Best 10 Work From Home Websites to Find Legit Remote Jobs

Are you hating working at the office 9 – 5 every working day? do you hate having to hear annoying as hell morning alarm every morning and drag out your sleepy head towards the office? Are you really tired of rushing through the hair pulling traffic jam in every rush hours?

There might be various reasons why you hate your in-office job or why you’re seeking for other types of jobs more flexible than your in-office job. You might be a working mom who has 3 kids at home you have to take care of, or a freelancer that more values your work & life balance and being able to self manage your own time! Or you might be one who has the another day job, but still seeking to earn some side hustle using your spare time at home!

For those, today I brought a list of the Best 10 Work From Home Websites where you can search legitimate remote jobs or freelance jobs that you can do from home!

The job sites in the list were carefully selected by its popularity among users, traffic rankings, legitimacy, and overall reputation. So those sites are what you can count on for your safe job seeking and more easily land on a reliable and solid work from home opportunity than the skeptical work from home schemes from other scammy websites!

So let’s dive into the list of Best 10 Work From Home Websites down here!

Top 10 Work From Home Websites


best 10 work from home websites to find legit remote jobs, telecommuting jobs, international remote jobs, smart workers home

This is relatively a new site though, I put it on the first spot for some outstanding upsides of what SmartWorkersHome has!

This remote job site was launched in 2018 and has been rapidly growing its online presence globally at the moment. This site is comprehensively covering lots of remote job industries such as IT jobs, Writing jobs, Customer Service sector, Sales, Marketing, Legal services, HR, Design, VA, Finance, Education, Healthcare and more. And all the jobs from this site allow workers to work from home or anywhere they’d like to with the freedom of their own job locations.

What’s good using this site for your remote job seeking is, personally I think SmartWorkersHome is extra actively hard working on updating new remote job offers on a daily basis and job seekers can feel pretty fresh every single day with a number of new jobs daily posted while many other remote job sites are a bit too idle for their job posting and the old contents are sitting there all the time!

Another big perk about SmartWorkersHome I personally found is it’s one of the few remote job sites that mostly offer non geography restricted, international location-free remote opportunities that are available to candidates from all over the world while the other majority remote job boards mainly offer US jobs only for US residents or citizens.

They also offer “Job Alert” service for the members who want to be notified via e-mail for newly posted remote job offers within their job criteria which is a convenient function and not to miss out any good opportunities.

It’s not done yet! The biggest perk is still left about using SmartWorkersHome! So what I’m going to say is… it’s all free to use for job seekers (as well as for employers who want to post their job offers) and any single penny isn’t charged to seek for quality remote jobs and successfully land on your dream job that lets you just work from home.

Visit SmartWorkersHome for Work From Home Jobs


flexjobs, best 10 work from home websites to find legit remote jobs, telecommuting jobs, international remote jobs

FlexJobs is the pioneer of the industry that had been founded back in 2007 as a remote/flexible job search board.

As its long term business operation to the date, they’ve gone through more than a decade honing the quality of their services in order to lead the business to the top notch level in the industry. In fact, they’ve been successfully securing their business on the top spot at the moment.

Along with that, FlexJobs has been featured on a variety of news media and on TV, such as Forbes, USA Today, NBC etc, it seems it’s the most reputed website of remote job portals so far.

What I love the most about FlexJobs is definitely their quality services they provide. FlexJobs has been offering lots of professional services in terms of remote job searching and employment related services – They provide expert tips in job searching, interview preparation and resume writing and awesomely, 1 on 1 expert career coaching as well just besides the function of searching work from home jobs on their platform.

Well, it might sound like it’s all good and excellent to all who’re reading this blog right now, just until you’ve found this fact: FlexJobs is “not free”, it’s a paid service for which job seekers have to sign up on their paid membership in order to get access to their job information and the contents. They’ve got 3 types of membership pricing:
$14.95/month , $29.95/quarter , $49.95/year

Perhaps, there’s nothing perfect in the world and every excellent thing might have few downsides as well as their upsides. I guess that’s one of FlexJobs’s few disadvantages that job seekers have to pay to use the service of FlexJobs. Personally I don’t much fancy about this like “spending MONEY to earn MONEY” (and to get a job).

Well, think about it carefully and see if it’s worth it for you to pay just before you know if your job is secured for the money you spend. You’d need your own research about this just beforehand.

P.S: You’re a non-US citizen? Think twice to use this site then. A few complaints from FlexJobs users who paid have been detected that FlexJobs’s job offers are mostly US residents friendly, not for job candidates from the global regions.

Visit FlexJobs for Work From Home Jobs

We Work Remotely

we work remotely, best 10 work from home websites to find legit remote jobs, telecommuting jobs, international remote jobs

I like it! It’s one of the decent work from home websites that offers a curation service on remote, location free, flexible home based jobs.

What’s the most impressive point of this website is that the site design and structure is really super simple and straightforward!

It simply curates remote job offers openly on the homepage, categorized in each different industry. It’s even no need to sign up/in, no need going through any further process than just landing on the homepage and click through each job post you like to view. And most importantly, it’s free of charge for job seekers!

The quantity of their daily updates(new job postings) might be a little unsatisfying to some people who want/need a larger range of recruiting information, however for sure, “We Work Remotely” (WWR) is one of the most loved work from home websites by job seekers on the internet.

