Clixsense Tips – The Conditions to Be More Qualified For Paid Surveys

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My working beer money source

Clixsense Tips – The Conditions to Be More Qualified For Paid Surveys

Clixsense has long been one of my sources for extra money. I really love it because it pays me out for answering paid surveys that I do in my little spare time occasionally. Yes I admit that’s not a massive amount of income that lets me be living a millionaire life in a luxury mention . It’s small like peanut, however it’s still extra money paid to me every new month consistently.

One thing to clarify, it’s not a time consuming work for me to work painful long hours. Rather it’s a thing I do in my free time without being obligated. It’s as short as 10 minutes a day or so just when I’m sitting at my laptop.

I guess it was around the summer last year(2017) when I came to know about Clixsense. AT first, I didn’t believe so much in the worthiness of online paid survey things, well I guess something was attracting me to sign up on the site just out of curiosity like just giving a try.

After a while of my sign up on there, it was still out of my interest. Rare to none of visiting the survey site. (I had still got a handful of survey invitations though) I simply had no expectation to earn anything from it, thinking back now.


My first try of a survey there and it was a good start

Clixsense Tips – The Conditions to Be More Qualified For Paid Surveys

A couple of months later, I got one interesting survey invitation which was asking my opinions about brand new movies that just released at that time. Well I guess I didn’t so much desire earning cash for it, but rather I just got a little interested in the topic itself. It finally urged me to get into the questionnaire for the first time in Clixsense.

It was fun and I was enjoying the 15 minutes of time itself rather than money since I basically love talking about movies. And when I was done, I found myself credited $1.5 on my Clixsense account for my answers done. It was thrilling not because $1.5 was a ton of money, but just because it was the money I earned by doing what I liked and just on the bed rolling with the laptop!

I guess it was the trigger that I got more into Clixsense for my extra cash. From that day, I became more regular to visit the site and work on paid survey stuff. It, then, started earning me regular $15 – $30, covering my small monthly bills like my Netflix monthly subscriptions and some other small fees depending on the earning rate of each month.

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Why I get more survey offers than the most of others

Clixsense Tips – The Conditions to Be More Qualified For Paid Surveys

I’m not perfectly sure, but it seems like I’m usually given more survey invites from Clixsense than other people. I think I get a couple of tens of survey offers a day or two. (For the half to be able to reach the completion, for the other half, screened out generally.)

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Well, we know it’s not fairly equal to all users and we also know a number of survey & study invites is strictly dependent on personal conditions and qualifications. So natural that all we get invited variably and different types of surveys to participate.

That being said, there’s one interesting thing that I found out while I was becoming seasoned more in Clixsense That Clixsense surveys have certain types of qualifications and personal conditions to offer a whole lot more valid surveys:

Yeah that’s the point of this post. I’m going to uncover what types of conditions of yours qualify you for paid surveys there!

Scroll down we’re going to break each down below on this Clixsense Tips post!


Personal conditions that Clixsense loves most to provide surveys for

Clixsense Tips – The Conditions to Be More Qualified For Paid Surveys

1. Residing in one of those countries

Clixsense is basically open for every user worldwide, it has a group of countries that they specially favor as the first tier. Refer to the image below.

clixsense tips, paid surveys, extra money cash, screened out on paid surveys, how to qualify on paid surveys, clixsense payment proof, Clixsense Tier 1 Countries

2. Aged 30s – 40s

Which ages do you think has the highest purchasing power? According to many sources of studies, that’s from late 30s to 40s. They’re the most active market consumers and research firms love to hear their opinions which’s the generation of leading the market trend.

7 in 10 surveys in Clixsense are related to market researches, so it’s natural they give more offers for people in 30 to 40.

3. Having a child/children

There’re lots of researches or surveys that seek for parents opinions, relating to parenting, kids education, child care or commercial related stuff. Often time, I get children related surveys like about marvel characters/movies, toys. (the other day, I got a survey about Mc Donald’s happy meal toys)  And many other surveys in random topics that target married parents with a kid(s) too.

4. Business Owners

I often get business related surveys about business operation and employment matters, oftentimes they are high paying offers, $2 – $2.5 per survey for example.

Personally, I’m a freelancer and kind of self-employed, and as a result of my setting so on Clixsense profile delivers a lot of business owner exclusive paid surveys to me.

5. Business Decision Makers or Partial Influencers

This doesn’t have to be the owner of a company, but if you’re at a position of either making business decisions or with partial influencing for it, you’d be given related surveys more oftentimes. Being the manager of a department is a good example that describes the desired role Clixsense researches are looking for.

6. Being tech savvy or possessing/collecting many of gadgets/electric devices

A lot of electrical equipment manufacturers always seek for voice of their consumers. If you as a market consumer are a big fan of electric gadgets or an early adopter with brand new innovative tech and stuff you will be given a lot more survey offers for market research purposes.

7. Being a movie fan visiting cinemas regularly

One biggest sort of paid survey offers I get invited regularly is movie researches. I guess it comes in more than 5 times a month which are 80% valid to reach the end point, (Payout without being screened out) it’s also usually high paying ranging from $0.5 – $2/10 mins – 15 mins questionnaires.

8. Traveling often domestically or internationally

Regular tourists or travelers are often targeted by hotels, airlines and tour attractions for marketing purposes. Personally I guess travelling overseas is oftener chances to get invites than people mainly travelling to domestic regions.

9. Women are good targets for beauty or skin care industries

I’m pretty often screened out on beauty researches due to being a male. In contrast, women perhaps might get more opportunities of surveys and researches regarding skin care, cosmetic products/surgeries.

10. Every special condition or rare circumstances

If you’re mentally/physically put in special circumstances, it’s more frequent chances to offer paid surveys to you.

Not think too seriously, being in special condition (medically) also refers to every minor health related issue around your health conditions. For example bad eyesight that needs glasses or contact lens, or minor injuries.

Healthcare companies or medical research institutes are always actively seeking for people suffering with those problems. Their invites are usually constant and regular over a period of time.


Conclusion – Time efficient way for extra cash once qualified

Clixsense Tips – The Conditions to Be More Qualified For Paid Surveys

I just wanted to share with you what’re good qualifications in general for more paid survey offers from Clixsense. I didn’t necessarily mean that you’re encouraged to lie all about yourself, but just to let people applied to that sorts of conditions know they’d be better qualified for Clixsense paid surveys.

All the tips shared here are based off of my personal experience and types of surveys that I mainly earn from; there might be more circumstances and cases that I miss out to mention here. (You can, of course, share your own clixsense tips on the comments down there!! )

Once again, I’d like to stress, Clixsense would be a good method to try if you’re looking for something that enables you to earn some extra cash from home as small as $15 – $30 a month. If anyone thinks it’s worth your time as small as 10 minutes a day I’d recommend this to try out and see how it goes to you.

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