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The Widely Global Demand of Learning English – Teach English Online

Today, English is an universal language that even non-native English speakers must learn and know to live the world.

You may have realized already, how massively beneficial it means when you have fluency of the language while we’re living in the highly globalizing world – The world is becoming smaller and more connected and borderless. It’s becoming a one-world with lessor barriers with distance, borders, different cultures and languages than the past thousands years ever in the human being history.

Along with the boost of globalization since the past couple decades, we had to have got a primary global language for well communication throughout the whole world – Which’s English.

Having an ability in speaking and understanding in English became a whole lot more crucially important than the past, even if they were born and live in non English speaking environment.

While the world is rapidly more globalizing year by year, knowing English brings a great benefit to people in variety of different situations – when they travel to other countries, when they shop at E Bay/Amazon or any other international online malls, making friends abroad and socializing more globally, watching a movie without sub and probably hundreds more that benefit people in everyday life.

But above all, what actually and desperately makes non-English native speakers and English learners insanely stick to learning English is:

English is thought more than just a language, rather it’s a weapon, power and great qualification to get a better job, better life for people in many of non-English speaking countries, especially for the eastern Asia, including China, South Korea, Japan.

teach english online, English online tutoring, freelance teacher, teach English to Chinese kids. teach english without a degree, English tutor ESL
Chinese children in an English class. It’s the social trend of early education of English in Asian countries. 

It’s no longer a surprising news in South Korea that parents spend thousands and tens of thousands of dollars every year only on their kids English education. Parents send them to English institutes besides public school education, send them over to an English speaking country to learn English more hardcore during their school vacation. They spend tens of thousand dollars only for that 1 month kid English course in US, Canada, UK, Australia or any part of the world wheresoever English is spoken. Korean and Chinese moms are truly amazing they could even deal and shake hands with the creepiest stan and devil and troll if one speaks English and teaches their kids English. (I know well about it, because I’m a Korean 🙂 )

There’s truly a greatly insane fever on learning English out here in the said Asian countries and it’s a great opportunity for you to benefit from it if you’re a native English Speaker, teaching the world most enthusiastic English language lovers.

The internet and worldwide network connection in the cyber world is making it really easier these days to teach English online and just remotely. So I’m here today to share with you all about where/how to teach English online and how much you can earn.

I know what most of you guys then are going to ask in doubt:

“I have no degree or English teaching certificate (ESL), can I really teach people English?”  

teach english online, English online tutoring, freelance teacher, teach English to Chinese kids. teach english without a degree, Online English tutor work from home, ESL teaching jobs


My answer is, “Yes you can, I expected that question earlier, so I prepared the 2 different lists: Online English teaching jobs separately WITH or WITHOUT a degree, so this article can cover people more widely without putting down the ones who don’t have a degree!

What I mean more precisely is, it’s 2 different types of English institutes in each of the separated 2 lists down below, that hire freelance English tutors, either with a degree/certificate OR without a degree that anyone qualifies as long as you were born in one of native English countries and grew up there as an English speaker.”

In addition, some places in the list down there, even don’t require you being a native speaker of English if you have an excellent proficiency in it. So don’t give up too early as long as you’re a good English speaker 🙂

Alright! So hang tight! We’re now gonna see how/where to start to teach English online just from home! 

Ready? Take a cup of coffee with you and let’s move on then!! 


Basic Qualification to Teach English Online

  • To be a native speaker of English
  • Non-native speakers also allowed in few places as long as good English proficiency possessed
  • Bachelor’s degree/ESL certificate or language teaching license is a plus, BUT not necessary for the places under the “Without a Degree” section in the list.
  • To be a good conversationalist and to have a great presentation skill is always a plus
  • No need to speak other foreign language in classes that the Class language is only English you communicate in with your students
  • Generally 18 years old or higher. (Few requires to be above than the age of 16 only.)
  • Loving teaching children, young adults or even seniors at all age levels.
  • To have an ability to describe things clearly, using easy & plain English so your students can understand you.


