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data entry jobs - work from home - freelance data entry jobs, transcript jobs. make money typing
Work From Home.

Data entry jobs would be one of things you would consider if you want to work from home.

This is a popular type of job that is always in great demand, especially by stay home moms or retired people or just between jobs or anybody who is keen to work from home.

Great techniques or highly advanced skills aren’t really required and it’s above all, flexible kind of job that doesn’t put a significant barrier to start out. Yeah this job is one of few entry level friendly jobs just compared to other exclusive freelance jobs, perhaps that makes this job so popular and demanded all the time.

In this article, we are going to learn from what’s the general scope of Data Entry job to where you can find a place to try out this flexible job just from your home. So let’s take it away!


What’s Data Entry Job?

data entry jobs - work from home - freelance data entry jobs, transcript jobs. make money typing

It’s a process of transferring data usually in the form of texts to other digital formats or computer system. e.g. Document Files or Company Database system. It may sound a little technical or professional to some of people, but it’s simply like copying texts to another forms which anybody only with basic computer literacy and moderate typing speed can do great enough. P.S: What’s the big deal just copying & typing? 🙂

It’s usually processed by word processing or a specifically designated data entry software depending on who you are working for as a freelancer. So a device with which you can input alphabetic, numeric and symbolic letters is needed to carry out this job. A desktop, laptop or tablet, even smart phone if it can utilize word processing, would be fine.


General Requirements for Data Entry Jobs

data entry jobs - work from home - freelance data entry jobs, transcript jobs. make money typing, what you need to start data entry jobs

  • Typing Accuracy
  • Decent Typing Speed – It varies according to companies. Some require over than 50 wpm, and other some about 20 to 30 wpm.
  • Language Comprehension & Good Writing/Communication Skills
  • Basic Computer Literacy (MS Word, Excel etc)
  • Attention to Detail
  • High School Diploma or Secondary School in Some Countries
  • Computer with Internet Connection
  • Punctual to Meet Deadline – If you are contracted with a company as a freelancer
  • No prior Experiences needed for Entry Level

P.S: There’re several various requirements listed here though, ultimately what requires the most are “Typing Speed” and “Accuracy” that you can check yourself using online free typing tests. It basically do not need to be highly qualified to carry out Data Entry jobs especially as a home based worker.



How Do You Get Paid For Freelance Data Entry Jobs?

There’re several different compensation types offered for Data Entry workers like below. It may also vary depending on which industry you are working in in your data entry job.

  1. Hourly Pay: This is a little rare case for Data Entry jobs online. Although office based data entry clerks usually get this type of fixed salary in the average of $13 per hour in the U.S, it’s not the case or pretty rare chances for home based workers or freelancers independently working from home.
  2. Per Piece: It’s performance based wage which is paid per piece of work in completion. How much you earn is to depend on how fast you type and done.
  3. Per Word: As it may imply, every word you type is counted for the rate of your wage. Speed is also important to earn more as you guess.
  4. Keystrokes per minute/hour: This means the number of hitting keys in keyboard. For instance, someone’s looking for a typist and requires 5,000 keystrokes per hour. Then it means it has to have the speed of typing at least 5,000 keys per hour for the job.



How to Spot Bloody Data Entry Scams

data entry jobs - scam data entry typing job. how to spot scam data entry companies.

It’s very true that there’re pretty plenty of scam data entry sites somewhere in the dark side while there’re also good legitimate sites out there. So I prepared this few tips that hopefully prevent you from falling for internet villains and cowboy scams.

This tips might not only work for seeking a data entry job specifically, but also maybe helpful for spotting all other online scams in the general fields.

  • It should NOT require a registration fee when you’re signing up if it’s a legitimate data entry site. If it’s the case, you should doubt it because it’s smelly and high chances for being a scam. That being said, some legit freelance job sites ask for a registration fee for membership or monthly subscription fees, you don’t necessarily have to use them while tons of free job hunting sites are around.


  • Do NOT be tempted with sites that promise unrealistic job offers or ridiculously high wages by common sense.
    When you’re in doubt of a site, check over its company(site) reputation and user reviews. It would be absolutely no harm at all before your action in rush, using some trusted review sites like TrustPilot or NetBusinessRating. Checking over the domain info of a site would be a helpful reference too for your scam site inspection although it’s not always enough to fully clarify a site legitimacy only by its domain analysis: Scam Adviser


  • Stay away from such job entry sites that are aggressively too loud in its site layout and design full of animated colors or filled with payout proofs or stuffs messy all around on their front page! Corporate websites (freelance or job staffing sites) should have a clear and gentle look professionally. You may know how con artists play about 🙂 Beware of it at their characteristics!



