2Captcha Review Scam or Legit? – Is it really worth your time?

Hi all! I’m back right here today with the Scam-Or-Legit review of a money-making site!

Today, what we’re going to look into is a captcha entry site, called “2Captcha.com” which claims to pay users who’re typing and solving captcha images or texts.

It’s a well known site and you might’ve heard of it more than once if you ever looked for a captcha site to earn money by solving captcha.

Some people claim that from 2Captcha, they can make money like $2 to $5. Well, is it really true and will you just trust them?

Since nothing you can trust when it comes to “the online world” potentially with lots of scams laid around, shouldn’t it worth checking over at least once before you start something out?

So here we go! Let’s see if 2Captcha is a bloody scam or a wonderful legit! Or if it can really be worth your time and effort, working on 2Captcha.

We’re going to take away “2Captcha Review Scam or Legit – Is it Really Worth Your Time?”!

What Is 2Captcha Again?

2Captcha Review – Scam Or Legit?

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Speaking again, 2Captcha.com is an “Automated Captcha Recognition Service” as what they claim on their website.

That’s simply, they, 2Captcha provide Auto Captcha Typing Services to their customers who might need it and that’s the main stream of their revenue.
(Doesn’t it sound a little fishy? Like it might be used for auto bot log-ins or kinda hacking or so… although it’s nothing with you as earners.)

For that reason, the company needs workers who can constantly solve millions of different captchas newly added, which are supposed to provide for their customers. And that’s the reason why they pay people solving captcha in their site, and that makes it possible to earn money doing captcha entry jobs.

Do They Really Pay Then? Is It Legitimate?

2Captcha Review – Scam Or Legit?

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It’s been around since 2014, approximately for 4 years operation. There’s no many user complaints made so far at least in terms of payouts.

Withdrawal process on 2Captcha.com is usually done within 3 days upon a cash-out request, paid via one of chosen payment method among:
Webmoney / Perfect Money / Bitcoin / AdvCash / uphold.com / Payeer / Coinbase.com 

$0.50 is the minimal payout threshold that an user makes sure to hold in the account for receiving earnings.


How Much Can You Earn? Is It Worth It In Practice?

2Captcha Review – Scam Or Legit?

They have 2 different types of captchas to provide their users to solve and get paid for.

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  1. Recaptcha – Text Based Captcha, Paid $1 Per 1,000 Captchas
  2. Image Captcha – Image Based Captcha, Paid $0.2 – $0.5 Per 1,000 Captchas

Off of my personal experiment on Recaptcha solving, it generally takes up 15 seconds for a single captcha done including loading times in between.

Doing a little math, then 4 captchas done per minute. 240 done per hour. 4 hours approximately taken to make it 1,000 done and earn $1.

Of course, it can depend on each person and how fast they can get past. 2Captcha also claims that installing their captcha solving software can reduce the time of solving captchas and increase the rates of earnings according to their homepage notice board.

But above all, as the first impression of the site to me, it’s not very lucrative, even just get out and collecting empty bottles or cans might earn you better to be honest.

Speaking again, 4 hours painful boring work to earn a single dollar($1)? I guess most of you who are reading this post now would think that’s far from being worthy although the decision is still up to you.


Any Other Ways To Earn Money From 2Captcha?

2Captcha Review – Scam Or Legit?

Yeah, there’s one more way you can earn cash from the captcha entry site – Referral Program.

10% on what your referrals earn is supposed to come as commissions to you if any under your down line.

But not expect it too much, because most likely, it’s gonna be still a penny game. You couldn’t expect to make big bugs unless you have thousands or more as your referrals in my honest view.


2Captcha Review – Scam Or Legit?

2captcha review scam or legit, captcha entry work is worth your time, make money doing captcha entry jobs, captcha entry site

If you detect anybody else trying so hard to convince you into 2Captcha perhaps with their sweet words like “hey dude, you gonna make big fat dough!!“. I bet it sure is a big fat lie.

You could see people from time to time that phrase so hard on Captcha entry jobs, but the truth is that they’re probably just working so hard on getting referrals and want to suck money out of your hard work with referral commission. (Commission isn’t a cut from you though.)

Just generally speaking, captcha entry jobs including 2Captcha.com don’t make you swim in money like the old school Disney series, Scrooge McDuck.

Rather, it’s just a bloody hell endless boredom, fighting for glorious $1 in 4 hours.

I don’t blame you if you’d still like to work on it because that’s better than nothing to do. Yes it’s true. Better than nothing. But not better than collecting empty bottles near home.

2Captcha.com – Visit The Site


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