Altcoin Faucets Most Legit and Reliable- Top 10 Review

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Best Altcoin Faucets That Are 100% Legit and Most Reliable .

Live Money Online Top 10 Review Series: Best Altcoin Faucets

  • Best altcoin faucets right here, filtered extra carefully and strictly by 4 factors:

    1. Legitimacy
    2. Paying Status(Payment Proofs)
    3. Site Reputation

    4. Popularity

  • Best of  best altcoin faucets offering free altcoin respectively, categorized by 4 different types of cryptocurrencies:

    1. Ethererum 2. Dashcoin 3. Litecoin 4. Dogecoin


Preparation to Earn from Free Altcoin Faucets:

a. A few seconds of your time.
b. Computer/Tablet/Smart Phone or any type of devices able to access internet.
c. Faucethub micro wallet: This is where all your earned cryptocurrencies will be transfered to and stored(deposited) just like your bank account needed to deposit traditional currencies.(physical money)
Make a Faucet Hub micro crypto wallet account here!
Make a Coin-Pot micro crypto wallet account here!

Are you ready to move on?! Then let’s start off Top 10 Best Altcoin Faucets Review! 🙂


Why You Have to Pay Attention to Altcoins

First of all, let me recall some once upon a time. 🙂 It was maybe 2 years ago around 2015, there was a time that tons of bitcoin faucets offering 400 to 2,000 satoshis even for a single claim. It was because the price of Bitcoin at that time was far lower than now, which was around $400 only per coin. Bitcoin faucets with the bitcoin price relatively low, offered really generous huge amount of Bitcoins for free, compared to how small it gives away nowadays.

You’ve already got my point. Why I am posting this article this time is to encourage people to pay more attention to altcoins that have low prices at the moment, however, with great vision and potential for the future! History is repeat. Another Junior Bitcoin would be possibly to come again.

And collecting as much altcoins as possible when it’s still staying low in price, could turn out as your greatest choice ever in life when it comes true in the near future. There are great expectations and predictions of another new future crytocurrency stars coming along the way, equipped with more advanced technologies and features to challenging the current king, Bitcoin and taking over the throne.


Altcoin Faucets Most trusted and reliable. Earn free altcoin (Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin)


– Best Altcoin Faucets Top 10 Review –


I assume that most of people would know of this, or ever heard of at least once in the recent few years even if they are not into altcoins.

This is one of the 4 big brothers(Bitcoin, Dashcoin, Litecoin) I carefully consider it as the second top cryptocurrency after Bitcoin with respect to overall popularity and volume of transactions carried out in cryptocurrency market places.

It seems to have become stabilized now, staying at around $300 per coin, after the crazy 10 times jump-up in June 2017. However according to many cryptocurrency forecasters and experts’ opinions, it’s expected to go more up to by $1,000 by the beginning of 2018 as earliest as possible, or at least by 2020, which would be 3 times higher than now in its currency value.

It’s a technically well made and safe digital currency that helps itself positioned as the biggest alternative to Bitcoin in Cryptocurrency world.


MultiCoin Faucet
Best Altcoin Faucets. Earn free altcoin (Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin)

One of the biggest altcoin faucets around on the internet, that has 109,600 members worldwide. This offers free ethereum faucet(Bitcoin too), games with Dice, Hi-Lo, Coin Toss, 8 Ball Pool, Browser mining service(Monero Coin) which are all the methods you can earn crypto coins from.

It’s legit and properly operating their business and paying capability has been great without complaints from users about its pay-out status, according to my personal experiences and certified crypto forum members. It pays 63 satoshis(ETH) every 30 minutes and the Dice pays 63 to 64,512 satoshis every 60 minutes.

You can enjoy multiplying your earnings by Hi-Lo game, Coin Toss too. It also offers Monero mining service where you can share the power of your computer to mine and earn Monero coins (Web browser based mining).

With this, you can keep mining Monero coins with your browser just in the background when you are doing other tasks or while you are away . Just a reminder that it’s just optional up to your preference whether or not using the mining. It, as well, has 35% referral commission  you can earn more Ethereums by inviting your friends.

Legitimacy Status: Super Legit
Pay per Claim: a. Faucet: 63 Satoshi(ETH) / b. Dice: 63 up to 64512 Satoshi(ETH)
Timer(Cooling Time): a. Faucet: Per 30 minutes / b. Dice: Per 60 minutes
Referral Commission: 35%
Features: Regular Faucet, Dice, Hi-Lo, Coin Toss, 8 Ball Pool, Browser Mining(Monero Coin)
Pay Out Via: Faucet Hub micro wallet
Visit The Site

Best Altcoin Faucets. Earn free ethereum

This site is the most famous one as a Ethereum faucet in FaucetHub.

