FaucetHub Review: Scam or Legit? – Is It True Paying Free Crypto Coins?

faucethub review scam or legit, earn free crypto coins from micro crypto wallet. skeptical part of faucethub. free bitcoin altcoin faucets

We’re fighting online scams and frauds! They’re total B***s**t that fool people around and even mislead people’s minds to the wrong  misunderstanding perception about the whole entire online businesses even while there’re tons that are honestly and properly operating their sweetheart businesses based on online!

So hi! 🙂 I’m here back, bringing another one to laser-review today!

Have you ever heard “FaucetHub.io“? Well,, that’s a cryptocurrency faucet hub/micro wallet that claims to be offering 11 different kinds of crypto coins all in one place.

Yup that’s what’s been caught in my radar today for this review: “FaucetHub Review: Scam or Legit” And we’re about to move on looking into what’s FaucetHub.io and if it’s a proper business that people online can trust using it without being scammed or fooled!

So let’s take it away right now!

What’s FaucetHub.io again??

FaucetHub Review: Scam or Legit?

faucethub review scam or legit, earn free crypto coins from micro crypto wallet. skeptical part of faucethub. free bitcoin altcoin faucets

Like briefly mentioned just earlier, it’s a micro payment platform for 11 different kinds of crypto coins where you can receive, send and store cryptocurrencies, using the wallet.

In FaucetHub.io, they claim that you can earn many different kinds of cryptocurrencies by using their integrated crypto facuets, game-based free crypto offering sites, PTC and GTP sites.

Each of different faucets and all sites there, is directly linked to FacuetHub.io, so you can get paid almost instantly like a matter of few seconds and all the earnings are sent into your integrated wallet of FaucetHub.io that stores all different kinds of crypto faucets registered in FaucetHub.io.

You might’ve felt hard to manage all the different faucets and that was a pretty mess if you ever tried using many multiple crypto faucets located just separately just here and there! And that’s exactly WHY FacuetHub.io has to be right there for you for the way more convenient account balance management and withdrawal processes, all in one integrated place compactly.


What Does FaucetHub.io Offer?

FaucetHub Review: Scam or Legit


1. Crypto Facuets

Crypto faucet is what FaucetHub.io offers as their main service.

You can have 11 different kinds of cryptocurrencies in there, that offer free coins to you when you claim by viewing displayed ads on pages while you’re solving a couple of captchas there.

The 11 different cyrpto coins they offer includes as following at the moment:

  • Bitcoin / Ethereum / Litecoin / Dash / Bitcoin Cash / BitCore / Black Coin / Peer Coin / Prime Coin / Pot Coin

And new coins are constantly updated as well when it’s the time.

All the earned coins are instantly and directly paid into your FaucetHub.io wallet and it’s transferable to any other wallet you own outside of FaucetHub.io.

2. Games

FaucetHub also has Crypto coin-based games in their platform which also offer free crypto coins to its users.

It’s actually a pleasant idea that you earn money(crypto coins) while you’re playing a game, isn’t it?

BUT to be the most honest, it’s kind of risky or possibly all in vain. Because what they call “Games” there, are mostly gambling based with the 3 types of games like down here:

  • Multi-Coin Lottery: Buy lottery tickets and randomly win the jackpot. The more tickets you have, the higher chances to come.
  • Rock Paper Bitcoin: Bet certain amount of coins and win double when you win in the Rock Scissors Paper Game VS Computer.
  • Rambo Bitcoin Dice: Hi-Lo game. Bet coins on High or Low on number and win double to 4x accordingly when your bet matches the outcome.

3. Gambling

Cryptocyrrency based gambling is one thing of what they offer too.

Yet, it seems like it’s still halfway, not completely built and organized in this section on their website. There’re just few sites(FaucetHub Partners) in the category and what they can offer you with your options to choose seems quite limited yet.

Anyways, it for now offers some kind of Hi-Lo, Dice games in the gambling section. Just keep watching it if you’re interested in gambling in FaucetHub.io.

4. PTC & Offers

They also have PTC programs and offerwalls run by their partners’.

For new comers who don’t have an idea what’s PTC, PTC is a term short for “Pay To Click”. So how it usually works in PTC is simply, you get paid when you view desired ad displays such as banners or text ads etc. And when it comes to Cryptocurrency based PTC, you’re supposed to get paid one chosen crypto coin as you wish, just instead of real currency (e.g., USD, EURO and so on)

Their offerwalls has some different offers served. They pay you in your wanted crypto coin when you perform a specific task offered as instructed in each offer.

5. Crypto Mining

You can do browsing mining with FaucetHub for earning Bitcoin.