Technical Requirements to Teach English Online

  • Desktop/Laptop/Smartphone accordingly.
  • Headset with microphone if needed.
  • Moderate to high internet speed according to each company with a different level of requirement.
    500kbps up to 10 MB/s (It’s really varied depending on each company)
  • Webcam or Smartphone with Camera function only when it’s for video chat classes.
  • Smartphone or landline for phone English courses.


General Types of Classes You Would Need To Serve as an Online English Tutor

  • Real Time Video Chat Classes Through Webcam. (1 on 1 or Group Teaching accordingly)
  • Telephone English Courses: Teaching English Over The Phone.
  • Text Chatting English Classes for some rare cases.
  • Other special courses, depending on the curriculum of each institute.


How You Get Paid for Online English Tutoring

  • You as an online English tutor would get paid normally around $10 to $20 per hour according to the industry average.
  • The most primary payment method for your teaching English online is “Paypal” you would have to create a Paypal account if none.
  • Several different payment policies depending on each company: Weekly, Biweekly or Monthly payout to teachers.


Best Places to Teach English Online WITHOUT a Degree

teach english online, English online tutoring, freelance teacher, teach English to Chinese kids. teach english without a degree, Online English tutor work from home, ESL teaching jobs



Cambly is a famous one and gaining lots of popularity with the point of easy approach for anybody to start to teach English online without a bachelor’s degree in English education or specific certificate and license in ESL teaching.

It’s just an app where anybody can teach English and get paid $10.20 per hour, regardless whether or not a native English speaker they are and it’s basically no matter where the tutor comes from just as long as one has good level of English proficiency and fluency.

You wouldn’t get so stressed or pressured while you’re teaching English in this app. Because the usual way of teaching here is more like informal, casual and fun way than other formally conventional or traditional type of English classes. Being able to set your own flexible work hours and workplaces anywhere is a plus that gives you a feel of freedom as an freelance online English tutor.

What’s the most interesting thing making this app stand out among all others is that it offers text chat English classes where all you need to perform is only text-chatting with students using your smartphone or computer. It gets you paid $0.17 per minute, $10.20 per hour just while you’re chatting with your student.

Cambly is also looking for Spanish online tutors able to teach Spanish in their community.

Apply Here & Teach English Online!



This is an app that makes teaching English really easy and flexible. You can work with this app anytime it may be, anywhere you’re, just with your smartphone. Setting your own teaching schedules and working at your most convenient time in Palfish would be the great benefits to you if you’re someone looking for an English teaching job online with more flexibility and without strict commitments/obligation.

The average hourly rate is $15 and it’s up to as much as $45 per hour which is really great. And the students you’d be teaching English to in Palfish will be most likely Chinese since Palfish is an English education company based in China.

One more thing to add, this might be a good news to some people with good English, YET non-native: Palfish is open for tutors from any part of the world as long as they are good in English. So try it out!

Apply Here & Teach English Online!



Italki is another China-based online language learning site. The specialty of this site is that Italki is a place more like a freelance marketplace with the focus on English or other language teaching specialists. Freelance English tutors set their own rate and sell their courses to students out there, which is more than 3 millions Chinese and other Asian students.

What’s good teaching English in Italki is that their hiring process is a real breeze and fast. Like you would see, Italki doesn’t require a degree or other certificates to be a freelance English teacher for them.

If you have your mother tongue of other language, you can teach any kind of language to students in Italki since it has quite a wide range of language variants to teach their students. Over 100 different languages are taught in this giant language learning community.

Set your own price for your courses in Italki and earn money while doing what you love! Seems pretty good!

Apply Here & Teach English Online!



To be a teacher of Tutlo, first off, it needs you being a native English speakers, Non-natives from the other world not accepted.

But if you were born in one of either, US, Canada, UK, Australia and have the language as your mother tongue, it would be quite worth trying out with many benefits provided for their English tutors: $11 hourly payment, flexible working schedule management, and all training is provided by Tutlo even if you have no certain prior teaching experience. They’re backing you for all you need in teaching English online!

It’s simple and easygoing in the application process. But note that you should prepare your short Youtube Video for introducing yourself as a part of the application procedure. Don’t bother with it. Just short 3-minute length should be fine!

