Get Paid To Write Articles – Best 58 Places To Make $100+ Per Post

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Do you fancy writing on your hobby basis? Any topics like parenting, travelling, health and fitness, tech & computer, finance, hobbies or even personal stories that happen in your daily life!

It’s fun writing and share your voice with other people, isn’t it?! Yeah that’s one of the most pleasant way of human interaction by sharing love and fun with people or contributing some of your helpful expertise, insight or tips to help out people in need out there!

Get Paid To Write Articles!

But what would you say if you can even get paid decent compensation to write your things for online publication? What would you think if it can even earn you a living by writing articles from at amateur level to industry professional level?

It would even more delight you, right? It’s like you get paid to write articles and tips and stories while you’re doing something you love on your hobby basis. It couldn’t be more fantastic!

After some hard research, I found 58 great places that pay you $50 to $200 on average for submitting an article. Double checked that they’re currently valid and offering writing opportunities to contributing writers!

If you worry that you aren’t a professional writer? No worries, it doesn’t need you to be William Shakespeare or a master of literacy, but just being a casual talker and story teller that speaks in easy language to the public. A fun and lighthearted tone can do great! (Depending on the criteria of your writings e.,g. Life Style, Women, Parenting, Children, Family Life, Beauty and Fashion etc, you got a feel, right?! )


58 Places to Get Paid to Write Articles $50 – $200+

All the sites listed here that let you make money writing are arranged in each appropriate category, so you can get an easy view according to your interest or expertise. We’re gonna give it a go!


Get Paid To Write Articles

get paid to write articles, make money writing, write lifestyle articles


1. Petcha

Write for pet bird owners of parrots, canaries, finches or doves.

It pays $100 – $200 for a short feature (1,000 words), $300 – $400 for 1,500 – 2,500 words.

Petcha Contributor’s Page


2. BlessThisList

Anything interesting or fun or bizarre things that you got in your personal life. No need to be an expert, but just being a fun talker.

$100 paid per post.

BlessThisList Contributor’s Page 


3. Pentimento Magazine

Articles, Poetries, Art & Photography for people with disability.

It pays $250 per an approved article which is great.

Pentimento Magazine Contributor’s Page


4. Bro Bible

Brotherhood! It’s a men’s magazine covering comprehensive topics that men are interested about.

$50 compensated per article.

Bro Bible Contributor’s Page 


5. List Verse

Pretty much of any writing topics from Life Style to Science. It’s a magazine covering general interesting criteria.

Get paid writing an article for $100.

List Verse Contributor’s Page 


6. Narratively

Vast range of categories related to general life style.

$150 paid per article! Get paid writing articles for them!

Narratively Contributor’s Page


7. Cosmo Politan

Share your college life about Friends, Class, Dating, Partying, Studying, Working or anything that takes place in your school life.

It pays $100 for your effort of 800 words

Cosmo Politan Contributor’s Page




Get Paid To Write Articles

get paid to write articles, make money writing, writing women lifestyle, freelance writer job

8. The Hairpin

Write about women’s stuff in huge range of topics!

They pay you $50 – $300, depending on the number of words.

Hairpin Contributor’s Page


9. Verilymag

Pitch your writings if interested in Fashion, Beauty, Relationship, Healthy Living and more!

$50 is their compensation upon their approval on your article submitted.

Verilymag Contributor’s Page


10. The Intro Spectionist

Women & Life Style magazine.

Get paid $25 – $200 per article, depending on the length of words.
($25 for 500 words, $100 for 2,000 words, $200 for 5,000 words)

Take a note that response from the team can take time for your application, due to loads of work for them.

TheIntroSpectionist Contributor’s Page



Entertainment & Humor

Get Paid To Write Articles

get paid to write articles, make money writing, gaming, entertainment articles, freelance writers


11. Escapist Magazine

Are you a video game geeks? Or fanatic with movies and TV shows? Then it’s the right place for you to pitch your thoughts on it!

$250 paid per article which is quite decent!

Escapist Magazine Contributor’s Page


12. Cracked

I personally love this site full of humor and jokes!! Are you consider yourself a big joker? Then drop by here to have a look and feel! You can make money writing while you’re cracking all silly jokes!

$50 – $200 will be paid for your article.

Cracked Contributor’s Page 


Business & Industry

Get Paid To Write Articles

get paid to write articles, make money writing, freelance writer, business article magazine

13. B. Michell Pippin

Pitch your expertise in a business area and get paid!

It pays, ranging from $50 – $150.

B. Michell Pippin Contributor’s Page


14. E-Commerce Insider

If you’re an experienced e-commerce business owner, share your thoughts or tips or guide here.

$75 for 400 words.
$125 for 600 words.
$150 for 600+ words.

E-Commerce Insider Contributor’s Page 


15. Your Online Biz

Write about online business, marketing, online traffic.

It compensates you as a writer $100 per article.

