Bitcoin Faucets – Most Legit Bitcoin Faucets Top 10 Review

earn free bitcoin, best bitcoin faucets

Best Bitcoin Faucets – Earn Free Bitcoin!

Highest Paying & Most Reliable
Free Bitcoin Sites

earn free bitcoin from best bitcoin faucets, free btc sites!

Bitcoin Faucets are a way of easily getting Bitcoin with few seconds of your time. With the recent growing popularity of Bitcoin, there’re tons of Bitcoin faucets and free Bitcoin rewarding sites are coming in this fast growing cryptocurrency market.

While many of sites that promise lucrative rewards, also this is so true that some are just trying to steal your time and some labor without paying you back for what you deserve. So, this is so-called scam sites that you must avoid to play with unless you wish to lose your time for nothing productively to earn.

Thus I’ve shortlisted into only highest paying, genuine and highly reputed free bitcoin sites on this article: List of Best Bitcoin Faucets which is strictly filtered and picked out by its legitimacy and trustworthiness for your safest and finest free bitcoin earning experiences.

All the listed sites below were picked out mostly by the 4 factors:

  1. Highest Paying

  2. Legitimacy Status

  3. Paying Proofs (Paying Status)

  4. Reputation

Examined by a combination of my personal experiments and overall reviews of thousands of actual users from certified forums and bitcoin communities.

“Satoshi” is used in this review as a micro unit of Bitcoin for convenience and standardizing.


What’s Satoshi? – Best Bitcoin Faucets

That’s just one unit in Bitcoin. There’re several different currency units in Bitcoin, such as “Satoshi”, “mBTC” , “BTC” which are actually referred to as Bitcoin.

There’re mainly three categories introduced over here as methods to earning free bitcoin,
such as “Free bitcoin faucets” , “Game based free bitcoin earning sites” , “PTC Bitcoin Rewarding sites” and “GPT Free Bitcoin sites” that pay Bitcoin as the form of payment for the value people do or make for the sites.

Satoshi/Mbtc Calculator: How much is it to BTC or USD?
Click Here to Check

What to Prepare to Start to Earn Free Bitcoin:
1. Seconds of your precious time
2. Desktop/Laptop or Smart Phone
3. Bitcoin Wallet

What’s Bitcoin Wallet?

It’s simply digital wallet that stores your crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. You can deposit and withdraw or exchange that crypto currencies to traditional currencies (USD or EURO or any others) from your bitcoin wallet at any time.

Create your Bitcoin wallets by clicking below to receive free Bitcoins!

1. Faucet Hub Micro Wallet :
2. Coin Pot:
3. CoinBase

Well, are you ready?! Let’s get started then to check out Best Bitcoin Faucets and earn free Bitcoin!


Earn Free Bitcoin – Top 10 Best Bitcoin Faucets!
<Bitcoin Faucets>

earn free bitcoin from best bitcoin faucets, free bitcoin sites!

What’s Bitcoin Faucet?
It’s sort of rewarding sites that give away free bitcoin in exchange of visitor’s or member’s little labor of solving captcha or viewing displayed ads on the spot. It’s simply to get free bitcoins by clicking on “Claim” button and solving a simple captcha typically.

Things to Consider
The amount of free bitcoin given by those sites might not be greatly impressive at your first glance.(The listed ones below are still the highest paying all over the internet though!)

But what’s the thing that you have to remind yourself is that the value of Bitcoin is on crazy rise and super rocketing in price, meaning today’s $100 bitcoin value, for instance, could be $1,000 or even higher in the near future and it’s totally unstoppable noteworthily.

Collecting as much Bitcoin as you can now would be a wise choice for it to return to you as greater value and using free faucets from time to time doesn’t disturb your business too much since it only takes your time of seconds.



earn free bitcoin from best bitcoin faucets, free bitcoin sites, earn free btc, legit free bitcoin faucet

This is the most well-known and loved best bitcoin faucet among faucet lovers. As its trustworthiness over long time, there’s no question asked about its credibility and reputation. It’s one of total legit reliable Bitcoin faucets that has been around for already 3 years so far.