Apply Here & Teach English Online!


<Verbal Planet>

This is a similar site to Itaki as a language learning/teaching online community. You’d get paid $10 to $20 as your own rate set by yourself for teaching one of languages you have as your mother tongue, including English, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian and most of all other languages in the world.

The best upside of using this site for your online language tutoring is it doesn’t require any work commitments, no contract but just pretty much like “go as you go” which is a really stress-free type of a freelance teaching job.

Like you see, this site also doesn’t require their tutors to have a degree or other qualification as long as they can teach casual conversational English to their learners online. Just laid back in class!

By the way, I’m so sorry to inform this, that just currently there’s no openings for tutors. If you want to grab a chance to be a teacher here, you’re encouraged to follow their Facebook/Twitter/Instagram page so you can keep updated with info on new openings just timely.

Apply Here & Teach English Online! (No Openings at the moment! I will update it as soon as I see the tutor registration re-opens!)


 <Same Speak>

Their requirement to be an online English tutor is just a breeze if you’re one of native speakers of English:

  1. Just to be a native English speaker born and living in US, Canada, UK, Australia.
  2. Above than 16 years old, no matter which gender you’re.
  3. No degree needed.

You can work as a freelancer, setting your own schedule on English tutoring, working anywhere you want.

This site is only dedicated to teaching English online with no other language courses. And you get paid $10 per a session which contains 30 minutes.

Taking the overall work condition into account, this is somewhere you’d best love to work with. Especially if you think you’re kinda too young, this site would get even better to you since they accept teenagers as a tutor unless you’re below than 16.

Apply Here & Teach English Online!


<Nice Talk>

It’s an another china-based site with easy application process for English tutors from native English speaking countries.

You would teach English online to Chinese people that are the world most enthusiastic in terms of learning English with the hourly pay $10 in USD.

A degree or certificate is not the basic requirement though, having one is always recognized better for their hiring consideration.
(Certificates such as TEFL/TESOL/CELTA/IELTS/TOEFL and so on)

Good news for tutors with bad internet condition: their requirement for minimum internet speed is only 300kbps for uploading, 500kbps for downloading which is relatively low.

Apply Here & Teach English Online!


Best Places to Teach English Online WITH a Degree

teach english online, English online tutoring, freelance teacher, teach English to Chinese kids. teach english without a degree, Online English tutor work from home, ESL teaching jobs



VipKid is a English education institution in China. They are looking to hire native English tutors who can teach English online in distance tutoring.

Your role if you’re accepted to be one of their English teachers will be teaching English to Chinese kids as their business name implies it slightly. You will earn $14 to $22 per hour depending on your qualification level.

Their primary consideration in hiring their teachers is:

  1. To have a bachelor’s degree in any field, but in English education is much more preferred.
  2. Only English native speakers from US, Canada.
  3. English teaching license, certificate is considered a plus.

This company is a more serious language institute and their hiring requirement sounds like they’re hiring more professional teachers with dedication to English education.

But once you get hired, you will all be supported for your English classes such as teaching materials/resources, course curriculum, and other tutor supports that are needed for their quality language tuition so you will get more professional work experience with them.

Apply Here & Teach English Online!


<Tutor ABC>

This one is a Taiwan based online English school. They mainly serve Taiwanese and possibly people from the surroundings in the focus of teaching spoken casual language rather than written boring English.

Classes are conducted through video chat and a tutor handles group classes with 6 people for a group as maximum.

To be an English teacher in Tutor ABC, you’re required to have 4-year bachelor’s degree as the qualification. And have to have a capability of handling at least 15 sessions per week which contains 45 minutes per class. ($13 paid per session) It’s as their work commitment you have to make sure to be remaining as a tutor in their site.

They support all you need to teach English online like designed course curriculum and teaching materials.

Apply Here & Teach English Online!



Berlitz offers more comprehensive language set for their language education services, operated from their physical brunches throughout the U.S and also from their online language center where every class is conducted in remote manner.

To qualify for working in Berlitz as either an online or offline language tutor, it requires “4 year college degree” or equivalent and being a native speaker of an either languageEnglish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese.

