Makeculous Review: Scam Or Legit – Is This A Genuine Get-Paid-To Site?

MakeCulous Review Scam Or Legit, Genuine Get Paid To Site Paying Users For Paid Surveys, Cash Offers, Rewarding Offers, Watching Videos. Make Money Online Answering Paid Surveys, Paypal cash out

Do you believe in making money online with GPT (Get Paid To) sites? Like make money completing paid surveys or sign-up offers or even watching videos? Is it truly possible to make that easy money just while you’re sitting back at your computer or rolling on the couch with your smartphone?

I know many of you might be thinking so hard now! Some wouldn’t trust it much, and other some would carefully say “yes, it can make you money”. It’s kinda a controversial matter that the folks online talk over for a long period of time since the debut of the online world.

Often times, we can stumble on people on the internet that claim they make hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month just using paid survey or get-paid sites,, Well.. I’m nothing against them and they might be right, also it could be possible.

However one thing I can confidently say is that AT LEAST it won’t ever happen to the majority of users working on paid survey sites with the hope of making a substantial amount of money from there, besides the fairy tale make-money-online super stars and ninjas.

That being said, in contrast I still believe Get Paid To sites (or paid survey sites) are fairly helpful on the other hand. I don’t mean it’s good for making a living or any impressive amount of income, but what I actually mean is it can be still a good option for making some pocket money. Like the extra on the side as small as below than $50 a month. Because who earns that small side money is myself and my overall opinion about such GPT sites is just based on my personal experience with that. As for me, it’s just extremely small like $20 – $30 a month, but on the other hand, it’s just easily made like sitting at computer for 10 minutes or so a day. Most importantly it’s consistent earnings that come again and again over time.

So it can be either, a good or wasteful option totally depending on people’s preferences. For the people who expect excessively much about GPT, it’ll leave a great disappointment, or else for the other people who take it casually just with a humble desire to earn a side income (more like pocket money), it will be a happy earning source for a small income.

I really wanted to make it clear about the fact before starting this post of “Makeculous Review: Scam Or Legit“. Because Makeculous that we’re going to review now is one of GPT sites that claims users can make money answering surveys, completing offers or watching videos from there.

Well, it sounds all good and great! With that said, I don’t trust any earning sites online that promise sweet honey without examining all in details to see if it’s scam or legit and worth it or not. So here we go today! We’re going to review a GPT (Get Paid To) site called “Makeculous”. And let’s see if it’s a good GPT and pays users without scamming and most importantly how much you could earn with this!

Hang tight! We’re gonna get started!


Makeculous Review: Scam Or Legit


Makeculous review scam or legit, get paid to answer paid surveys, cash offers, offerwalls, earn money watching video, pay users


About Makeculous

Makeculous Review – Scam Or Legit?

Makeculous is relatively a new Get Paid To site that has been around for a year.

Although its short history of having been in market, it seems growing fast and boasts its online presence rapidly spread over the internet recently. The number of its total members is now about 23,000 from the globe, it seems it’s gaining more momentum with its pace of growing this year in 2018 compared to the last year which was the starting year of the new GPT site.

Considering the green sign, Makeculous is expected to be growing in a consistent pace, hopefully providing more valuable offers and earning opportunities for its users while it’s being more developed and settling down in the industry.


What Makeculous Offers

Makeculous Review – Scam Or Legit?

Makeculous serves users from all over the world, providing its market research questionnaires and paid surveys, various types of cash offers and few other cash earning opportunities.

As a GPT site, it seems it provides the most offers that other GPTs do, like paid surveys and offerwalls. But what makes Makeculous a bit more interesting is about the video section where users get paid to be just watching videos.

Indeed, this looks like a decent Get-Paid-To site though, there seems room for more improvement for more solid cash offers to be in service. Seemingly it’s in lack of diversity of what users can substantially earn money from in this site.

Anyways, let’s break down each section in details that Makeculous offers!


1. Paid Surveys

Makeculous review scam or legit, get paid to answer paid surveys, cash offers, offerwalls, earn money watching video, pay users

There’re several survey routers searching survey offers for users in matchable criteria. It’s convenient to use; just clicking on the “Open” button, then it automatically sort through right surveys to deliver if it fits a particular user.

The rates per survey completion are differentiated depending on which survey router a user uses, generally ranging from $0.40 to $0.80 rewarded upon the completion of a questionnaire which is not too bad.

