Top 5 Best Cloud Mining Sites That Are Super Legit

Top 5 most legit Bitcoin Cloud Mining Site: Invest Bitcoin Mining Review, legit cloud mining companies


Best Cloud Mining Sites For Crypto Mining That Are Widely Trusted.

Crypto Cloud Mining is recently a popular method of earning Bitcoin. But before starting off my review, first of all, I’d like to give you all a careful note!

NOTE: Vast majority of which they claim that they are cloud mining services are highly possibly scams and ponzi schemes.

Despite of their claim, in fact, they are HYIP ponzi rubbishes that actually do never have any mining equipment or machines at all in their places, but just acting like they are mining farms and cloud mining services in order to attract attentions and investments from people by deceiving them. It’s obviously fraud and scam and you would see most of them just go run off with your precious money at last. Double think before putting your fund on mining services in a rush.

Thus, today I’ve made this list of top 5 most legit and objectively trusted best cloud mining services where ACTUALLY mining production by proper mining equipment is conducted that you can fully trust. (Which are just VERY few..) The best 5 of them in the list here, are selected mostly by the 6 factors:

  1. Legitimacy, fully abiding with law and legality.

  2. Paying Status (Payment Proofs)

  3. AT LEAST longer than a year of smooth operation without outstanding user complaints.

  4. Profitability

  5. Actual user reviews

  6. Reference on accreditation of legit status assigned by certified bitcoin communities.


    best cloud mining, invest in bitcoin mining

Top 5 Best Cloud Mining Services Review


1. Genesis Mining

best cloud mining, invest in bitcoin mining   One of the most established and reputable company in terms of cryptocurrency cloud mining all over the globe. They are most well-known mining service that has their huge mining farm, located in Iceland, producing most of major Crypto coins including Bitcoin in their cutting-edge mining technology.

They are quite often cited by media, such as CNN, Bloomberg or CNBC as the industry leader and with growing interests for their somewhat unique and innovative business section along with the growing popularity for Cryptocurrency. Although they have a number of mining farms actively operated in order to keep up with increasing customer demands for their service, most of their cloud mining plans are usually kept sold out due to the current insane popularity. (There’re still few available)

So, to rent hashpower(cloud mining plan), pre-ordering(Reservation) is most required by signing up first and keeping in tough with their customer care team. This is proven as one of few super legit cloud mining services, operating their business based on legitimacy and honesty.


  • Legitimacy Status: Super Legit
  • Foundation Year: 2013
  • Handled Coins: Bitcoin/ Ethereum/ Dash/ Litecoin/ Monero/ Zcash
  • Offers: Cloud Mining (For most of plans needed to pre-order since fast sold-out)
  • Contract Term: Bitcoin for open-ended period(Till all hashrate remaining gone) / All other coins for 2 years
  • Others: Secure login with 2 factor authentication, Cryptocurrency News Page and Inside-Blog, Flexible Mining Allocation, Fast Daily Cash-Out (via Paypal etc), Lifetime Contract for Bitcoin Cloud Mining(Usually it may last several years in practice) 
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2. HashFlare

best cloud mining, invest in bitcoin mining This is one of the TWO top with Genesis Mining, that is legally and transparently operating their business. This highly reputed company in crypto cloud mining industry, is located in Estonia where their management office and mining farms are in place.

They’ve been around in market since 2014 and as a result of their 3 years successful operation, they have achieved great trust and credibility from its investors. Furthermore they’re continuously polishing their service and improving themselves.

Their offers are mainly 2 types of Bitcoin cloud mining plans, and each plan of Ethereum, Dash, Zcash each. What’s one great in their offers that you should consider is that they allow users “Pool Allocation” that users can decide which pool to mine in for the best profit, coupled with a mining profitability analysis tool. You can also change to other mining pools flexibly at any time for the best profit.

This is put on the second top in this review due to its nice reputation. happy customer reviews and the great degree of their legitimacy status.


  • Legitimacy: Legit
  • Foundation Year: 2014
  • Supported Coins: Bitcoin/Ethereum/Dash/Zcash
  • Offers: Cloud Mining
  • Contract Term: 1 year on each plan
  • Others: Secure Login with 2 factor authentication, Mining Pool Allocation, Daily Cash-Out
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3. EObot

best cloud mining, invest in bitcoin mining   Eobot made its presence back in 2013 in Los Angeles and has been in market for 4 years so far. This site serves various types of offers, such as “Cloud Mining” with 5-year rental contract term and “Mining Pools” where users can mine themselves with their own hardware. What’s more, “Crypto Exchange Market” and other minor features (even Bitcoin faucet there!)

Speaking of their 5 year Cloud Mining contract term, it truly sounds like no hurry and stresses to be waiting to reach ROI which makes them truly one of the best cloud mining in the market.

This company pays their users quite fairly and their payments have been proved constantly over the last 4 years of their business operation. And eventually this site became one of the most popular cloud mining site that users can trust. With this in mind(Great user reviews and satisfaction), Eobot is into this list of “Top 5 Best Cloud Mining Services “.


  • Legitimacy Status: Legit
  • Foundation Year: 2013
  • Handled Coins: Bitcoin / Ethereum / Dash / Litecoin / Monero / Zcash /and Almost all kinds of other crytocurrencies
  • Offers: Cloud Mining / Mining Pool / Cloud Folding / Crypto Exchange Market
  • Contract Term: 5 years for Cloud Mining.
  • Others: Secure Login with two step verification, Instant Payout via Paypal.
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4. Just-Mining

best cloud mining, invest in bitcoin mining It’s a French company that comprehensively handles some kinds of cryptocurrency-related services. Their business sections are mainly into 3 parts: “Cloud Mining” , “Crypto Mining Hardware (Mining Rig) Sale” , “Crypto Coin Accessories”.

