How to Make Money on Pinterest without a Blog

How to Make Money on Pinterest Without a blog Pinteresting Affiliate Marketing Influencer Marketing

Is pinning your fun and loving stuff on Pinterest your daily hobby? Yeah Pinterest is so much fun and really useful it’s full of fascinating and informative images and infographics just because of people like you loving pinning helpful resources for other people out there!

Your pins are golden and your audience sure love it! They would really appreciate your contribution to making their Pinterest world content-rich and a tremendous resource pool!

Right, it’s been so far, just as your hobby and I know you’re just there purely loving what you do on Pinterest, sharing your stuff and images with your audience. You might not desire so further just than that.

Look here! Big question! Did you ever know you can actually make money on Pinterest while you’re just enjoying your pinning on Pinterest? Yes, this is so true, no hype.

There sure are ways to make money and monetize your Pinterest presence, oh even without a blog or a website! It’s just single (or multiple) of your Pinterest account required to do this awesome job!

So today, in this post I’ve decided to reveal some clues and share with you guys about How to Make Money on Pinterest without a Blog.

Let’s start it off!

How to Make Money on Pinterest without a Blog and with less effort.

When people are thinking about how to make money online, what usually pops into their head would be something with regard to having a blog or website.

Yeah right, I bet they are good ways to make money online. That’s really awesome and ensuring you a solid source of income online when built well over time.

But one thing we should first check about this is the difficulty, and the amount of your time, dedication, and effort that you actually need a ton of to succeed to establish a successful blog or website and make a visible income.

Of course, some people would say “there’s no over night success. You need time to invest in something you wish to make a substantial success.” And they’re… they’re absolutely right!! I have no any opposition against it at all!!

But like I just said, what’re the things we should consider before anything to start off? Yeah right. It’s really time consuming. It’s a period of time and your numerous effort and affection needed, and what’s the matter now is? Yes, you’re just too busy enough with other more important valuable stuff in your life to fully dedicate yourself to building a website/blog and work on it over time..

So this post will inspire you with how to make money online on Pinterest without so much of your preparation or time, dedicated to you like a casual and lite user of this Make-Money-Online game.

What In The World Are The Freaking Ways to Make Money on Pinterest without a Blog

Mainly 2 different ways. It’s just few? But I know it’s powerful ways that can actually trigger to make you money online just out of your Pinterest account.

Let’s break it down and see what the two are.

1. Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

How to Make money on Pinterest without a Blog

Back in 2015, there was a time when Pinterest implemented prohibiting “direct affiliate links” on Pinterest due to a flood of spamming contents and the abuses of the Pinterest ecosystem.

Not too long since then, just on May 12, 2016, Pinterest re-announced that affiliate links were once again allowed on Pinterest that they equipped the social media with a better and more efficient spam filtering system and the confidence to protect from spammers and abusers, the safe environment of their community.

Since then, Pinterest has been becoming the one of the most fantastic sources for affiliate marketing and came back to internet/affiliate marketers as a gold mine due to its superbly high engagement and converting rates of its users, plus with the biggest perk: the majority user locations from the U.S and other top tier countries which are more likely to be converted for actual sales and purchases.

I suppose Pinterest affiliate marketing is one of the easiest methods that you can carry out your affiliate marketing campaigns by. And as its one of perks, it’s no need of a blog or website through which you have to redirect traffic to the affiliate landing pages. (Destination pages)

In fact, what it takes to make your Pinterest Affiliate Marketing work are just as hassle free: one or a couple (As per your personal need) of your Pinterest account(s) , a graphic tool by which you can create your Pin images, and most importantly, an affiliate link(s) that you’d like to promote to the audience in your niche.

Again, Pinterest is a super great social platform that can possibly produce a tremendous amount of high quality online traffic and exposure to your pins that end up possibly producing a lot of affiliate link clicks and purchases.

I bet it’s just a matter of time that you can make lots of affiliate sales through Pinterest just when you get a creative, helpful, informative, and appealing pin going viral within the social channel. Just don’t forget attaching your affiliate link in your popular pins, that drive you a good number of sales.