They pay an online tutor $13 per hour, and you can organize your own schedule according to your personal conditions and circumstances.

This company seems famous and well-reputed you would have a great work experience that enhances your Language education career into the higher level while you’re working with Berlitz.

Apply Here & Teach English Online!



This is another of tons where you can teach English to Chinese online. But it looks a little more outstanding than the other best, in terms of the hourly pay rates: $16 to $20/Hour. This seems a fairly lucrative way of earning money out of fun while you’re teaching loving kids.

Each class lasts for 30 minutes which is quite short but at least 6 hours of teaching time per week is what you’d have to make sure as a commitment which you can arrange them on your best time or freest time by designing your own work schedule.

All the text books and teaching materials supported, the curriculum designed by QKID, so you don’t have to be stressed organizing your own course since everything for your classes is backed by the management team.

Teaching at QKID would be some fun to you since you’ll teach kids at ages of 5 to 12 years old. If you like kids, this would be another upside to you.

While everything is awesome, sadly I’d have to inform you this for this job, you have to meet their qualification requirement:

  1. Education Level: At least 4-year college degree
  2. Language background: To be a native speaker of American/Canadian English

Apply Here & Teach English Online!


<English Hunt>

This South Korea based English institute provides a couple different types of English tutoring services mainly in South Korea and their neighborhood countries such as China and Japan as their global business expansion into the international education markets.

This company hires tutors both, with/without a degree, depending on which type of courses the tutor performs in.

What they offer in their English education courses are mainly 2 different types:

  1. Phone English course – which doesn’t require a degree to hold. It’s one of their course types in which a student is taught conversational English over the phone by communicating with an English tutor. So it doesn’t need you to sit in front of the camera. All is conducted only through the voice call.
  2. Video chat course – which you have to have a 4-year college degree to work in. As many do, it’s classes that’s done through video chat using a webcam or phone camera.

The hourly pay starts from $15 or slightly higher or lower, depending on your qualification. And the work commitment is to perform at least 8 to 12 hours a week.

This South Korean company has been in business for the past 18 years and they are one of the few with the biggest education market influence in South Korea. This company would be great for you to start with if you want to grow your teaching career more professionally.

Apply Here & Teach English Online!



This online language school offers various different kinds of language teaching:

English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian.

If you have one of the above languages as your mother tongue and have an language teaching certificate, you’re qualified to be an online tutor teaching English or any of your mother language online.

This UK based language institute offers several different types of online English teaching services, mainly including Skype video and Phone class.

By the way I’ve detected few people complains about the level of their pay rate, LearnLight claims they pay around $10 hourly wage which is 8 in GBP.  It might be kind of decent or low, depending on cost of living in your own country and your salary expectation. It’d be up to you whether you’d like it or not. 🙂

If you decide on working with this online language school, you would have to perform at least 10 hours of your service per week. And it technically requires outstandingly high internet speed: 10 Mbps or higher to teach English (or any other languages) in video classes.

Apply Here & Teach English Online!


Final Words – Teach English Online

No one could disagree that knowing English is one great ability for people in non-English speaking countries today.

Especially with the growing demand for English speakers at work and in business area, whether or not speaking English truly plays a crucial role for their career developing and even to determine the quality of their wealth. It’s truly a language of international commerce and corporation business that anyone who wants to expend their horizons beyond their local land, has to be able to speak.

The Korean, Chinese, Japanese and most of all other international English learners need your help of teaching them English. It’s a great market, massively giant market with the fast increasing demand and fever for the language.

I put a special care and focus in this article on classifying into the two different section: “Teach English Online Without a Degree” and “Teach English Online With a Degree“. So people who passionately love to teach English online, can go their job even if they have mediocre qualification. But just pure passion in English education and teaching kids! And the language background of having the language as their mother tongue!

Stay home moms, college students or anyone without a professional teaching certificate or experience can do this job great enough.

What truly matters to you is if you love sharing what you know with other people, communicating with people in the globe, and love kids who will love you too! They need you. They love talking with you!

Thank you!!


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