Your Online Biz Contributor’s Page


Cooking & Food

Get Paid To Write Articles

get paid to write articles, make money writing, freelance writers, food blog, recipe

16. Cooking Detective

How-To-Cook guides and food recipes or generally food related writings will be welcomed!

$75 for 2,000+ words.
$120 – $160 for an ultimate guide containing 3,000 – 4,000 words.

Cooking Detective Contributor’s Page


17. iWINE

Write specifically about wine and the wine industry. If you have an expertise in wine, it’d be worth trying your pitch and make money on the side!

Up to $50 per article to pay its contributors. 700 – 1,000 words contained.

iWINE Contributor’s Page


Personal Finance

Get Paid To Write Articles

get paid to write articles, make money writing, freelance writer, finance articles

18. Stretcher

If you have some money tips (e.g., How to earn money online or save money), you can try this site to contribute your informative tips about money.

They pay $0.10 per word.

Sretcher Contributor’s Page


19. Money Pantry

Sharing your ideas about how to earn money online or offline is making you money.

Write money ideas and get paid writing!

$30 – $150 per post.

Money Pantry Contributor’s Page 


20. The Penny Hoarder

Similar to the previous two. It’s for writing money-making ideas or saving tips in daily life.

It pays $75 for 600 – 900 word article but don’t miss out the opportunity of winning extra $800 prize when your article’s getting lots of traffic!

Penny Hoarder Contributor’s Page


Parenting & Family

Get Paid To Write Articles

get paid to write articles, make money writing, freelance writer, parenting articles

21. A Fine Parent

Get paid writing articles about parenting.

$100 for 1,500 – 2,500 words.
Plus a extra $200 for the most popular article annually.

A Fine Parent Contributor’s Page


22. Metro Parent

Writing about parenting, family life, food and more of general topics out of your daily life.

$35 – $50 for 100 – 600 words.
$150 – $350 for 1,000 – 2,500 words.

MetroParent Contributor’s Page


23. Youth Today

It’s a newspaper for people who work with children. Share piece of your experience and view in children related topics.

Pays $150 up to $2,000 per approval of an article.

Youth Today Contributor’s Page


24. Mom.Me

If you’re a mom of your kids, write your stories of family life and tips for a better parenting.

Money making opportunities here for your contribution with quality contents.

Get paid $350 for an article.

Take into account that there’s no specific contributor’s page, you’d need to email to the site admin for pitching your articles!

Mom.Me Homepage


25. Mommyish

Write about mom & parenting.

$50 is paid for an article to submit.

No contributor’s page, so just email the admin for your application!

Mommyish Homepage


26. Momtastic

They’re waiting for your contribution for parenting tips and advice or life stories.

$60 is their pay rate per article.

You’d need to personally contact the admin for the application.

Momtastic Homepage



Get Paid To Write Articles

get paid to write articles, make money writing, freelance writer, Hobby, activity guides

27. Dropzone

Breathtaking! It’s a dedicated skydiving magazine that wants to share your experiences or expertise in skydiving!

They pay $50 – $100 per article.

Dropzone Contributor’s Page


28. Knitty

As the name suggests, it’s about knitting. Try this site if you’re a knitter.

$75 – $100 pay rates.

Knitty Contributor’s Page


29. Model Railroad Hobbyist

Like what it sounds like, it’s a model railroad community. If you have a hobby for that, you will like to work with this site.

$10 paid for a quick article (350 words)
$230 – $1,000 for lengthy article.

Model Railroad Hobbyist Contributor’s Page 


Health & Fitness

Get Paid To Write Articles

get paid to write articles, make money writing, freelance writer, exercise healthy living fitness

30. Healthy Living Magazine

Regarding Health, Anti-Aging, Beauty, Lifestyle, Parenting, Food Recipes and More.

$150 is paid for 1,500 word articles.

Contributor’s Page 


31. Vibrant Life

Exercise, Physical/Mental/Spiritual Health blog.

Pays $100 – $300 for related articles.

Vibrant Life Contributor’s Page


32. Achs

Industry experts welcomed to post articles about health and wellness.

$50 per post

Achs Contributor’s Page


Web Development & Software Tools

Get Paid To Write Articles

get paid to write articles, make money writing, freelance writer, IT, Web Design Development software tools articles tips guides

33. Get Fly Wheel

Are you a Word Press expert? If so, why not share your knowledge in form of article on this site?

Get paid $150 per article.

GetFlyWheel Contributor’s Page


34. Slick WP

It’s a blog for Word Press users. Write your tips and guides regarding Word Press for the audience.

It pays up to $100 for blog posts.

SlickWP Contributor’s Page


35. SemaPhore

Write expert tutorials for the community and get paid writing!

It generally covers software development articles, tutorials and tips etc.

Ranging from $100 – $300 differing on what type of tutorial you write.

