Neobux Review: Scam or Legit? Their Rented Referral Program Works?

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Today’s Scam or Legit review is about Neobux, seemingly called “the King of PTC” by some folks.

For those who have no idea what’s PTC, PTC is a shorten term for “Paid To Click” which Neobux is well known about. It’s an advertising platform where users can earn some little amount of pennies by clicking on displayed ads provided by advertisers who advertise their products or services through the platform. Neobux is one of exactly the same sort that claims that they offer opportunities for people to make money online by viewing ads.

So do they really do their job as they promised? Does it really create opportunities for people to earn worthwhile income online just by viewing ads? Is it worth your time working on Neobux?

Let’s see all about that in “Neobux Review: Scam or Legit?” below! Stay tuned!


About Neobux

Neobux Review Scam or Legit?

Neobux is the most well known PTC (Paid to Click) site that has been around since 2008 of their foundation year.

It’s considered the leader of PTC, producing lots of success stories of their users, which however, are not very proven whether or not they’re genuine stories.

Over the last 10 years of their operation, Neobux has gotten very problematic especially for the one of programs they offer, called “Rented Referral”. Skepticism of their users around the Rented Referral program has badly grown with lots of claims made by users that It uses “Bots” or other artificial means for deceptive purposes and users who use their rented referrals will end up losing their invested money at last.

Other than that, it’s also possible earning without having rented referrals. Neobux is at least clear about this part that they make sure paying out users as long as they reached the payout threshold. But the problem seems like it’s not productively worthwhile working on Neobux in consideration to the time to be invested in, and the efforts made for it because it’s, after all, only penny-earnings. ($0.001 paid for viewing a 20 second ad.)

Neobux Review Scam or Legit?

Being that said, it’s still easy to find praising songs and lots of 6 figure guru stradtegies about Neobux on the internet. But as many know, it seems highly possibly like fake reviews which were purposely made for getting direct referrals through the referral links put on somewhere in the review pages.

If you still want to give it one more chance or want to experiment or even strongly believe in Neobux and the possibility of earning 4 -6 figure income that Neobux claims to be possible, you perhaps could try. But you’re still warned not to fall for the fishy pyramid scheme unless you wish to lose either your time or money or both.

What Neobux Offers

Neobux Review Scam or Legit?

1. Paid To Click – Neobux Review

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Paid to Click is its main service that Neobux offers to its earners. Those fixed advertisements as per image are adverts promoted by individual advertisers in Neobux. As earners, all the ads are clickable to enter to get paid by viewing for about 20 to 60 seconds each.

The compensation per ad is flat $0.001 for standard memberships. Around 15 ads are available to view daily.

At this point, some might’ve noticed that the two different kinds of ads have different prices; the orange ads are paying $0.01 per each in the image. Yes you’re correct it pays $0.01 for an ad of the orange to view. But the Screen shot was taken from my actual account which is under Golden membership that is offered higher compensation than users with standard membership. (For the case of standard membership it’s all flat $0.001)


 2. Mni Jobs – Neobux Review

neobux review scam legit, paid to click wroth, neobux rented referral program scam



It also offers micro tasks as a means of earning cash in the site. Typing, Proofreading, Small Research jobs are typical types of tasks there, paying few cents per each job complete.

It seems not really productive in consideration with the pay rates and the time spent to complete. As my personal experiment, each job done needs about 15 minutes or more and get paid 3 -8 cents. This is the last thing I’d fancy to do. I don’t badly recommend you to do so.


3. Offerwall/Games/Surveys – Neobux Review

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Neobux has kind of Offerwall that provides mini offers comprehensively.

Survey, Sign-Up offers, Flash Games, Shopping Rebate Deals or Watching-Video deals and moreover, are available in order to earn “Coins” which can be used for purchasing Golden membership or rented referrals.

The volume of offers valid is to depend on the geography of users since it’s commercially on market research purposes or regionally restricted advertisements included.

Problematic Issues Neobux Has

Neobux Review Scam or Legit?

The biggest concerns of people about using Neobux would be narrowed down into the 2 things:

  1. The Rented Referral Program 
  2. The Membership Structure & its costly fees 

Skepticism Towards Neobux Rented Referral Program

As Neobux claims, rented referrals are users of Neobux that signed up on the site without being referred by anyone. They say the users without referrers are rented to other users in Neobux who purchased Rented Referrals.

Per 100 referrals it costs about $20 to rent for a month. And users who hire rented referrals, earn commissions for the clicks made by their rented referrals.