Quick guide on Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

What you need:
  • Pinterest Account(s) – Sign up here if you haven’t yet.
  • Graphic Tool(s) – is a great drag & drop easy image tool, fit for creating pin images for Pinterest. As well, it’s free of use. (Freemium)
  • Affiliate Program(s) of your choice – It goes without saying you need one or as many more as you need of your Affiliate Program(s) to monetize your Pinterest. First of all, try to come up with an idea of what your audience would love to see and buy. It’s recommended to choose what’s closely fit for the niche of your pin boards.
What You Do:
  1. Create a promotional graphic ad or inforgraphic to pin, that your audience would love and appreciate to see. As highly recommended, using will make it just easier to walk through this process that it’s a beginner friendly drag and drop easy graphic tool.
  2. Upload your image onto the pin you create. Fill in the pin description with a few of your targeted keywords stuffed in. (This is one attribution for improving Pinterest search engine result. Don’t forget that Pinterest is also a type of search engine just like Google.)
  3. Most importantly, never ever miss this one crucial process: putting in an affiliate link provided from the affiliate program you’re an affiliate to. Your people will see your pins and finally click through the link you put in to be directed to the affiliate product page. At this stage, every product/service purchased by people through your affiliate link will earn you an affiliate commission and to turn into your income.
Tips on How to Expose Your Pins as a Pinterest beginner

Unless you’re already one with an established large following base, it’s always a hair pulling stressful part to think up about how to get the eyeballs when you’re a beginner and just a baby pinner in Pinterest.

You would need traffic in order to promote and sell your affiliate products and HOW when you just have none to a small following base there?

Now I gotta say “don’t worry dude, it will just come as easy and an instant effect to bringing traffic onto your pins if you understand the algorithm of Pinterest.”.

As said briefly just earlier, Pinterest is more like a “search engine” rather than a social media. It’s a visual based search engine where users search for the images and graphics that they want/need.

So what’s the most considerable factor to win traffic from Pinterest is neither how large your currently existing following base, nor how many fans you have for your pins and boards unlike other social media. But the more important point to actually determine your Pinterest success is “how favorably your pins are indexed on the search engine” to be searched by millions users out there and engage with your pins.

High rates of user engagement mainly made up with “Repins (Pin Save)” and “Post Clicks”. Yes, straightforwardly that’s it. that’s the most significant attribution for Pinterest to recognize your pins are popular and loved by people, and to decide to drag up your pins onto the top search ranking result on the particular keyword. Eventually, that leads your pins to expose to thousands of eyeballs.

It couldn’t be any easier to get traffic on Pinterest once your pin(s) goes viral (it needs it to be visually eye catching first of all..) and gets indexed high in the search engine. And to make it easier to happen, especially when you’re a beginner with just none to few followers, I highly recommend you to join in “pinterest group boards” as a contributor so you can share all the already existing followers ready to see your pins you publish.

With that way, if you succeed to drag a good amount of attention and user engagement out of the group board followers, then it will sure be recognized in the system and in the end, it jumps up to the top search engine result or possibly featured on Pinterest feed that brings tons of tons of tons of traffic and followers to your pins and boards! It, then, just repeats the way favorably over and over that will solidify your Pinterest presence over time.

2. Pinterest Influencer Marketing

How to Make money on Pinterest without a Blog

As another way to make money on Pinterest is using the Influencer Marketing method.

It’s now becoming a new normal since the time companies and brands recognized the importance of influencer marketing AKA “Viral Marketing”.

Companies pay you to pin on Pinterest that advocates, endorses their products/services, or that just includes their product lines in your pin for the effect of spreading the brand awareness.

It pays you more when you have a larger following base. It’s simply the larger pool of your followers, the higher rates paid for you and it’s usually per-pin based for the payment paid by companies.

On the market average, it seems that $20 per pin is paid for an account of 2,000 – 5,000 following base. As having observed in the market transactions, some mega deals like $500 to $1,000 per pin has been watched, just depending on the volume of one’s following base and what niche it is.

Good places to start off your Pinterest influencer marketing campaigns on are a bunch like Fiverr, Upwork, as such freelance gig marketplaces, or more helpfully on more dedicated social influence marketing platforms like “Loop 88”.

Loop 88 seems a nice place to work on with if you have a good number of followers at least more than 5,000. And the followers should be niche-focused in a certain area(s).

The most popular niches for Pinterest Influencer Marketing are “Fashion” , “Cosmetic & Beauty Products(Make-Up)”, and “Home Decor” etc. They are the ones that boast the highest rate of demands by companies and brands; it’s higher chances to get offered a collaboration opportunity if your niche and audience are focused in one of the said industries.

Quick guide on Pinterest Influencer Marketing

What You Need:
  • Pinterest Account
  • Following Base Larger Than 5,000 Followers (In a Specific Niche)
  • An Account of Loop 88 or Other Social Media Influencer Platform
  • Otherwise, Using Freelance Gig Marketplaces like to Sell Your Pins to Buyers There.
  • A Bank Account or an E-Payment Wallet such as Paypal in order to receive your service fees.
What You Do:
  1. Decide on which platform/marketplace you would use to deal with advertisers.
  2. Price your services and prepare with a brief portfolio to appeal your potential advertisers.
  3. Try to reach out to advertisers who might need your service for a Pinterest marketing campaign
  4. Pin it with what you’re required/requested to your audience. It’s usually on a Pay Per Pin basis.

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