This has been proven as a fair cloud mining site like their determination that the team says “Just-Mining was born from a statement: The chaotic of the cryptocurrency mining market and Just-Mining’s aim is to provide solutions for optimizing ROI and safe profit in legal frames of mining activities”. And it seems that they’ve been actualizing their promise of it as far as it’s been seen so far.

The types of crypto coins available in their mining plans, are only a couple – Ethereum , Zcash and also “Reversible” plan that enables you to change to the another different coin at any time.

For an interesting part in their service area, they also sell mining hardware(mining rigs), plus some types of accessories like Crypto hard wallets.

This best cloud mining site is really greatly praised by its users and majority of their reviews are positive. This is also accredited as “Promising Legit” status by trusted Bitcoin communities. the site has two different versions in language: French and English that visitors always can turn to what they use comfortably.


  • Legitimacy Status: Legit
  • Foundation Year: 2017 (308 days in operation to the date Feb 2018)
  • Handled Coins: Ethereum / Zcash
  • Offers: Cloud Mining / Hardware Sale(Mining Equipment)
  • Others: Secure Account Management(Two-Step Verification), Instant Pay-Out via Paypal
  • Note: If it’s displayed in French on browser, turn to English using translator.
    Visit the Site



5. MinerGate

best cloud mining, invest in bitcoin mining

If you’re mining or ever engaged yourself in Bitcoin mining (Mining pool), you would’ve heard of MinerGate at least more than once.
MinerGate which is very well-known as a a mining pool, extended their business area into Bitcoin & Monero cloud mining services too.
Their over than 3 years of business operation to the date, Miner Gate has been considered one of few legit cloud mining services that allows investors to rent hash power for their own profit. User payment proofs have been actively reported all over scam-check sites and crypto community forums.


  • Legitimacy: Legit
  • Foundation Year: 2015
  • Supported Coins:
    a. Cloud Mining – Bitcoin/ Monero
    b. Mining Pool: Bitcoin/ Bitcoin Gold/ Ethereum/ Ethereum Classic/ Dashcoin/  Zcash/ Monero/ MonetaVerde and few more.
  • Offers: Cloud Mining/ Mining Pool/ MinerGate Blog
  • Contract Term: 1 year
  • Others: Account Security(2FA), User Real Time Chat offered (With all users online on MinerGate)
  • Remarks:
    a. There’re substantial amount of user complaints on their mining pool that it’s hard to keep up with profit due to electricity consumption, (mining in their mining pool using own hardware(GPU)) although it’s a different sector from their Cloud Mining services.
    b. Praised for their low mining maintenance fees.
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<Parting Words – Best Cloud Mining Sites>


Speaking again, the most that they call themselves “Cloud Mining” are actually scams around on the internet. But in reality, they are no more than ponzi schemes that everyone must never ever look at! And the reason why I’ve made this list of “Top 5 Best Cloud Mining Services” is to give an alert to people looking to invest in bitcoin cloud mining NOT to dive in too fast without being pretty aware of what sites are safe or worth going for.

The top 5 considered most officially legit and transparent in their business status and operation, given for you as prior info before anybody gets into a big mistake and waste their precious money.

You can feel fairly safer with the top 5 in the list than the other most of junkies on the net and they are most recommended sites that most of Bitcoin folks fully admit without doubt.
So wise decision and wish your best luck dear friends!

Thank you so much for visiting and reading up the “Top 5 Best Cloud Mining Services” review! If any question, please comment below! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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  1. making ths kind of blog is really helpful specially to some users thats new to crypto and mining sites.. just like me.. been searching for some legit mining site where i can invest and reading some articles like ths make it more easier for me to choose. nice job!! keep it up and will also subscribe to your blog to get an update about how to make money online..

    • Thanks for your kind words and interest! That truly motivates me to work harder on this!! Yeah the mining sites in the list over here are the sites that are generally considered by majority of users as the top legit and legally proper operations! Have a good day over there 🙂

  2. Hi,

    TBH, I came to this page as part of a task to be carried out on BMF, but got interested because I do a bit of mining, so read till the end before sharing it on social media. Very impressive article and helpful too. Thanks. I am already a member on hashflare and working on eobot (only recently) but I really regret not knowing about all these sites since their inception was so long ago. Now with the sudden surge in bitcoin value and the current fluctuation in its value, we don’t know how beneficial these sites will be but I intent to continue using these sites for whatever they are worth. Thanks again for a wonderful post. Rema

    • Hi Rema! 🙂 Good to see you again here!
      Yeah I totally agree with you that Bitcoin price has been quite unstable recently and in some fluctuation. It seems like it’s mainly because of the on-going regulatory issues regarding its legality and restriction, mainly occurring in China and South Korea that have(or used to have) highest market caps of Bitcoin. That somewhat bad news might’ve affected the entire Bitcoin price over the last few weeks.

      But it currently seems that the price’s stabilizing at around $11,000 per coin this time, so I carefully assume that drop of Bitcoin price might’ve ended now and there might be some chances that the price gets recovered as much as when it was at the top or even more on rise over it in my humble prediction that might be wrong too.
      Bitcoin price gets on crazy increase usually when a favorable or good news for Bitcoin takes a place somewhere in the world. Let’s keep watching for it! 🙂

  3. This post is outdated but id like to give a little update. There are three legit cloud mining companies that i know at the moment. Genesis mining, gominer, hashflare, and hashing24.

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