Remote Customer Service Jobs That Let You Work From Home

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Customer Service Jobs Remotely From Your Home.

Today, we’re quite familiar with those terms, “Online”, “Virtual”, “Remote Work”, “Online Work”, “Virtual Assistant” or whatsoever we name it related to something conducted online with the technology of the internet and its wide distribution worldwide at the present time.

Along with the thankful technology that connects people beyond geographical barriers, there has been new trendy employment type coming out to our lives, usually called “Remote Jobs” or “Virtual Jobs”.

And this is exactly to match the current tendency that business owners attempt to reduce their business operating costs by more hiring freelancers or remote workers for more flexible human resource management and its costs.

For those reasons, many of traditionally office based regular jobs are turning into home based freelance jobs thanks to the internet. Of course, there’s no exception for the customer care industry.

Remote customer service jobs are offered by many of internet based companies especially small to mid-sized businesses. However you would be surprised when you see there’re big names also actively looking for remote customer service freelancers, or virtual assistants in variety parts of job duties. Apple, Amazon, Target, Shopify, William-Sonoma, IBM, Dell, Xerox are just a little piece of the example.

So let’s look into more about Online Customer Service Jobs that let you work from home.

What’s About Remote Customer Service Jobs?

Remote customer service jobs can take many forms. Live chat customer support, E-mail handling, telephone correspondence, home based technical support/advice or anything else related to customer service like what are supposed to be done for customers in its offline version.

Like the reasons mentioned earlier, remote customer service jobs are in high demand for companies, and also it’s greatly popular job type for people who want/need to work from home. (e.g: stay home moms who need working while baby naps)

This type of jobs are also belonging to the category “VA” which is short for Virtual Assistant”, meaning it’s someone providing her/his service and work assistance virtually and remotely for a company, away from the actual office location.


Job Responsibilities For Remote Customer Service Jobs

There’re several different types of works in remote customer service jobs that require a worker to carry out.

Just depending on what your employer requires you for, your job duty will be varied. It can be customer inbound/outbound telephone response, or Email handling, or even telemarketing could be your job in your virtual customer service. Accordingly, working in multiple or more complexly all-around tasks related to customer support can be your job range to perform as an online customer service agent.


Email Handling

remote customer service jobs, email handling job work from home

This is a job that you will handle inbound or outbound on behalf of your employer or company that hires you. More than you might guess, you can actually find many business owners from freelance sites or job listing sites, that are looking for virtual assistants in charge of processing their customer inquiry emails and outbound emails for some cases.

Some ones might ask to themselves, “Why would they need anyone for their emails and spend money on them while they have automated email responding system??” Yeah true for some cases. BUT if you give it a thinking for few more seconds, you can see that they could never perfectly cover all the hundreds and thousands or even more of emails from customers, which needs “human written emails/replies” to customize each customer’s unique need and inquiry for quite often times. There’s a clear limit only with automated answering system and they still need human workers that wouldn’t annoy their customers with artificially frustrating bulk emails that truly sound like a robot.


Live Chat Customer Support (Chat Agent Job)

remote customer service jobs, work from home freelance, chat agent jobs

Most of the readers that are reading this post right now would probably have experienced using “live chat customer support service” as a customer for any reasons. Take just a second reminding that moments when you were talking with a chat staff there! You do remember what’s going on with them there, don’t you? Yeah that’s the exactly the job I’m describing about on this section. Like you know already it’s all about answering customer inquires and making your angry customers happy by solving their complaints, curious-to-death questions or guiding them with your expertise on the service in particular.

Many of you guys maybe wouldn’t notice this that actually more than a half of chat stuffs in the all businesses are outsourced workers, working just remotely from their home or other flexible places. Yeah then, you’ve already got the point and an idea about what you should do for getting this kind of jobs.

Live chat support agent positions are quite in demand from time to time no matter how big or small businesses they are. You might be able to see some chat job openings from one of your favorite companies one day if you’re lucky. Keep always a close eye on openings of your wish list companies to work in by visiting their recruit pages regularly.


Telephone Correspondence (Answering Inbound Calls)

remote customer service jobs, home call center agent, work from home freelance

Have you ever called a company at 2AM in the middle of a night? Chances are maybe you were in sort of emergency like you lost your credit card somewhere you had no idea where at all, or when you were ordering 24 hour McDonald’s home delivery meal at a deep night, or any kind of situation when you had to deal with something to troubleshoot by calling the customer care office.

Then many of them who ever talked to you on the phone might be, by some chances, home call center agents or freelancers handling inbound calls for someone or a company as their home based job. Yeah, you now see what it would be about.

The main scope of this job is answering customer inquiries, troubleshooting customer troubles and difficulties, proceeding ordering or booking processes, and others in relation to what should be supported for customers as a customer care service specialist accordingly.