Visit WWR for Work From Home Jobs best 10 work from home websites to find legit remote jobs, telecommuting jobs, international remote jobs

You wouldn’t forget the URL once you have a look! Simply “”. As it suggests by its domain name, this site has been serving a telecommuting and work from home job curation service for professionals based in the globe since 2015.

This is actually one of work from home websites I frequently use for personal job seeking – It’s free, easy & simple user friendly interface that ensures users can easily navigate in their website.

One interesting fact is is actually a sister site of and seemingly run by the same management team. And considering the reputation of, the sister site “” seems a remote job website that users can count on as well.

It has nearly 20 different job categories offered for remote workers in a variety of different job fields, which is good. But if I had to pick up the biggest downside of using this site, it lacks in quantity of job offers although their daily update is consistent.

Visit Remote.Co for Work From Home Jobs

remoteOK, best 10 work from home websites to find legit remote jobs, telecommuting jobs, international remote jobs is a remote job board that mainly covers IT related or developer jobs.

Although they have the other few more job industries covered (Customer Service, Design, Marketing etc), I found that they are seldom updated like a single post a week.

If you’re a web/software developer or engaged in other IT related fields, it would worth it, but if not, It seems better to use other remote job sites with job opportunities more widely filled in a variety industries.

Visit RemoteOK for Work From Home Jobs


Jobspresso, best 10 work from home websites to find legit remote jobs, telecommuting jobs, international remote jobs

This is a well designed work from home website that offers remote opportunities over 10s of popular remote job categories such as Developing, Customer Service, DevOps, Design, Sales, Marketing, English Teaching and a few more.

The site theme is well chosen to express the freedom and flexibility of the vibe of remote work. The cafe background images on the homepage where remote workers work at the coffee table describes well about how fun, comfortable, and also lively the remote working environment can be.

Job postings look well organized and neatly curated in the beautiful site theme. It’s definitely an easy-to-use remote job site which even doesn’t require a sign-up to view the job descriptions for applying.

While everything about JobsPresso seems quite decent, one downside has been found: the site seems a little lacking of international remote opportunities. On the other hand, the majority is only for US citizens which might not be a pleasant news for remote workers from the global regions.

Visit Jobspresso for Work From Home Jobs

Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations. remote, work from home job search board

Are you looking for a US based remote job and want to find what companies are offering work from home positions?

If you’re a US citizen looking for a domestic job that you can do from home and want to find US located companies that offer remote work opportunities, Virtual Vocations could be a good option for you to go ahead with.

They have many useful resources to offer from their website like the remote company directory service, downloadable telecommuter e-courses, job tracking tools and a few other helpful resources.

Especially they have an impressively large database in their company directory of 17,000 remote companies that include business profiles, the URLs of each company’s website and office location maps. This seems a useful resource for those who want to make their job seeking easier or more data driven by grabbing a large list of remote companies situated in the US.

The services Virtual Vocations offers are based in freemium pricing model. Although they’re offering various helpful services, users with the free membership would be quite limited in using the full range of their services.

Visit Virtual Vocations for Work From Home Jobs

Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent. global freelance gig marketplace

Hubstaff Talent is a freelance marketplace platform, a little bit similar to or

They have a talent pool of global freelance professionals in different industries and employer members who are in need of the freelance workforce.

This is a large freelancing platform famous to freelancers/employers based in the world for selling/buying gigs. What’s the most impressive point that Hubstaff Talent has is they offer their service free of charge. It’s no commissions, no service fees, no matching fees. All are just for free.

If you’re a freelancer looking to sell your gigs, registering as a freelancer on this site could give it some help to widen your chances to expose and reach out to somebody out there who needs your talent just in addition to your favorite freelance platforms like fiverr or

Visit HubStaff for Work From Home Jobs


remotive, remote job search board

Lovingly web designed work from home website called “Remotive”.

This job board with the beauty of minimalism mainly covers 5 types of remote job categories, such as “Software Developing”, “Customer Support”, “Design”, “Marketing/Sales” and “Product Management” jobs.

They features in the minimal service areas however, devotedly focused on what they are supposed to be as a remote job board.

I couldn’t say Remotive is the king of work from home websites though, this is surely one decent website where you can check on remote opportunities in a regular manner.

Visit Remotive for Work From Home Jobs


problogger, best 10 work from home websites to find legit remote jobs, work from home writing/blogging jobs

This is primarily a blogger community that has been around since 2004. (If you’re a blogger, you must’ve heard about this at least once. Yes, this is actually a super famous blogging community platform!)

Through more than a decade of their service, they’ve been constantly improving themselves: Starting from a small blogging coaching site, to now, it’s upgraded its service area into the more comprehensive level. It’s now becoming a must-visit site for bloggers and writers who are looking to make money writing.

As their service extension, they’re also very famous for offering remote writing job opportunities through their job board. They offer legitimate full-time/part-time/freelance/contract writing positions from their writing position-focused job posting page.

If you’re planning to be, or already a professional writer, this site would wide open your opportunities to develop your career as a writer/blogger and let you earn money for writing from home.

Visit ProBlogger for Work From Home Jobs

List of Best 10 Work From Home Websites

  • FlexJobs
  • We Work Remotely
  • JobsPresso
  • Virtual Vocations
  • Hubstaff Talent
  • Remotive
  • Problogger

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