If you’ve been around long enough as a faucet user, you would probably know what’s FaucetHub and how safe you can deal in it in terms of getting paid surely and safely.

This faucet being connected with pays out members just instantly to their FaucetHub wallets as soon as one makes a free ETH claim from the site and that’s the best part using this best Ethereum faucet.  Along the way, there’s no minimum threshold and no waits, and just instantly able to see your earned coins credited in to your wallet balance, all done just a matter of seconds.

Legitimacy Status: Legit
Pay per Claim: 93 Satoshi(ETH) 
Timer(Cooling Time):  60 minutes
Referral Commission: 15%
Features:  Free Ethereum Faucet
Pay Out Via: Faucet Hub micro wallet (Instant Payment)
Visit The Site



<Bitcoin Cash(BCH)>

I often see that many are confused between the two different currencies, Bitcoin Classic(BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

First of all, Bitcoin Cash is to differ from the currency “Bitcoin Classic(BTC)” that most possibly everyone in the world already knows about. Bitcoin Cash is a type of Cryptocurrency forked from Bitcoin(BTC), created in Aug 2017.

In order to refine the problematic issue/weakness of Bitcoin(BTC) with block size limit that causes slowing down transaction processes in Bitcoin Network, this new fork had been launched, with the improvement of bigger block size from 1MB(BTC) to 8MB(Bitcoin Cash) to improve its transaction processing speed faster and capability of handling huger transactions in the network, with their goal to competing with the volume of transactions handled by Paypal and Visa Card in the future.

As of the time of writing this, Bitcoin Cash is the second most expensive cryptocurrency after Bitcoin Classic(BTC) as the second best altcoin.



best altcoin faucets, free bch faucet/ earn free bitcoin cash every 5 minute


New sister site just came out from the Moon Family! This time, it’s for Bitcoin Cash(BCH) in their extension!

As all other sites from the Moon Coin series, this brand new faucet also has similar layout in the look and lots of similarity with how it works in the system.

It’s actually no further explanation needed for Moon Family when it’s said that Moon series is the most known and trusted market leader in the field.  Quite being excited to see another best altcoin faucet came out to us!

Legitimacy Status: Super Legit
Pay per Claim: 10 to 300 Satoshi(BCH)
Timer(Cooling Time):  5 minutes
Referral Commission: 25%
Features:  Free Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Faucet, Bonus Claim up to 300% more Free BCH, Offerwalls
Pay Out Via: Coinpot micro wallet (Instant Payment)
Visit Here




best altcoin faucets, air drips free bitcoin cash (BCH) earn free BCH reading books and novels, watching youtube videos.

New Update 2nd Apr 2018

This site is a very interesting altcoin faucet that offers Bitcoin Cash for members reading a book or watching a video.

All the books uploaded there are kind of master piece old novels, also sold from Amazon Books. Just choose a book to read and while you’re enjoying with your book, you can claim free BCH every 5 minutes from the free Bitcoin Cash banner below on the page.

As well, watching videos is earn you free BCH every 10 minutes there. All the videos there are directly uploaded from Youtube, so you can enjoy watching videos just exactly as what you do on Youtube, but with free BCH to earn at the same time!

This is also, personally, one of my most favorite altcoin faucets I come visit quite often when I feel like something to watch, just instead of visiting Youtube. It’s the highest rates of free BTC to give away so far all around in altcoin faucets on the internet, plus reading quality novels on the site alone can be still worth my time.

Legitimacy Status: Legit Payment Proofs
Pay per Claim: 112 to 240 BCH Satoshi
Timer(Cooling Time):  5/10 minutes
Referral Commission: 25%
Features:  Free Bitcoin Cash(BCH) Faucet, Free BCH for Reading & Watching. 
Pay Out Via: Coinbase Wallet
Visit AirDrips




Litecoin is currently positioned as one of the top 4 most popular cryptocurrencies along with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash. The current value is rapidly being increased for the last one year. It started from $3.8(USD) per coin last year in Dec 2016 and has currently reached $65(USD) per coin as of Nov 2017 by this time. That has been over 20 times rocket jumped in its price just within a year which is truly amazing.

