

    As proven, actually using a website no matter what kind of stuffs to sell or promote, is always to lead to the highest conversion rather than any other methods, not only for PPD marketing, but also for any whatsoever types of business.

    Logically descriptive and persuasive articles or contents on a website, people are likely to pay more attention to and be convinced with.
    In result, that leads to more productive and effective reaction of viewers’ in the end.

    But take a note: Growing a successful website or blog with high traffic and being well indexed on search engines is not an easy job.
    that requires loads of hard works and knowledge on SEO, the progress is fairly tedious.

  4. Forums:

    According to your own niche, find the closest niche forums or communities where you can promote your PPD contents.
    Forums are basically designed for like-mined people with similar interest, hobby or liking, thus you’d be able to approach people who possibly have higher interest in your contents relevant to the nature of forum.

    Creating a thread with your download link is as usual way of how to promote in forums and you would be able to expect some nice results in your forum marketing if your contents you are offering are valuable, worthy, catchy or informative to that “niche optimized people”.
    Putting your PPD download link on forum signature is quite additional help to obtain extra exposures.

  5. Others:

    A few of social sites other than Facebook or other major social networks.
    There’re actually a number of unique social networks that target specific audiences and cater to special interests. Myspace, Tagged, Meetup, StumbleUpon and so on… Never ever look down on them.

    Those places are actually very worth trying out. They might be unexpectedly stunning you one day with lots of traffic and downloads you get from!  They all have rapidly growing social power and are rising stars with each’s own distinct characteristics in social networking industry.

    Creating your own promotional articles on article publishing sites like “Suidoo” , “Ezine Articles” or “Go Articles” can also work out!
    The point of how to find a good site to publish your article is: sites that are well-indexed in search engines and high authority accredited by Google or Yahoo. Your articles published on good sites properly, then would get great amount of organic traffic and views from people worldwide . The ultimate truth: Traffic = More downloads = Your Income.



<List of Pay Per Download Sites Top 8 Review>

Make Money Uploading Files Just From Home! – Pay Per Download




pay per download, make money uploading files

Legitimacy: Legit
Pay Status: Paying
Pay Per Download Rates: Up to $40 per 1,000 Downloads
Minimum Cashout: $15 (USD)
Payment Methods: Paypal, Webmoney, Epayments, Paxum, Okpay, Bank Transfer

* Lucrative Commission for Uploaders,
* Popular High traffic Site with Alexa Ranking 714th
* FPT & Remote URL Upload offered.
* Bad User Reviews mostly from Downloaders.
* Quick Account Suspension upon Copyright Infringement.

Remarks: There’re some user complaints around, mostly for its download speeds and annoying pop-ups.
Visit RapidGator




pay per download, make money uploading files, ppd network

Legitimacy: Legit
Pay Status: Paying
Pay Per Download Rates: $1 up to $20 per every SINGLE download
Minimum Cashout: $20 (USD)
Payment Methods: Payza, Payoneer, Paxum, Bank Transfer, Checks

* Most Popular site in PPD Networks
* Highly Lucrative Commission and Payouts
* Potential for Great Passive Income Stream
* Good Support and Active Community Forum
* Various types of Menetization Tools (File Lockers, Link Lockers, Customizable Landing Page, Widgets)
* Survey Restriction regionally or conditionally
* Strict Upload Contents Standard & Requirement
* Paypal Not Supported

In downloader’s perspective, to download your content, they have to solve a survey attached with your content to unlock the download function.
And commission amount for uploaders  is measured by the number of survey completions done by downloaders.

Normally, this kind of survey-attached PPD downloads are to pay a lot higher than the ordinary.
For your reference in advance, from time to time, some surveys might NOT be available for downloaders residing in certain locations accordingly, meaning that isn’t counted for your commission.
Visit ShareCash




pay per download, make money uploading files

Legitimacy: Legit
Pay Status: Paying
Pay Per Download Rates: Up to $21 per 1,000 Downloads
Minimum Cashout: $10 (USD)
Payment Methods: Paypal, Payza, Neteller, Webmoney, Zebpay, Paytm Cash, Freecharge Money, TransferWise, Bitcoin and More.

* Decent Payout Rates
* Variety Payment Methods
* 4GB File Size Capacity Per File
* Unlimited File Bandwidth
* Relatively High conversion to Premium Account Purchase (And you earn all commissions generated by the sale)
* Download Speed Limit for Free Account (250KB/sec)
* Confusing Site Navigation

Able to earn from premium account sale, 50% profit share for premium account subscription & every monthly re-bill that recurs as well as earning on downloads.
Visit Here




pay per download, make money uploading files, ppd network

Legitimacy: Legit 
Pay Status: Paying
Pay Per Download Rates: Up to $15 per 1,000 Downloads
Minimum Cashout: $5
Payment Methods: Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money, Webmoney, Payoneer, Amazon Giftcard, Bank Transfer

* No Surveys Attached on Download Sites (Quick download process for users to download your files without being annoyed, meaning high conversion.) 
* Various Monetizing Tools: File Upload, Flash Upload, Remote URL Upload, FTP, Inter Transfer File Copy (Within your multiple accounts in it), Mobile Upload. etc)
* High Referral/Account Sale Commission Rates & Decent Pay-Per-Download Rates(Up to $15 per 1,000 downloads) 
* High Ratings and Positive Reviews From Users
* Low Download Commission Rates for Downloads from Low Tiers Countries. (You should mainly target at users from USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc)
* Site Navigation Not Distinct 
* Some User Complaints on ad pop-ups, annoying ads (Downloader’s perspective, not yours as an uploader) 

