AdBTC.Top Review – Scam Or Legit? review scam or legit - earn free bitcoin viewing ads. PPC free bitcoin.

AdBTC.Top is bloody scam or thankful legit?

We’re today, looking into a free Bitcoin faucet called “AdBTC.Top”.

What’s AdBTC.Top? – AdBTC.Top Review review, earn free bitcoin from viewing ads. PPC based bitcoin faucet
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This is a kind of free Bitcoin faucet that offers free Bitcoin for users. However it has a little difference in it that makes it distinguished from other normal captcha solving or shortening link based Bitcoin faucets. It’s a Pay-Per-Click, also known as PPC based free Bitcoin faucet that gives away free Bitcoin for users that view ads displayed within the site.

PPC is a kind of Advertisement network platform where advertisers promote their website or digital/physical products to viewers within the platform and the viewers who have ever seen their ads are to get paid for it by the PPC network site. It’s every user who sees ads from there earning compensation as a viewer. And AdBTC.Top pays their earners(viewers) in Bitcoin every time they see an ad.

So simply speaking, you can earn free Bitcoin by viewing ads provided from AdBTC.Top and this is about how it basically works in PTC network in earner’s perspective.

Your earnings is to depend on how often you visit there and how many ads per day you see from there. Right after you compete viewing an ad provided from each separated section, it credits certain amount of Bitcoin into your account and you can see your balance is increased.


So Is AdBTC.Top Bloody Scam or Blessing Legit? – AdBTC.Top Review review scam or legit - earn free bitcoin viewing ads from review scam or legit - earn free bitcoin viewing ads. PPC free bitcoin.

AdBTC.Top is a legit and a popular site observed over the last 2 years. It’s one of few free Bitcoin sites that has almost no user complaints and kept in really good standing by far. What makes it so praised may be that its high rates of payout and relatively easy-to-earn system. Less annoying than captcha solving or shortening link free Bitcoin site that brings lots of pop-ups and other unpleasant stuffs in process of earning free Bitcoin.


How Do You Earn Free Bitcoin From There? – AdBTC.Top Review review - scam or legit. earn free bitcoin, ppc that pays bitcoin

There’re mainly 3 sections seen on the left side bar, that you can earn free Bitcoin from.

* Surf Ads where you manually see each unit of ads.
* Surfing in active window where ads are displayed in another window tap.
Auto surfing where ads automatically proceed to be displayed.


It has different rates for earnings per ad depending on each section and duration of an ad as well.

In average, it usually pays 25 Satoshi for a 45-second ad and the ratio of the rate is parallel. Approximately 1 Satoshi paid for 2 seconds of time in ads. e.g: Viewing a 20 second ad pays you about 10 Satoshi at a time.


Tips Of How To Earn Easily Non Stressful Way – AdBTC.Top Review

Even though PPC’s(Pay Per Click) basic principle is “paying people when they are viewing”, you don’t actually have to view every ad that appears to earn Bitcoin from the site. What I mean by that is, more precisely, you don’t need to stay on each ad page looking there just blankly like zombie eyes.

Rather, you can simply just minimize the window tap and move on other window or wherever you want to enjoy on, like browsing on the internet or watching a Youtube video or reading your new articles on the other browser just while ads on AdBTC.Top is being run there. It anyways works and you will get credited with Bitcoin properly whether you stay on the site or else while ads. So multitasking is easy with AdBTC.Top.


Quick Overview – AdBTC.Top Review

  • Type of Site: PPC Network Based Free Bitcoin Faucet
  • Payout Currency: Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Payout Methods: FaucetHub Micro Wallet or Any Other of Your Choice 
  • Minimum Payout: 5,000 Satoshi to Faucethub Wallet, 20,000 Satoshi to All Types of Other Crypto Wallets.
  • Payout Frequency: Daily Payout
  • Number of Ads: Approximately 30s available to view per day review scam or legit - earn free bitcoin viewing ads. PPC free bitcoin.


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