Well,, so far so good,, anyhow it’d be good as long as the rented referrals could actually earn you commissions and return your investment safely.

Look.. is it really so? The rented referrals really make you profit beyond your invested amount?

I personally used Neobux for the last 9 months and am in golden paid membership which I bought for $90 upfront.

Initially I’d got a nice impression on Neobux and jumped to think I would make some money with it if I invested some dough.

All the Neobux strategies and 4 figure passive income making guides I read, sounded so reasonable and I felt like I discovered a gold mine that would earn me passive income with blessing rented referrals Neobux thankfully offered.

I aggressively came down to work on the PTC site,, seriously. Purchased the $90 Golden Membership and additionally $20 spent for my first batch of 100 rented referrals on the same day.

It went good. Not Bad. I got the average click rate near to 2.0 clicks per rented referral from the start. (with 100 rented referrals) It was pretty good, at least in profitable line. The half of them made 4 clicks and the other were resting on a day, and the other half who were resting the last day started clicking 4 clicks while the other group of the half were resting.

It kept going at the rate until I reached the 3rd weeks when I purchased 200 more rented referrals to 300 purchased referrals in total.

Then Strange thing began to happen.

From the third week, the average clicks dropped to 1.2 from 2.0. Well it’s acceptable since it’s still within the profitable line. (0.7 average click is the Break-Even) I just thought I’d manage it by well management of the rented referrals by saving the rent extension costs and some smart recycling on existing referrals. Then I went further by hiring 100 more rented referrals.

Then the 4th weeks, it dropped again to 1.0, the 5th weeks, to 0.7. After soon, it even drastically decreased down into 0.5 which is a sign of a loss and of which I couldn’t get back my investment for 100%.

It was very fishy… It was like something on top of it gets a control over the whole thing because It was obviously seen that it so systematically and mathematically kept the rate to decrease week by week as though I was played by bots or some artificial manipulations.

I, then promptly got in search on the internet and tried to figure out if there was something skeptically behind it. Through forums and online communities, social media channels and so on.

After not too long, I found out that “Neobux Bots” are pretty much talked and perceived that way by many PTC users who are aware of it already.

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Yeah I know it’s not enough to clarify if it’s scam just by people’s words. Possibly it could be just a bitter rumor and hearsay not 100% proven.

But I found an interesting fact that all other victims claimed as exactly what I had experienced with Neobux. See the below.


neobux review scam legit, paid to click wroth, neobux rented referral program scam, neobux rented referral bots


So as a result of using Neobux and investing $134 + $90 (Golden membership), All I received back so far is $51 only. Thus it turned out about $170 loss.

And after I realized the infamous PTC site wouldn’t earn me anything, I stopped expending the rental terms on referrals at least not to waste more money, it’s now down to 24 rented referrals to minimize the loss.

neobux review scam legit, paid to click wroth, neobux rented referral program scam, neobux rented referral bots, lose money on neobux


Rationally thinking, it’s impossible to earn any substantial amount just viewing ads yourself without rented referrals. But to actually make money from Neobux, it’s said that you need to make some investment and the amount is quite burdening like membership costs table below.

neobux review scam legit, paid to click wroth, neobux rented referral program scam, neobux rented referral bots , neobux membership structure pyramid

If it was like you could earn profit from the investment no matter how big and costly, then there’d be no reason to go with it. Who refuse it when it returns you with a handful of profit? Right? Yet! The problem occurs at the fact that it never returns you what you invested or what you deserves.

But sadly it just goes like the higher amount put in investment, the more risky and the higher loss you will probably end up facing.

Look, I’m going to say “Never invest any single penny in Neobux”. You will be likely losing money after all.


So Neobux Is Scam or Legit?

Neobux Review: Scam or Legit?

Scam doubtful legit


Well, it’s hard to determine that it’s a scam. Because it at least pays out for the money put in the balance of your account.

Despite of that, it still cannot completely shake off the skeptical feelings about their suspect rented referral program and quite fishy pyramid-alike membership structure.

It just needs a lot of caution if you will ever try Neobux and even decide to invest in it. Otherwise it’s safe if you’re just satisfied earning pennies yourself without any investment made and get few-dollar cashout after a long while of hard work.

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Thank you for reading up “Neobux Review: Scam or Legit?”! 

If any of you ever experienced with Neobux, please share your cases in the comments! If I’m too biased or have got anything needed to correct, your feedback or reviews on Neobux will be so much appreciated! Let’s make the best conclusion about Neobux altogether! 

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