Clixsense Scam or Legit Review – Make Money Answering Surveys

Clixsense Review - Scam or Legit? Paid online survey site, Get Paid answering surveys/your opinions
Paid Online Survey Site. One of Oldest Site "Clixsense".

ClixSense Review – Scam or Legit?


What is ClixSense? – ClixSense Review

scam or legit? clixsense review with payment proofs. Make money and extra cash with paid surveys from clixsense. (Paid survey site, GPT)

ClixSense Review – ClixSense is a paid survey & GPT (Get Paid To) site that offers opportunities for their users worldwide to earn extra money by solving paid surveys or completing other various offers & tasks provided. They’ve been in GPT and Paid Survey Industry since 2007 which is fairly long enough of their business operation to become an industry leader in providing paid surveys and rewarding offers.

Clixsense has really a long list of survey vendors in their partnership, that originally provide them with paid survey offers that Clixsense also provide to their users in their site. This means their survey supply capability and range of surveys they can offer for their users is quite more consistently stable and wider than other ordinary paid survey sites.

You may hear these survey & market research firms often if you’re a fan of paid surveys, such as YouGov, Global Test Market, Toluna, Nielsen Market Research, Opinion World and more and more. They all are partnered with Clixsense, meaning you can also get offered paid surveys from all those famous market research sites, just being within Clixsense site, all in one place without having separated accounts here and there.


So is ClixSense Scam or Legit? – ClixSense Review

Clixsense review, online paid survey site scam or legit review. make money answering paid surveys







Clixsense review, online paid survey site scam or legit review. make money answering paid surveys

It was around the end of July last year 2017 when I first tried out Clixsense. I didn’t believe so much in paid surveys and stuffs like that at that time, just giving a shot to see how on the survey site, Clixsense.

For the first few weeks of trying it, there weren’t so many offers or surveys invited to me. Hmm.. maybe rather I was a little negligent in looking into the site and checking it out often.

One day little later like after one and a half month after the initial sign up, it started sending me valid surveys to get paid.

I assumed why suddenly. That would be because that needs some time for survey providers to get ready to start sending surveys to “new members” since they have no idea about who they are (personal condition & qualification) at the beginning.

I said Gotcha!!

Being a little bit late, I completed setting up all of my profiles and signed up each sub survey/offer panels within Clixsense to more reach out to survey providers. And it soon compensated my efforts. Daily invited surveys were getting more and often and the earnings I got from Clixsense was being increased.

$5 a month, $10 a month and at some peak times, up to $30 a month. Yeah it’s small but not too bad as well earning some pocket money, taking 10 minutes of your time daily and it’s consistent once you get qualified with the survey site, Clixsense.


How Do You Earn Money With ClixSense? – ClixSense Review

There’re mainly 4 different ways to earning cash from Clixsense.

1. Paid Surveys

clixsense review lots of survey invites available. Make money with legit paid survey Clixsense

Earning money by participating invited surveys and daily survey routers. Primarily, you would need to work harder on “invited surveys” than “Daily Survey Routers” that you can expect it higher qualification rates and easier to complete to finally get paid.

2. Offers

Scam or Legit? Clixsense review with payment proofs. Make money online with paid survey sites

There’re variety of offers provided from cash rewarding sites, such as, AdGate, SuperRewards, TrialPay etc. where you can earn money by completing what it requires you to.


3. Tasks

Clixsense review - clixsense crowdflower - make money doing online tasks

Able to earn little penny per task, mostly for data entry jobs. I personally don’t do this because I find it too little of the pay per task rate compared to the time I spend on it. But surprising sometimes when I see people earning quite nice beer money from it like $10 to $20 per day, with their own know-hows. (There seems lots of Clixsense Task tricks and tips around on the internet.)


4. Referral

Scam or Legit? clixsense review with payment proofs. Make money and extra cash with paid surveys from clixsense. (Paid survey site, GPT)

You can also make money, having your referrals who you refer to this site, Clixsense.
20% of referral earnings is credited to your account every time your referrals earn themselves for lifetime.


Thing to note in order to optimize your chance for best earning from Clixsense.

  • After signing up, make sure to complete all your profiles on Clixsense. That’s the first step to do to be recognized by survey providers.
  • Survey notification plugin called “Clix-Addon” is a must to install on your google chrome browser so that you will be notified with new survey offers just timely.
  • Finishing up invited surveys is VERY important. There’s a tendency that survey providers more favorably send survey offers to people who experienced their panels. It’s about credibility and trust.
  • It’s basically available for people worldwide, but it still has tier first countries that tend to be provided with most of survey opportunities primarily. Refer to the list below.
  • clixsense review - Scam or Legit?, clixsense tier 1 countries more paid survey invites. earn money with paid surveys.


Legitimacy: Legit
Paying Status: Paying for the last 11 years 
Type of Site: Paid Survey & Get To Paid (GPT)
Serviceable Locations: Worldwide (More favorable for Tier 1 countries)
Average Pay Per Survey: $0,50 to $2 (USD)
Cash-Out Method: Payza, Payoneer, Skrill, Tango Card
Minium Cash-Out: Over Than $10
Visit & Sign Up Here

clixsense review Scam or Legit?- sign up with clixsense to make money answering paid surveys.






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  1. A good review of clixsense I must say. I too have an account here but have not taken it very seriously so far. I think I should now give it a try. Thanks for this helpful post.

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