It gives around 30 satoshi by this time, 4th Nov, 2017 (Dependable and changeable on each time of Bitcoin currency value.) It seems small in amount, but what makes Free-Bitcoin really loved is that it offers other great services like  “Bitcoin Lottery” and “Daily Lucky Number Free Bitcoin Claim” and “Hi-Lo Game” etc.

Lottery round comes every week around on Sunday, depending on your time zone. 10 lucky members win up to over 2 btc every week, which is $15,000 worth in USD according to the current value of BTC.

As daily event, there’s “Daily Lucky Claim” that you might possibly win up to 0.027($150) by claiming free bitcoin as on normal hourly basis(once per hour).
Hi-Lo game that Freebitcoin offers is a good stuff for fun as well. It’s simply a game where you choose “High” or “Low” to bet, and if the appearing figure is on your bet, you will get double of your betting price.

This is outstandingly the most recommendable one even among all other best Bitcoin faucets here.

Legitimacy Status: Super Legit (Recommended)
Pay per claim: 30 up to 2,700,000 satoshi
Timer(Cooling Time): 60 minutes
Referral Commission: 50% lifetime commission on referrals
Features: Faucet, Hi-Lo game, Weekly Lottery, Bitcoin Browser Mining, Deposit Earning (4% annual interest on deposit)





earn free bitcoin from best bitcoin faucets, free bitcoin sites, free btc earning, moon bitcoin faucet, legit faucets

This is the another of the TWO TOP best Bitcoin faucets along with
No wonder it’s fully legit and no minimum cash-out threshold. (Immediately sent out to Coinpot wallet as soon as you make a free Bitcoin claim).

The amount of Bitcoin(satoshi) given away for users per claim is 10 satoshi as basic amount, but there’re so many bonuses able to be applied to super multiply your earnings up to 600%, for example, “Loyalty Bonus”, “Offer Bonus”, “Mystery Bonus”, “Mining Bonus etc as some of the several bonuses that are automatically added to your claim amount each time.

If you meet all the given bonus-adding conditions on your account over time, this will surely be for you to earn free bitcoin with the highest rate.

Legitimacy Status: Super Legit (Recommended)
Pay per Claim: 10 to 100 Satoshi Loyalty Bonus, Offer Bonus, Mystery Bonus, Mining Bonus, Referral Bonus
Timer(Cooling Time): 15 minutes
Referral Commission: 50% lifetime 100% loyalty bonus
Features: Faucet, Browser Mining, Offerwalls




Bonus Bitcoin


free bitcoin faucet - earn free bitcoin satoshi - cryptocurrency faucet , legit bitcoin faucet, free btc eaning, bonus bitcoin

NEWLY UPDATED on 20th Feb 2018.

This seems going constantly long and stably being run. Many of you would probably know of this faucet if you’re an old faucet user, called “Bonus Bitcoin

This Bitcoin faucet had launched in 2014 and became one of the oldest Bitcoin faucet by far which means a lot that most of Crypto coin Faucets have shorter life spans.

This stable Bitcoin faucet is connected to Coinpot micro wallet, so it instantly sends out Satoshi upon every each claim users make. No need to wait to get paid. You will have to first have made an account of Coinpot wallet to start on this faucet.

Legitimacy Status: Legit
Pay per Claim: 13 up to 5,000 Satoshi
Pay Out Via: Coinpot Micro Wallet (Instant Payment)
Timer: 15 Minutes
Referral Commission: 50% Lifetime
Features: Free Bitcoin Faucet
Remark: Constant Operation Over Time. Payout Not Bad In Consideration of the short interval of cooling time.

Sign Up Here


Earn Free Bitcoin – Top 10 Best Bitcoin Faucets!

earn free bitcoin from best bitcoin faucets, free bitcoin sites! Earn Bitcoin playing games

What’s this?
The typical nature of those sites is to reward bitcoin for playing a game provided on the sites. They pay you bitcoin for viewing ads or others of their revenue monetizing methods that you just unconsciously see while you’re just playing a game.