As what they claim, they’re mining Monero (XMR), using your hashing power(CPU power) in the background web-browser mining and pay you in Bitcoin same worth as the mined XMR from the mining process. So simply, you can conceive it as you’re earning just Bitcoin with their browser mining platform.

According to their claim, you can upgrade the rate of hashpower by leveling up. And the increase is 0.7% per 100 level-ups which you can reach by doing specific activities in FaucetHub.io. e.g., using their faucets or buying lottery tickets there etc.

6. Micro Crypto Wallet

This is the place that all the earned coins from all your FaucetHub activities are sent and stored. You can also receive & transfer from/to other crypto wallets outside of FaucetHub like any other normal wallets.

This is actually the biggest reason why people love FaucetHub.io for its convenience like you don’t have to move around to many different faucets and crypto sites for earning from differently located bitcoin faucets and other crypto coin sites, but it’s simply all in one right in Faucethub.io.

If you know Coinpot micro crypto wallet, it works very similarly as it.

7. The Others

  • FaucetHub On-Site Forum: Meet other members and interact.
  • Exchange: Crypto Exchange where you can trade your coins with other members.
  • Crypto News: Learn about what’s new in Cryptocurrency industry.


Come on.. Don’t Drag It On!!! So Do You Think It’s Legit or What?

FaucetHub Review: Scam or Legit?

faucethub review scam or legit, earn free crypto coins from micro crypto wallet. skeptical part of faucethub. free bitcoin altcoin faucets

Oh sorry LOL! Actually that’s the point why you’re here right now!! It slipped off in mind for a little while!!

So to be straight, it’s a well-known legit site that sure pays you out.

faucethub review scam or legit, FaucetHub Payment Proofs, earn free crypto coins from micro crypto wallet. skeptical part of faucethub. free bitcoin altcoin faucets, faucethub pays?, faucethub cashout withdrawal

By the way, they have minimum withdrawal threshold just as all other faucets do.

For examples of some coins, they require you to have as following to withdraw to other wallets of yours.

faucethub review scam or legit, earn free crypto coins from micro crypto wallet. skeptical part of faucethub. free bitcoin altcoin faucets, faucethub minimum withdrawal threshold

For further details of full minimal threshold table/fees info, refer to this page .


Hold On!! Not Done Yet!
Some Skepticism of Mine About FaucetHub.io

FaucetHub Review: Scam or Legit

Yeah it’s so true that FaucetHub is legit. BUT just being legit doesn’t mean it’s all good and excellent.

I’ve actually long been feeling FaucetHub.io has some skeptical parts in their website. I feel it ever since I started using it.

So what’s that about is… Just look at this!

faucethub review scam or legit, earn free crypto coins from micro crypto wallet. skeptical part of faucethub. free bitcoin altcoin faucets, faucethub has secret browsing mining malware

See? It’s the history of “Secret Browsing Mining” blocked by my “AntiMiner”.

So that’s it! that was the reason why I felt so sluggish and laggy on my computer whenever I accessed FaucetHub.io website!

It’s not even subtle, it’s really obviously slowing down your computer with the crappy sound of hard working CPU cooler!

So it’s obviously FaucetHub.io has got some SECRET browser minings on their website deceptively. And silently takes up users’ CPU power without permission for their own good.

Well, it would be just up to you whether you use FaucetHub.io, just for other benefits you can take ONLY IF you don’t mind your CPU and HARDWARE working hard for making them(FaucetHub people) money!

But if you decide on using the site despite of that, I’d really have to suggest you to use “an anti-miner” or “mining blocker”.  It could block the most of obvious attempts of malicious secret mining! BUT sorry to say, I can’t guarantee it’s 100% perfectly making all them away because I’m not 100% sure if they work that great.

It’s anyway kind of a necessity if you frequently use crypto faucets other than FaucetHub.io.

Visit FaucetHub.io 


Thank you for reading up my article: “FaucetHub Review: Scam or Legit”! As always, I hope I could be helpful to you guys! And remember I’m working hard all the time to see your happy face at my contents! Your satisfaction is my TOP priority always!! 

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Your friend Hong (Geniusminds) – FaucetHub Review: Scam or Legit –


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    • Hi there!

      Yeah that seems what it’s supposed to be. But technically, I always detect miners are starting activating without my permission on it when I access the site. And it definitely slows down my computer whenever I’m on the site. It’s a little obvious compared to any other types of websites I’m visiting online in terms of CPU usage and slowness.

      I assume that’d be a part that many users hope it further improves on, since Faucethub is rich of helpful functions and still good as a micro crypto wallet. Plus, getting rid of all malicious faucet sites with malware in Faucethub.com would become a pleasant news for who’re using Faucethub.

      Thank you for your input and your visit to my blog! Thanks a lot!!

      Your friend, Hong

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