This currency was forked from Bitcoin, meaning that Litecoin also has the most of features and benefits that Bitcoin has, in addition, it has some more additional strengths that Litecoin features 4 times faster transaction confirmation and improved storage efficiency.
With some of those technical advantage of the coin, future prospect of Litecoin is  sunny in its forecast and many predict the price of Litecoin will be consistently on rise.


Moon Litecoin
Best Altcoin Faucets. Earn free altcoin (Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin)

This is a lucrative free litecoin giving away site, called “MoonLitecoin” which is a family site of Moonbitcoin. I would dare to say this is the #1 best litecoin faucet that is safe to use, legit and great amount of free Litecoin given away.

The calculation of how much Litoshi is decided to give away to you when you claim, is exactly the same as how MoonBitcoin does. There’re 4 factors applied to determine the amount of give-aways each time you claim, such as the “Basic Claim”, “Loyalty Bonus”, “Mystery Bonus”, “Referral Bonus”. It’s quite generous amount when all that elements of bonuses are put together along with basic claim Litoshi that you can earn every 5 minutes.

Pay-out is immediately sent out to your CoinPot wallet just as soon as you click on the claim button, so it’s no minimum cash out threshold forcing you to wait!

Legitimacy Status: Super Legit
Pay per Claim: 350 to 7,000 Litoshi
Timer(Cooling Time): 5 minutes
Referral Commission: 25%
Features: Free Litecoin Faucet, Claim Bonuses(400% based on regular claim amount)
Pay Out Via: Coin Pot micro wallet (Instant Payment)
Visit The Site


best altcoin faucets, free litecoin faucet - litoshi claim every 1 minute free litecoin(litoshi) instant payment faucethub

Is it true? It’s too good to be true, but true at last.
It’s a popular Litecoin faucet connected to FaucetHub Faucet network. It pays 110 Litoshi every 1 minute. What? is it typo “Every One minute”? No it’s right it pays out free 110 Litoshi every single minute when an user claims. It’s also instant payment that you can promptly check out your payment on your FaucetHub Wallet. I think this is a good discovery finding this faucet.

Legitimacy Status: Legit
Pay per Claim: 110 Litoshi
Timer(Cooling Time): 1 minutes
Referral Commission: 10%
Remarks: Free Litecoin Faucet, Fast Process without annoying ad pop-ups. 150% more of claims made upon shortlink
Pay Out Via: FaucetHub Faucet (Instant Payment)
Visit the Site



best altcoin faucets, free litecoin faucets, claim free crypto coins LTC

(Newly Updated: 4th Apr 2018)

I found a decent Litecoin faucet really in a while and am updating to add it here. It’s called “Instant” that gives away free Litecoin every 5 minutes. The minimum cooling time is per 5 minutes with as free Litecoin as about 80 Litoshi. But if you don’t claim as often as every 5 minutes, it actually saves more Litecoins as the claim amount you will get. For example, if you claim it after 10 minutes since your last claim, the claimed amount will be like 160 litoshi. If after 1 hour, the claim amount will be about more than 800 Litoshi up to certain limit line like less than 4,000 litoshi per claim.

Legitimacy Status: Legit Payment Proof
Pay per Claim: 80 up to 4,000 Litoshi
Timer(Cooling Time): 5 minutes
Referral Commission: 15%
Remarks: Free Litecoin Faucet, Sign Up Bonus: 750 Litoshi, Some Pop-Under Ads appearing.
Pay Out Via: Your chosen Litecoin wallet
Visit Here


It’s currently one of the best altcoins with dramatical jump-ups of its value this year 2017. It started from just $10 per coin in Mar 2017, and insane vertical rise all the way to the date, finally reaching over 700$ almost in the end of the same year Dec 2017.
It jumped up to 70 times within this year and it became a new rising star of altcoin as the biggest rival to Ethereum.


Moon Dash
best altcoin faucet

Another new Moon family has been just released very recently!!
The time the Moon family came to us with Dashcoin! This is the 4th version of Moon brothers after MoonBitcoin, Moonlightcoin, Moondogecoin. I pretty much realized that Dashcoin is gaining a lot of popularity recently with its vertical price rise.

This is a newly opened site but don’t overlook the point that this is owned and run by famous Moon family which means it’s highly recommended and reliable as one of the best altcoin faucets.

Legitimacy Status: Super Legit
Pay per Claim: 15 to 600 Dasatoshi
Timer(Cooling Time): 5 minutes
Referral Commission: 25%
Features: Free Dash Faucet, 3 kinds of bonuses(Loyalty Bonus, Mystery Bonus, Referral Bonus)
Pay Out Via: Coinpot Wallet (Instant Payment)
Visit The Site


Best Altcoin Faucets. Earn free altcoin (Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin)

It’s located on the top in Dashcoin faucet ranking on Faucethub site which means it pays its user well and their financial capability is considered good to maintaining its operation and conducting payment properly.