Things to Consider:
Earning free Bitcoin while you’re having fun playing a game, but it never means that they pay you small just because you don’t work hard. The fact is that they, listed below actually pay you a lot more than most of other ordinary faucets around on the internet even though all you do is just playing a game.


 Bit Fun

earn free bitcoin from best bitcoin faucets, free bitcoin sites! play game to earn bitcoin
Another trustful faucet that has been around since 2013 without no issues of its paying and operation. The concept of this site, “BitFun” is “Play Game and Earn Free Bitcoin“. It’s literally that you can play variety of mini games(around 630 pcs), or do surveys or other rewarding offers for earning bitcoins.

You can claim as often as every 3 minutes by clicking on the claim button. Even without playing any games there, you can actually proceed to claim and earn free bitcoins just as a faucet.
All claimed bitcoins are directly sent out to your coinpot wallet, no matter how much, so you have to have Coinpot account before starting your earning on this site.

Legitimacy:Super Legit (Recommended)
Pay per Claim: 5 to 60 satoshi
Timer(Cooling Time): 5 minutes
Referral Commission: 50%
Features: Faucet, Mini Games, Offerwalls



Best Bitcoin Faucets & Most Legit Free Bitcoin Sites!

earn free bitcoin from best bitcoin faucets, free bitcoin sites!What’s PTC?
It’s a short form of “Paid to Click” sites. It literally means that they just pay you to click on ads or some sort of it. Along with the recent high popularity and demands for Bitcoin, there’re lots of PTC sites being launched, that pay rewards in the form of Bitcoin currency or other altcoins.  The amount of btc given for compensation for your works is highly subject to the current bitcoin currency value.

Things to Consider:
As how most of PTC sites go, it has different account membership grades in the listed PTC sites below. Note that the displayed amount of Satoshi is just based on “Standard Membership” which you just start from. The higher membership of account status, of course, the higher reward-per-click rate is applied. e.g) x2, x3, x4 higher earnings per ad for higher membership status.

Clicking ads by yourself alone is a way of earning free bitcoins. But if you desire higher rate of earnings, having referrals under you is a great way of accumulating your earnings dramatically and building your passive income source.

Especially, all the sites in the list below have a rental referral system (or purchasing refs) in which you can just have gotten referrals working for you, just by renting them  easily without putting yourself out there in harsh referral/affiliate marketing battle field.





earn free bitcoin from best bitcoin faucets, free bitcoin sites, view ads earn btc
This is a PTC site that pays free bitcoin(satoshi) to ad viewers. It has the highest number of daily available ads that users can earn free bitcoin from, and the average pay amount is really great compared to other free bitcoin sites.

Around 40 to 50 ads available to viewers(earners) each day and pay per ad is about 30 to 70 satoshis(avg) per ad, depending on length of an ad!

Furthermore the best upside of this site I personally think is that viewing ads from this site is NEVER annoying its viewers! What I mean by that is, the site doesn’t have too much of human verification or other irritating processes between ads! But it just lets users(viewers) stay at ease on ad viewing job like you can turn ad-running pages just in the windows background to let it run and earn free bitcoin for you without any botherness!

Legitimacy Status: Super Legit
Pay per View: 15 to 80 (avg: 40 to 60)
Number of Ads available daily: Roughly 60 ads
Referral Commission: 7.5% on referrals , 7.5% on advertisement spendings
Features: PTC, Ref-Buying(able to purchase referrals from the ref market of the site)
Remarks: a number of ads available, new ads re-updated pretty quickly, highest average pay per view rate. Great reputation among users worldwide.






free bitcoin faucets, best bitcoin faucets, earn free bitcoin, legit bitcoin faucets free btc

Newly Updated May 1st 2018 – Best Bitcoin Faucets


BtcVIC is a PTC site with simplified site layout and clear navigation. The message the site requires you to do is just clear just clicking the daily ads and earn free Satoshi credited into your account as soon as you’ve viewed each single ad provided.

Roughly, the daily ads available to click is 15 to 20 and viewing each 10-second length ad credits you about 5 Satoshis.