This remotely operated home call center just based in your home is a legitimate way to earn money from home. Landline telephone service, headset, computer with at least Windows Vista operation and internet connection is enough for the technical requirements. Your prior experience in customer support area is a plus, but not necessarily. (Experience can affect the wage/rate though)


Customer Database Handling

remote customer service jobs, home based jobs customer data handling

Managing customer data and records can be one of your jobs too in order to be an online customer service agent. MS Excel or provided software from the company should be a tool you would be supposed to use for that database management. Preserved data to keep track of customer liking, preferences, behaviors etc is essentially used for customer service research and the better performance for the team, customer data management would be one of your important role you would be responsible for.


Requirement To Be An Remote Customer Service Agent

remote customer service jobs - home customer service agent requirement, qualification

  1. Your own workplace at home. Anywhere you aren’t distracted and are able to work in peace of mind.
  2. Computer with the internet connection.
  3. Basic Word Processing Software installed. (MS Word, Excel)
  4. Headphone Preferred and Landline Telephone Service Only If Your Duty Contains Customer Call Correspondence.
  5. Prior Experience in either offline or online customer care or hospitality is always an advantage. If none, try at your best to be appealing to them by telling them of your part time experiences or any jobs you ever performed with any little inch of relation to customer Service.
  6. Job Interview should be expected in hiring process.
  7. Education level is not a matter in general.



Where Can You Find Remote Customer Service Jobs?

Since the last decade, it’s not been so surprising to find a job that takes place at home. With the increasing and fast provision of the internet connection into the world since the new millennium,
it has been playing a great role in impulsing to generate lots of home based jobs and flexible types of jobs, a little differently far from the stereotyped traditional jobs. Home based customer service job too is the one type of jobs that benefits from the new millennium technology, Word Wide Web, Internet.

With the internet connection that connects employers with employees and service agents with customers regardless of location and time, no matter what size of the companies are, from micro small sized one-person businesses to multi national conglomerate corporations, remote customer service positions are on hiring in variety of industries. E-commerce, Fashion, Retail, Computer, Education, Tourism, Service Providing industry and many more are in the range, mostly for the industries that directly communicate with individual customers.

There’re mainly 3 ways to landing on a remote customer service job.

  1. Directly Checking at Company Recruit Page

    It can be anywhere you feel like to check for job openings and hope to work in. Recommendation is that “shortlist your own company list and check valid openings there on regular basis. High chances are, the best job for you wouldn’t be just standing there for you at all times. They are usually temporary and gone fast of those popular job types to workers. Then you’re the one who should be actively watching for and grabbing such an opportunity since they’re not waiting only for you.Have a look. You will be surprised that you find there’re a lot more companies that offer home based online customer service job opportunity.

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  2. Using Freelance or Job Listing Sites

    There’re hundreds of freelance sites out there where you can sell your own talents/skills/service for others. Just among them, few freelance sites obviously stands out: Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour,, Craigslist, FlexJobs. I have many friends who got a job through such freelance sites and started a home based work life. Job listing sites that are most used in each of your local region can be considerable to look at. Remote customer service jobs are posted more than seldom.

  3. Extra Other Ways

    There’re probably job agencies/job staffing services that help you find a virtual job including remote customer service jobs. Personally I have not-so-pleasant experiences on job agency sites like they ask for a registration fee in the initial place or deduction for the first few months on earned salaries or incomes in the name of job recruiting process. I personally guess it’s not really fair that my hard earned money should be taken to somebody else unless an agency just takes it from the employer side, not the worker.


Personal Opinion on remote Customer Service Jobs

remote customer service jobs - home customer service agent requirement, qualification

Home based customer service job that anybody can do with a single computer with the internet and a wired telephone at home is a recommended job for people who need to stay home, but still seek to monetize their time at home. If you’re a mom or even a stay-home dad who has to look after kids at home, this kind of flexible-location jobs with no doubt would be the best option for them to choose.

This is even kind of a low qualification job that anybody can try out for extra hundreds to thousands dollars for their domestic finance.
Although the truth is that the longer relevant experience is always a plus, online customer service jobs don’t actually require highly advanced skills or in-depth expertise as the nature of the job. Rather it more needs your personality fit to the job like being friendly to hundreds of unknown random people and a god-given talent of not easily losing your temper and patience (which is the toughest part.. :p).

I don’t think I could confidently say this job is a total stress-free perfect job since handling too many “random people” on every repetitive day is never an easy job, just from my short experiences in customer service industry where it turned me, an initially perceived gentleman to end up being a UFC professional verbal fighter. (Well.. I don’t think this job fits me, thank god I realized that haha! 🙂 )

However! I wrote this article with my full hopes for probably somebody out there to find this suitable for their own comprehensive conditions and needs or even for somebody somewhere in the world who is currently having a Buddha training to obtain the sense of unconditional infinite love and affection to human being and for the world peace.

Hope you find your best job where you can keep your happy earnings online! I wish you the best luck on your journey of happy home based and freelance jobs! Cheers!

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