Where to Find Data Entry Jobs

 data entry jobs, apply for a data entry job, make money typing from home.

<Direct Data Entry Job Providers>


Mainly providing transcription services in their main business sector. However not limited to only transcription area, it’s also looking for typists for both part time and full time positions. It seems that they are hiring professional typists or transcriptionists rather than freshman levels.
Visit The Site



They are a big corporation with 6,000 in-office employees and Nasdaq registered that is involved in multi language media, translation and global marketing services.

For their service operation, they are aggressively hiring and working with data typists, data researchers, translators worldwide who are willing to work online. Of course, the more experience in your field, the easier to get a job from them, but seemingly not necessarily required to be strictly professional.
Visit The Site


Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Amazon, this super giant online retailer has some multiple different parts in their business sectors. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, generally called in shortened form, “MTurk” is one of Amazon’s business properties run by them.

This is a crowd sourcing service that provides on-demand workforce for individuals or corporations worldwide.
As a home based worker, you can apply for micro jobs that Amazon provides for you, anybody who wants working from home.
This is not Data Entry specialized though, you could find many of similar jobs from there, mostly casual jobs that doesn’t require professional skills.
Visit The Site



This is a company that provides micro tasks for work-from-home workers. There’re data entry jobs here as well as other small tasks with no need of advanced or in-depth serious skills.

Working in ClickWorker would be not bad only when you have no other more lucrative choices in jobs. For instance, you’re a stay home mom without particular advanced skill and want to monetize her spare times for some pocket money. This is perhaps fit for them rather than people who want a more serious full time work-at-home job.

This company is legit though, there’re lots of worker complaints on this site, mostly about late payout process(delay) and unresponsive customer care support while there’re some happy workers too there.
Visit The Site


Birch Creek Communications

This company mainly hires work-at-home transcriptionists, data researchers, editors to perform several different types of services such as transcription(transferring data in Audio to a form of text. e.g: dictation), data processing, market research.
If interested, you can visit there site and submit a application form to proceed the hiring process.
Visit The Site


Accutran Global

This transcription service provider requires prior experience in transcription. But you’ll be qualified enough without work experience if you achieve a good score on the entry test that every new comer has to undertake when registering on this site for transcription or data entry jobs

There’s a note that their job offers are only available for US, UK, Canada, Australia residents.
Visit The Site


Axion Data Entry Service

This company as data entry service provider has the great BBB rating (Better Business Bureau), A+. That means this company is officially considered trustworthy that makes freelance workers feel safe with them. However, this US based company only provides job offers locally in the United States unfortunately for people out of the U.S.
Visit The Site


<Freelance Job Seeking Sites For Data Entry Jobs>

You can also find bunch of job openings regarding Data Entry or related from several different job posting sites including freelance job sites.
Quite a few of them you may already know well of since they are famous all over, so detailed explanation will be skipped on this section.

Global crowd sourcing marketplace. You can find variety kinds of freelance and work-at-home job offers, not only in data entry job.
Visit The Site

Most well-known freelance job matching platform that might come in to your mind for the first, along with when thinking about freelance job sites. Lots of data entry jobs available over there.
Visit The Site

This has fairly interesting concept in how it works in the system. This truly has the right to be called “Job Marketplace” where a job seeker acts as a seller that sells his/her own talent to people in need. You will set your own rate for working for somebody, and promote yourself to get requested for tasks to work on. Data entry typists can go on with this site to sell your service and labor for people who will love your jobs done.
Visit The Site



My Opinion about Online Data Entry Jobs

Overall, Data Entry is a pretty easy job and whoever can do flexibly using their spare time. However that’s a downside of data entry jobs too. Because the ultimately unchangeable principle in job market is: easy/general jobs, paid less. Unique values, paid more.

Yeah that’s something true for the most of cases unfortunately. Working in online data entry jobs alone couldn’t earn you nice full time income in general. Rather it would be just a method of making a bit of your extra income or beer money. (From time to time I see some people earn $200 to $500 monthly from data entry jobs online.)

That being said, it can still be a some worthwhile job for particular groups of people or in specific conditions, including housewives, students, retired people mostly who seek out a way to contributing or giving some hands for their household finance.

Although professionally experienced typists or transcriptionists might earn more lucrative income out of transcription or data entry jobs, for the most of cases, Data Entry jobs online would be more precisely defined just as “part time job” with part time level of income in my very personal thoughts.

Hope you find and enjoy your best work-at-home job that most fits to your personal condition and preference.


Thank you for reading this article and hope it was informative enough for you.  I’ll very much appreciate your Like/Share/Comment down below that feeds this place to grow! All of you, have a fantastic day over there! 🙂 

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