I couldn’t say this has the best rate among all other free Bitcoin faucets, but it’s long been of being legit and operated longer than everyone expected to be honest. So it’s at least trusted one that wouldn’t turn to being scam in no time.

Legitimacy Status: Legit
Pay per View: 5 Satoshis
Number of Ads available daily: 15 to 20 ad units
Referral Commission: 50%
Features: PTC based free Bitcoin faucet (Pay Per Click to Earn Free BTC) , Ad Network platform for advertisers
Remarks: Easy ad viewing and you don’t have to stay on the page while ad running. Just move to other tap to do what you do, letting the ad be running and crediting you.

Visit The Site


 Best Bitcoin Faucets & Free Bitcoin Sites!
<GPT-Based Free Bitcoin Sites>

What’s GPT?

earn free bitcoin from best bitcoin faucets, free bitcoin sites!GPT is a short form of “Get Paid To”, which means you would get paid to do something offered by a site. Most of what it offers in GTP are like “Paid Surveys”, “Sign Up Offers, App Installation, Ads Viewing(Video or Web surfing etc), Data Entry(Typing Jobs), Small Micro Tasks and many more in various forms) You will earn money or any forms of value for what you’ve done from such sites.


earn free bitcoin from best bitcoin faucets, free bitcoin sites, earncrypto, get paid to site earning free crypto coins free btc

This is basically a type of GPT site where you can earn free Bitcoin or other Crypto Coins of as your choice by doing “Paid Surveys” , ” Data Entry”(Typing jobs) , “Offerwalls” , “Watching Videos” or “Micro Tasks”. Average rate of pays for each job is higher than how much the other average GPT sites  usually offer.

What’s the most interesting part in it, is that this is one of few GPT sites that specialize Bitcoin and other digital currencies to pay users. What’s more, it handles, literally, almost all kinds of crypto coins besides Bitcoin and users can choose their demanded currency to get paid. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash, Monero, PeerCoin and approx 40 more different coins as your preferred currency!

I personally enjoy their “Data Entry” jobs there to get paid Bitcoin. Data Entry jobs there is easy and pay-out rate is not bad. It’s my favorite task to earn Bitcoin from this site.

Having received payment bunch of proofs from the site, the site is legitimately being run, and happy user reviews as far as It seems so far!

Legitimacy Status: Legit
Pay Rates: Dependent to each type of jobs
Referral Commission: 10%
Features: Paid Survey, Offerwalls, Paid to Watch Video, Data Entry Jobs, Mini Tasks etc.
Specialty: 50 kinds of different cryptocurrencies they pay in, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, Zcash etc.

Visit EarnCrypto




free bitcoin faucets, earn free bitcoin from steemit. get paid to write

Newly Updated May 1st 2018 – Best Bitcoin Faucets

What an unique way you can earn Bitcoin or USD! Steemit might be able to make your earning free Bitcoin possibly real lucrative as well!
(Comparing with other mediocre Bitcoin faucets.)

Steemit is kind of a social community site where users can post their contents and share with other members just like Facebook or so.

However what makes Steemit uniquely outstanding and different to all other plain social sites is simply it’s somewhere for you to make real life currency(USD) or Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) by getting upvoted on your created contents, such as an article or infographic etc which can provide value to the audience.

When you get upvoted, you will get some amount of “Steem Power” which is the site currency, redeemable to Bitcoin or USD when cashing out.

The more valuable contents you create and publish, the more Steem Power you will earn with the popularity of your contents. It’s simply how you can make money or Bitcoin from Steemit.

Try to write up a valuable content people love to read and earn handful of free Bitcoin!

Legitimacy Status: Legit
Pay Rates: Up to How Many Upvotes You Get
Referral Commission: No Referral Program
Features: Social Media, Content Sharing, Socializing, Content Advertising etc.
Specialty: Earning free Bitcoin or USD with your written contents. Detected that quite a number of people earn thousands $ on the platform.
Remark: Sign-Up process and validation can take up a couple of weeks due to their strict regulation in preventing from spammers.

Visit the Site


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