All the survey offers provided on Makeculous are originally handed from such big names in the market research industry such as Your Surveys, Peanut Labs, Opinion Capital which Makeculous has partnered with so far. They all are reliable survey providers from which you’d get lots of valid survey opportunities and earn cash once your conditions meet their criteria, however it’s a little shame that Makecoulous doesn’t have a wider range of survey offers available at the moment.

2. Offerwalls

Makeculous review scam or legit, get paid to answer paid surveys, cash offers, offerwalls, earn money watching video, pay users

Comprehensively, it has variety of offers sourced from a number of different cash rewarding companies – Paid surveys (You can also get paid surveys from here!), sign up offers, mobile app installation offers, sweepstakes, pay-per-click, crypto browser mining and really widely more.

All that cash rewarding offers are paying users to complete any of each one. The reward amounts are hugely depending on each type of offers out there.

Their offerwalls section is quite an impressive part of what Makeculous has, that I personally feel. There seems tons of different types of offers and money making activities around there and I can sure tell it’s pretty richer and wider of contents in the offerwalls than most of mediocre GPT sites have.

3. Video

Makeculous review scam or legit, get paid to answer paid surveys, cash offers, offerwalls, earn money watching video, pay users, get paid watching videos

It’s an interesting part that you can earn money just watching a short clip of videos. Most of the videos there are quite short in length, mostly like below than 3 minutes and it doesn’t take you too long to get paid per video.

Even, there’re several videos there catching my eyes with its interesting topics and titles, you might get yourself to enjoy just watching them for your own fun rather than earning money through it. All the videos there are streamed via Daily Motion and many random topics on the videos, like lifestyle, sports, bodybuilding etc.

While it’s pretty okay overall, there’re a couple of big downsides around this; the earning rate through Videos isn’t so substantial you would just get paid $0.001 for a video so it wouldn’t help you so much for earning real value, and the number of videos available to watch there is very limited like 16 videos only, valid for getting paid.

4. Referral Program

Referring friends to this site is also a way to earn money from Makeculous.

Once you refer one, then it pays you commissions on 10% of all the referral’s earnings for life. If you’ve got a number of referrals under your downline then it’ll dramatically accumulate your earnings from there.

Referral links and banners in different sizes are provided on the referral section of the site that may help build your referral line.


So Makeculous Is Scam Or Legit?!

Makeculous Review – Scam Or Legit?

Regardless whether or not it’s worthwhile, it’s at least a legit GPT that always makes sure paying its members. Anyone wouldn’t have to worry in terms of getting paid for what one deserves. To be honest, I know the admin of Makeculous personally and as far as he’s to me, he’s a very honest, trustful and thoughtful person. It’s a great strength of Makeculous because it’s run by such a reliable admin.

Makeculous review scam or legit, get paid to answer paid surveys, cash offers, offerwalls, earn money watching video, pay users, Makeculous payment proofs

Makeculous review scam or legit, get paid to answer paid surveys, cash offers, offerwalls, earn money watching video, pay users, Makeculous payment proofs

Pros and Cons

Makeculous Review – Scam Or Legit?


  • It’s a legit paid survey & cash rewarding site that makes sure paying out on time.
  • Variety of cash earning offers (Offerwall) that users can try to earn money.
  • Free to join, free to access paid surveys and other cash offers
  • Paypal is supported as a cash out option while some other GPTs don’t
  • Offers available for international users without geographic restrictions.
  • Acceptable minimum cash out threshold amount which is $10.
  • Modern and neat site design & well organized site structure.
  • Available for teens to sign up and earn cash thanks to its low age limit.


  • Lack of solid earning methods or fewer options of it that allow users for more substantial earnings, compared to other GPTs.
  • Shorter history than other established GPTs or paid survey sites.
  • A few of trivial offers like the “Video” section and “Coinhive Claim” which are unable to keep it worthwhile for time spent.
  • Feeling of something missing overall. Some improvement entirely over the site seems required. For instance, some more meaty and juicy contents and offers by which users can stably earn cash.


Quick Overview Of Makeculous

Makeculous Review – Scam Or Legit?

Legitimacy Status: Legit
Serviceable Locations: Worldwide
Age Limit: Older Than Age 13
Payout Methods: Paypal, Coinbase(Bitcoin)
Minimum Cash-Out: At least $10 in Balance (10,000 Points in the site currency)
Referral Program: 10% Commission for Life
Mobile Friendly: Mobile Optimized
Features: Paid Surveys, Cash Offers (sign-up, install, purchase, pay per click, crowd sourcing mini jobs etc), Paid to Watch Videos, CoinHive

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