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Do We Really Get Paid To Lose Weight?


My First Impression to “Get Paid To Lose Weight Programs”

– Get Paid To Lose Weight –

Get paid to lose weight? Does it make sense to you guys?

It certainly didn’t to me because I just took it as a scam at first. It sounded too fishy in my general perspective, doubting like “what the hell do they pay a group of “random” people for, for losing damn weight??” and “how can the idea of the business even be working financially??”. It was just full of nonsense to me and that easily led me to thinking “oh another funny type of scam is coming along in this world”!

Well, my first impression to “Get Paid to Lose Weight programs” began from my stereotyped negativity on that.

Soon after, I got a chance to research further on such Get Paid to Lose Weight sites because I felt interested talking about this topic on this blog regardless whether scam or legit. It’s anyway something unique and unusual for people to spot normally.

That maybe helped me soften my doubt about such programs? Actually it surprised me enough when I found out they actively keep their public relations with a number of certified media and press worldwide about their weight loss competition programs, especially “” as the industry leader makes a stunning impression to people who concerns about their obesity.

I could see it’s becoming publicly known more widely and widely to people.

Public Relations And The Legitimacy Of

– Get Paid To Lose Weight –



It seems it’s a total legitimate business and safe to use. As mentioned a moment ago, the business has got a lot of press coverage and they’ve been featured in CNN news, ABC news, Fox news, NRP, Good Morning America etc. Plus their BBB rating which is A+ is another factor that gives it a little more reliance to its credibility of the their business operation.

As well, user reviews on many online communities are generally good on that company and its weight loss program, already many that claim they got paid from the company for losing their weight.

HealthyWage – what do you think? from loseit


So, How Does That Get Paid To Lose Weight Program Work?

– Get Paid To Lose Weight –

Simply put, it’s weight loss and fitness challenges with cash prizes. Anyone can earn the winnings up to $10,000 when they accomplish their weight goal.

Too good to be true? Yes right, it might sound so because that’s what I thought at first too. But when you see a bit further about how it works, then it’d become more reasonable to you of how they pay you that bunch of cold cash: It’s, to be precise, an investment based cash prize program on your weight loss which, of course, can be at a certain degree of risk of losing all money. You will win an amount of money as they put it, “Cash Prizes”, based upon how much you invest in, only when you get an accomplishment on the weight loss goal you set in the first place.

The percentage of ROI (Return On Investment) depends on various factors, such as your wager amount, the amount of weight you set, the period of your challenge and such things as variation.

In my personal case, I tried myself to see how profitable the winning would be by using their prize calculator set on the middle of the homepage. And I saw this result as following.

get paid to lose weight healthywage, make money losing weight weight loss competition prize calculator

I bet 50$ monthly (It’s on a monthly payment basis) and set the duration 8 months, 20 lbs weight loss for a try. Then as seen in the prize calculation, I’m to get paid $444.44 in total with 11% profit of $44.44 in 8 months as long as I meet the goal.

That said, the profit when you achieve your goal weight loss is variable with a few variations you set, but what I guess is the general range of profit would be around 10% or so for the most of cases as I see.

How Do I Prove That I Lost My Weight To Claim The Prize?

– Get Paid To Lose Weight –

Mainly, you’ve got 2 options to verify your weight

  • Create a short weight-in video and upload to their website.
  • Download their app (HealthyWage) and follow the further instruction.

Then, What Happens If You Fail To Meet Your Weight Goal?

– Get Paid To Lose Weight –

So sorry to say that, you will lose all the money you wager if you fail! Plus it’s no cancellation or refund eligible to request during your challenge just while your challenge can be paused and you can rest for a while from the stress of losing weight.

It’s a bitter pillow to swallow you have to bear with. So double think before you jump into this program. If you don’t like such commitment and pressure of forcefully doing something, then this is not the right place for you!

By the way, did you know this fact that the chances get higher of achieving something when people are put in obligation or even at risk of losing money? Yeah that’s according to studies and what HealthyWage claims to motivate people who wish to lose weight!

Which Countries Are Available To Participate In This Program?

– Get Paid To Lose Weight –

It’s basically available for all countries worldwide just except those few countries like North Korea, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan etc unless you’re participating through their corporate challenge program and an employer such as Halliburton.

My Personal Thoughts

– Get Paid To Lose Weight –

Have you ever watched “The Biggest Loser” series? Yeah probably most of you ever have at least once.

It’s a concept of winning the big prizes out of harsh competitions and it’s really fun and even touching when you see how harsh, but determined they are to get through all that painful struggles to achieve not only the prizes, but the promise they make to themselves!

The Biggest Loser is the first thing that came to my mind when I spotted such Get Paid To Lose Weight programs (Although I felt so suspicious about them at first!! lol..) and I guess the motive of HealthyWage and other weight loss sites came from the tv series.

It’d be feeling really exciting winning a prize as well as the feeling of achieving what you promise. It’s absolutely like killing two birds with one stone, However!! A heads up again!! It’s all at your risk to lose your hard earned money because it’s an investment based scheme which cannot be risk-free!

Thus the program would be only recommendable for those who enjoy such commitments and pressures of losing money just in order to boost or make sure your diet and losing weight is done more efficiently!

Visit HealthyWage
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