SemaPhore Contributor’s Page


36. PhotoShop Tutorials

Create your tutorials about Photoshop.

$50 for quick tips.
$150 – $300 for full length tutorials.

Photoshop Tutorials Contributor’s Page


37. Tech Pedia

IT blog. If you’re an IT person, give your ideas for its community!

$50 – $150 per article.

TechPedia Contributor’s Page


38. UX Booth

Tech and Web Design related blog which also covers comprehensive topics in regards to Tech.

$100 for 1,200 – 1,800 word long.

UXBooth Contributor’s Page


39. A List Apart

Web development related topics.

$200 per post.

aListApart Contributor’s Page


40. Linode Blog

Web hosting and its industry.

$100 paid per post.

LinodeBlog Contributor’s Page


41. Smashing Mahazine

Web Design & Web Development.

$200 per article.

Contributor’s Page

Freelance Writers & Bloggers

Get Paid To Write Articles

get paid to write articles, make money writing, write for writers, freelance writers bloggers

42. Make A Living Writing

Write for writers. Tips and information that can help other fellow writers should be great if you have know-how in this field.

$75 – $150 is their compensation for your articles.

Contributor’s Page


43. Freelance Mom

Get paid to write articles about freelance industry, industry trends, knowledge, how-to articles, living tips.

$75 – $100 per article, plus extra $150 for when your article is at the top of the most shared.

FreelanceMom Contributor’s Page


44. Take Lessons

Post teach guidelines for the site and get paid for it.

$50 for 500 words.

TakeLessons Contributor’s Page


45. Be A Freelance Blogger

Related to being a freelance writer or blogger.

$100 is paid for 1,000 word guidelines or articles.

Contributor’s Page


46. Funds For Writers

Writing tips and guides to help out other writers for the better.

$15 – $50 for 500 to 600 words.

FundsForWriters Contiributor’s Page


47. Wow! Women On Writing

Comprehensive guides and tips for freelance writers.

$50 – $150 per post.

Contributor’s Page


48. Writers Weekly

Professional writers’ news.

$40 – $60 per post.

WritersWeekly Contributor’s Page


49. How I Round

It’s community for professional playwrights and theatremakers. If you’re involved in the industry, contribute what you know to the community.

$50 for 750 – 1,000 words.
$150 for 1,500 – 2,000 words.

HowIRound Contributor’s Page



Get Paid To Write Articles

get paid to write articles, make money writing, freelance writer, writing for travel writers

50. Transitions Abroad

It talks about working abroad, living & moving abroad, volunteer abroad, studying overseas, teaching English in foreign countries. If one of them or more is your thing(s), then be part of the blog for your experiences and thoughts!

$50 – $150 per article containing 1250 – 2000+ words.

Contributor’s Page


51. The Travel Writer’s Life

This site publishes interviews and personal stories about the life of travel writers.
They also cover travel photographer’s, tour operator’s and other travel industry professionals’ experiences, if you’re involved in the field or are full of ideas about how to make a living travelling, then this site will welcome you to share your precious know-hows related to it.

$50 – $75 paid for articles.
$100 – $150 for interviews and personal stories.
$150 – $200 for specific income advice in association with travel.

Contributor’s Page


52. Literary Traveler

It’s way of making money writing articles about travels, tours, hotels worldwide or life overseas.

$50 for posts.

Literary Traveler Contributor’s Page


53. Matador

Travel and cultures worldwide. Some other general topics allowed to write too.

$20 – $60 are expected earnings per article.

Matador Contributor’s Page


54. The Travel Writer’s Life

Travel writers writing about other travel writers rather than travel itself.
Tips and How-To guides and helpful information for those who make a living as travel writers will do great.

$50 – $200 per article.

Contributor’s Page


55. International Living

This is a blog that comprehensively takes care of all useful information about living overseas, such as living tips overseas, real estate overseas, education abroad and more that are helpful for people who are living in other countries.

Get paid writing articles: $75 for 500 – 600 words.

International Living Contributor’s Page



Get Paid To Write Articles

get paid to write articles, make money writing, freelance writer, writing environmental articles and green energy, wildlife

56. Earth Island Journal

This is a print journal that also carries out their online publication. If you’re an expert in one of those, you can pitch your articles! : Environmental Issues, Wildlife, Land Conservation Issues, Environmental Protection, Climate & Energy Issues etc.

25 cents per word. Around $700 – $1,000 per 4,000 word in-depth feature story.

Earth Island Journal Contributor’s Page


57. Sierra

It’s also a print magazine that also runs online blog section on their website.

It pays writers who write about climate & energy, wildlife  and environmental issues, green lifestyle and adventure travel.

Their payment is $50 up to $1,000 per article.

Sierra Contributor’s Page


58. Entelligent

Write about energy, environmental businesses, green energy etc for their investment-focused audience.

$180 per article.

Entelligent Contributor’s Page


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