This business has been in market for over 5 years and seems to have been leading their business operation successfully so far.
Reviewing their business presence, and mostly importantly paying status of theirs, it was quite impressive that they have great user reviews and high ratings. This one seems reliable to work with.
Visit Here




pay per download, make money uploading files

Legitimacy: Legit
Pay Status: Paying
Pay Per Download Rates: Up to $7 per 1,000 Downloads
Minimum Cashout: $1 (USD)
Payment Methods: Paypal, Payza, Bitcoin, Skrill, Payoneer, Perfect Money, Neteller

* Lowest Minimum Cash-Out Threshold
* Good Support
* Trusted & Established Business in PPD Market
* Daily Payout
* Narrow Range of Tier 1 Countries

Up-4ever is deemed to be a well-known and trusted site in Pay Per Download industry. This site impressively ranked high on Alexa with a global ranking of 4,654th which means there’re tons of users including uploaders and downloaders, popularly using this site.
Visit Up-4ever

pay per download, make money uploading files

Legitimacy: Legit
Pay Status: Paying
Pay Per Download Rates: Up to $7 per 1,000 Downloads
Minimum Cashout: $1 (USD)
Payment Methods: Paypal, Perfect Money, Webmoney, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Neteller, Skrill, Payza, Payoneer and long list of more.

* Normally Fast Download Speeds
* No ads & Pop-Ups
* Lowest Minimum Cash-Out
* High Ratings from Users
* Reliable & Stable Business Operation Over Time (12 Years)
* Variety of Payment Options
* Download Speed Gaps (Depending on when to download in association with the server traffic and usability)
* No More Outstanding Downsides

This is quite beloved PPD Network by majority. Their long years of stable business operation gives it more reliability.
Visit Here





pay per download, make money uploading files

Legitimacy: Legit
Pay Status: Paying
Pay Per Download Rates: Up to $3 per 1,000 Downloads
Minimum Cashout: $20 (USD)
Payment Methods: Paypal, Payza, Paxum, Perfect Money, Payoneer, AdvCash, WMZ, Bitcoin, Ethereum

* Adblock Disability Function (Good for Uploaders, Bad for Downloaders)
* Still Paid for Certain Fraction in case of Ads Blocked
* No Speed Limit
* Multi Upload & Remote Upload Function
* Good User Ratings
* Low Rates for Commissions
* High Payout Threshold
* No Referral Program

This is also a video streaming site like Youtube or Dailymotion, you can watch pretty much of videos or movies on the site as well.
Visit The Site




pay per download, make money uploading files

Legitimacy: New, Not Firmly Proven
Pay Status: Paying According to the Recent Payment Proofs
Pay Per Download Rates: Up to $4 per 1,000 Downloads
Minimum Cashout: $5 (USD)
Payment Methods: Paypal, Perfect Money, Ethereum

* Broad Acceptance for Contents Uploading e.g) Adult contents also allowed
*  Great & Prompt Customer/Affiliate Support (Live Chat)
* High Commission on Premium Account Sale
* New Business (Less than 3 months of operation to the date, Feb 2018)
* Low Commission Rates

Adult contents allowed. Commission paid up to 75% for premium account sale.
This site seems quite unknown yet. But payment proofs have been checked constantly over the last few weeks of our observation.
The owner of the site looks enthusiastic to develop the site and his new business to settle in market promptly as far as I’ve personally experienced him.
Visit Over Here



<Things to Note>

  • Always read up carefully the terms of condition/service/regulation of the PPD site you are starting work with.
    Uploading inappropriate files or contents according to each site’s regulation may cause your content deletion or even a ban on your account in the worst case. (e.g: Copyright infringement)
    Some are strict and other some may not, but making sure to know and abide by their rule has no harm to you.
  • Check out commission rate table on the site you’re working in.
    In most of Pay Per Download sites, there’re different commission rates according to their tier levels of locations.
    In short, how much you earn per each download is to vary depending on the location of the downloader, and uploader’s location is of course not affecting commission rates.
  • Always make sure to test on downloading your uploaded files by yourself and see if it works good.
  • Try to make the most benefit of using File Sharing/Pay Per Download Forums to get social with other fellows and great exclusive info on how to better monetize your contents in file sharing networks:


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  1. hello one question on PPD

    Those websites claim to pay X Amount of money every 1000 download Right !

    my Question is they making Profit on those 1000 download

    example if they pay 25$/1000 they should at least make 26$ of it like this that makes sense even if its 1 dollar profit for them but do they really make profit ?

    hope it can be made clear thanks

    • Hi there 🙂

      good question and gonna answer in short, “Yes They do make profit of approximately 10% to 30% of what you get paid from them. (Possibly even more by some chance just as my guesswork.)

      For your better understanding on PPD, (since you seem interested 🙂 ) PPD is to act as a middle man that works between CPA(Cost Per Acquisition) Networks and end-users (who download uploaded files). You might know there’s some sign-up process(CPA offers) or e-mail submission required for users to download files on PPD network and all that required conditional process to access a download page is a way of earning CPA commissions, paid by a CPA network to a PPD site.

      Actually PPD networks, for sure, earn more than you are paid 🙂 and what you are paid is actually a split of the whole revenue made for the site 🙂

      Hope it makes it clear Thanks!

      Your Friend Hong (Geniusminds)

    • It would depend,, but I guess FileUpload is one popular for uploaders. Because it’s add-free and no pop-ups PPD site (also the least or no malware contained) so relatively it leads to kinda high conversion to downloads and uploaders make the best money if it has to compare with other PPDs.

      However, only in terms of paying rates, Rapidgator is the highest I’ve ever known. (Rapidgator has some “downsides” though like it’s a survey containing PPD that lowers conversions).


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