Introducing the scope of this well-reputed faucet that offers free dash coin, their reward per each claim is around 100 Dasatoshi(Dash) and with 10 minutes interval for every new claim. It’s linked with Faucethub, thus all earnings of yours is instantly and automatically sent out to your Faucethub wallet with no minimal cash-out. It has 12% referral commission as well that helps you earn more.

Legitimacy Status: Legit
Pay per Claim: 100 Dasatoshi
Timer(Cooling Time): 10 minutes
Referral Commission: 12%
Features: Free Dash Faucet
Pay Out Through: FaucetHub wallet (Instant Payment)
Visit The Site


Best Altcoin Faucets. Earn free altcoin (Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin)

It’s a popular site in terms of earning free dashcoins that has been paying well for the last 5 months as my examination on the site’s paying status.

Pay out per each claim is 200 to 400 Dasatoshi with every 5 minutes interval. (Which is great!)
Like many of faucets in this list, it’s linked to Faucethub, so your claimed coins is automatically transfered to your faucethub wallet every time you claim on the site.
You can earn more by referring people to the site with 10% commissions on referrals.

Legitimacy Status: Legit
Pay per Claim: 200 to 400 Dasatoshi
Timer(Cooling Time): 5 minutes
Referral Commission: 10%
Features: Free Dash Faucet
Pay Out Through: FaucetHub Wallet (Instant Payment)
Visit The Site



This is a kind of crypto currency made by Jackson Palmer in 2013. It initially came out as a joke coin inspired by doggie meme, yet surprisingly turned into a very real economy and being a rising potential altcoin with a market  cap worth $92 million USD in February 2014. And then it fell into few years of its slump after its amazing debut in the crypto currency world, due to some technical issues that affected its follow-up updates. (The last updates on this coin was back in 2014)

However it has never affected this coin’s life over the period of darkness, and amazingly it’s been still actively used and loved by hundreds thousands of dogecoin users and altcoin lovers. What’s more, there’s a good news about this funny meme coin, is that the developer of this coin is going to restart maintaining, developing and updating the coin in return to many dogecoin supporters and lovers’ affection for Dogecoin, according to his latest interview.

Along with it, there’s some expectation that Dogecoin might be more popularized and increased in its future currency value.


Best Altcoin Faucets. Earn free altcoin (Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin)

This site was forked from Freebitcoin which is the most established, trusted Bitcoin faucet site along with MoonBitcoin. The most of features this site offer are almost same as freebitcoin, featuring “faucet” (claim free dogecoins), “Hi-Lo”(multiply coins) as the main sections.

This is one of my favorite altcoin faucets since the interface and the overall appearance of the site is really tidy, easy to navigate and fast claim process as its sister site, Freebitcoin is so. It has referral system too that offers 50% of lifetime commission on referrals.

This is highly recommendable and the one of best altcoin faucets!

Legitimacy Status: Super Legit
Pay per Claim: 0.63 to 126 Dogecoin
Timer(Cooling Time): 60 minutes
Referral Commission: 50%
Features: Dogecoin Faucet, Hi-Lo game(Multiply 2 times),
Hourly Lucky Number(Win 126 coins per claim)
Pay Out Via: Any choice of your dogecoin wallet
Visit The Site


Best Altcoin Faucets. Earn free altcoin (Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin)

This is a family site of the established popular site “Moonbitcoin“, so it looks almost like a clone site of the other “Moon” series.  It offers 0.87 coins per claim as minimum, up to 3.48 coins maximum with bonus points applied accordingly.

This has, like its other family sites of Mooncoin series, Loyalty bonus, Mystery bonus, Referral bonus which will determine the final rate of your freely earned coin amount up to 400% bigger.

It pays you out right after you click on the “Claim” button on the site, directly transferred to your Coinpot wallet, so you have to make your wallet from before starting off with this site.

Legitimacy Status: Super Legit
Pay per Claim: 0.87 to 3.48 Dogecoins
Timer(Cooling Time): 5 minutes
Referral Commission: 25%
Features: Dogecoin Faucet, 3 kinds of additional bonuses
(Loyalty, Mystery, Referral Bonus up to 400% reward based on your regular claim reward)
Pay Out Via: CoinPot wallet (Instant Payment)
Visit The Site


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